Is Bo Nickal the best wrestler in the world


Chael Sonnen


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so guys any of you that watched the World Team Trials over the weekend uh you know a couple of big takeaway first off just how good is beau Nichol I really do not know I beginning to believe that he is the best wrestler in the world we are going to find that out at final X because he's gonna be taking on the reigning world champion of which Bo Nichol will be an underdog but I don't know there there's in many ways I believe we're going to see an upset there and in many ways the reason I bring him up as he is being so dominant that he's really not getting his due the single best match matches easy easy - Jordan Oliver Zane Rutherford another reason that this was so interesting is Jordan Oliver was the better wrestler both matches Zane Rutherford was better at scoring more points in both matches okay generally in wrestling whoever controls the takedowns gets more takedown wins the match all three Styles generally that ever goes against the grain whoa kind of a surprise just built in rule in wrestling whoever gets more takedowns is gonna win not what happened Jo controlled that Zane tipped him over one man she tipped him into chest lock twice one man she tipped him in a chest lock with both feet out-of-bounds both feet were out of bounds when Zane turns him Zane knows he's out everybody knows he said he's out of bounds I wouldn't even think that Zane would go for the effort but he did and he scored it and there was no protest on Jordans site so I'm sitting there watching it going okay Zane went for the technique even though he knew he was out of bounds put himself in a risky position ended up working out Jordan probably went over because his defenses weren't fully there because he knew Zane was out referee didn't caught they're gonna throw the block they don't throw the block what does that tell me that tells me I got the rule wrong that told me okay chill you're wrong yes sure Zane was out you're right about that but there must be some kind of the action can continue much like a continuous takedown must be something like that cuz nobody said anything in hindsight I look back I don't think I'm wrong I think the block should have been thrown and I think not only would Jo not have been scored on he would have gotten a point Zain stepped out he finished the action possibly you award him for that possibly I'm behind on something I'm for sure not behind on the fact that Jo gets one no possible way my behind on that and that never happened so now it's not one four minutes four against him what did I miss here I thought they should have protested that in a nether perhaps call of the day that he doesn't get credit for but he should coach Humphrey Golf is out there in a match was adjacent North yeah I believe was Jason North North gets leg lace okay but he never goes down they never award a takedown even though he's leg laced fine the leg lace then gets an exposure he goes through they call it two for the exposure Reece Humphrey is st. no that's for Reece Humphreys right hundred-percent if there's no takedown which is clearly signified by the fact that you never call they take down then there's only one other position they could be which means they're on their feet so if you then throw up to for an exposure that's feet to back clearly could not be any clearer and because they were so close to the ground because there was no amplitude the referees got that wrong but we'll know that's just a two-point leg legs yeah it's a two-point leg legs if you called it a two point takedown you did it which means they're still on their feet which means when he shows his back that's feet to back that's four point Reese had that one right and I heard him yelling and trying to argue it and it went on deaths here and he never actually threw the ball he should have thrown the ball they should have given some clarity to that four points