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Dia dhuit agus fáilte ar ais, we're going to look now at three words in English that originate in the Irish language and over time they would have evolved and developed into common everyday usage so the first one here is the English word Galore? Galore means lots of or many things, so if a shop had bargains galore It would mean that the shop had loads and loads of special offers or bargains But this actually comes originally from the Irish words Go Leor, which means the same thing lots of or many - Go Leor Go Leor rudaí is many things in Irish Fuaireamar go leor rudaí in aisce We got lots of free things or we got lots of free stuff Fuaireamar go leor rudaí in aisce Our next English word that originates in the Irish language is Whiskey which of course is a common alcoholic spirit, whiskey. whiskey originates from Irish in terms of Uisce Beatha, which is literally the Irish for whiskey - Uisce Beatha This means water of life because Uisce is the Irish for water so over the years the Uisce part would have developed into what we know today as whiskey - Uisce Beatha Bhí cúpla gloine uisce beatha aige = He had a couple of whiskey's Our our next word is smithereens this is another word used in English, but originates within the Irish language so smithereens means to break up into small pieces so something that broke up into smithereens it would have broken up into many small little pieces this originates from the Irish word smidiríní It's particularly important to note the i fada's there at the end í = which gives an e sound in Irish, í = e mar shampla Bhris an cupán ina smidiríní = the cup broke into smithereens Don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe if you enjoy these videos Thank you very much for watching agus slán go fóill.