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Dia dhuit agus fáilte ar ais Tá sé deas tú a fheiceáil arís, hello and welcome back, it's nice to see you again In this Irish language video, we're going to look at five random words beginning with the letter D and I'm going to give you some sample sentences as well to go along with it So let's start with this word here which is Duine, Duine means person so duine óg would be a young person and duine fásta would be an adult and duine éigin would be somebody. Mar shampla, tá duine éigin ag bualadh ar an doras Somebody is knocking at the door - Tá duine éigin ag bualadh ar an doras Our next word here is Droch Droch means bad and it's used as a prefix. So it's a word that goes before another word to give it more emphasis for example drochchaint would be bad language, drochchaint bad language and If I was to say Tá drochscéala agam, that would mean I have bad news Tá drochradharc aige He has bad sight - Tá drochradharc aige. Tá drochaimsir geallta = Bad weather is expected Our next word is Déanach, this means late so for example gabh mo leithscéal as bheith déanach - I'm sorry I'm late Bhí an bus déanach - the bus was late Brostaigh ort sula mbeidh sé ródhéanach - Hurry up before it will be too late and next we have this word which is Dabht this means doubt in English so they sound very similar in both Irish and English - Dabht gan dabht would be without doubt and gan dabht ar domhan - without any doubt in the world Níl dabht ar bith faoi - there's no doubt about it and next we have Dearmad which means mistake - Dearmad trí dhearmad means by mistake so for example Chaith sí amach é de dhearmad - she threw it out by mistake Thóg mé do leabhar trí dhearmad - I took your book by mistake If you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to let me know in the comments section any other words beginning with the letter D that you find useful or even any conversational phrases you might use day to day Thanks for watching, go raibh maith agat agus feicfidh mé go luath thú mar sin, and I will see you soon then.