Is Botox the Secret to Getting Rid of Excessive Sweating

that's Chrissy Teigen getting Botox in of all places her armpits the TV personality has an issue with sweating profusely so she posted this video excitedly declaring Botox my armpits truly best move I have ever made I can wear silk again without soaking Lulu and here's the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon dr. Jason diamond who performed the procedure Botox for underarm sweating is extremely effective dr. diamond is showing us how it's done with actress amber Childers and her best friend Alana sands amber is a busy mom currently starring in the Netflix thriller you she says she suffers from hyper hydrosis which is excessive sweating I wake up and I start sweating I'm like oh no what is my schedule look like Alana is a jewelry designer who also worries about her underarm sweat when I get nervous I completely sweat under my armpits and it's just I hate it and then I feel like everybody can see it so it makes me sweat more both women receive numbing cream dan Alana gets the Botox treatment first I know this is the area that you see some excess sweating the doctor uses a tiny needle to deliver 20 injections of Botox into each armpit next up amber the doctor says the treatment lasts about 3 to 6 months I felt great I feel amazing I feel confident ready to take on the day you [Music]