Is Jeremy Stephens next for Justin Gaethje


Chael Sonnen


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yesterday I see that Jeremy Stephens has decided to call out just engag I don't know why I don't know why those guys want a fight I hear they're not even in the same weight class they want to fight I'm on board they want to fight I want to watch so maybe something happens there maybe something does happen there and I know so many people don't like the changing of the wait classes but who cares let's start to see it you get somebody better you want to see Jeremy Stephens fight do you know anybody that wants to fight just engage he come on maybe that makes a level of sense you know gay she came out by the way after his fight with Barbosa and he made a comment along the lines of my style would give khabib problems something along those lines I like that fight I like that fight you know don't forget the driver's seat appears to be open for khabib right now you know we didn't know when Kebede was gonna come back he got a year suspension or he got a six-month suspension I said I'm gonna sit a whole year something like this something dana recently came out in an interview with a sports show in las vegas little local sports show said hey could be will be back in september so when you start to look at how that can line up somebody needs to be there to face him and if that person isn't gonna be not named Conor McGregor if Tony Ferguson is on the sidelines for a little bit I get that we have Poirier and Max I get that I get that that's what we're being told but I think there's some moving parts to that too his Mac's gonna stay up if he beats pouria does max want to go back down to 145 and defend that belt smack she's gonna leave 45 and he gets stripped of that belt and moves up to 55 I don't know that these are even all that hard of questions to answer but you have to go in line you can't answer them right now max and poor I have to go out in their fight if Poirier gets the jump on max then that would add to the fact that okay max is done at 155 I'm gonna go back to 145 I would think I would think that that would be an added encourage now let's go back down here I'm still the world champion nothing to see but let's see what happens let's just see what happens there I also I'm not predicting for you guys anymore that Germany Stevenson adjusting gates you're in a fight than I am that just engage in kabhi we're gonna fight at least not next but there does seem to be some things that would point in the support of that if you guys like the idea make your voices heard that's how fights get made right fighters come out they said we're willing I'm willing home then we wait to hear from you guys you like the idea you can get pushed forward there would be something that would seem to line up there though Jay G's gonna have to fight somebody between now and could be it's hot and bright and shiny as his star is right now a minute goes max this war goes really fast you see another 155-pound or fight you go okay that's the fight I want to see and everybody else gets left behind so he needs something to do and I also think a fight between gay Chi and khabib just to share with you guys right there's politics in this board maybe more in this sport than any other sport but to share with you guys they have the same manager so the manager is not gonna get in the way he's not gonna say we want something else for khabib and slightest own Protege engag manager is gonna go look if I can get two guys a title fight and a main event in the same night even if against each other I have more than succeeded at my job it's a little backstory there but gay chica baby I get that it's not next I don't want to hear that in the comment section but I will also tell you I'm very interested in that I am and that's before you even get into the X's and O's and who would win and who striking is better who's wrestling is better and who can push harder for five right it's before you get into any of that just engage he does make a fair point when he says I'm one it's a broad statement there was nothing arrogant about he said I'm one of the biggest threats that's true that is absolutely true just engage he is one of the biggest threats you can fill in the name after that his statement was to khabib nurmagomedov you can fill in the blank he's a top fighter in the world Joe Rogan came out of Colton the most violent guy in the UFC tremendous compliment but I don't know about that don't forget about the great marketing ploy of 2018 Eddie Alvarez was getting ready to fight just engage he Eddie Alvarez came out and said this is for the title of UFC's most violent man but that caught on I didn't even know that Eddie's the one the crater that hashed I thought like the UFC came out and said this is for the title of most violent because it caught on so well that was out there for like three weeks before I found out that Eddie had created Justin got on board with it Justin started saying yeah that's what we're fighting for the UFC got on board then the media got him where other fighters got him I got on board Alvarez beat him Alvarez is the most violent man and before you guys I don't want any fact checkers out there we'll you know Eddie's not in the UFC he's over at one yeah I got it mmm broad strokes here but maybe in his absence maybe it does by default go to gauge I just think it has to be called ahead of time that's what I would tell Joe Rogan's has to be called ahead of time not after the fact because it's a tremendous a tremendous title and there is something very special in geeky fights I'll be curious who his next opponent is though you don't forget a guy like that the fights that violent if that's the word we're using that ferocious that high pressure that right in your face that secret wrestling weapon that he never pulls out he always goes to his second best weapon which is his stand-up and he still gets his head rigid like that's scary who's gonna find him somebody that gets a phone call and says hey here's the offer and here's what we want to do and here's the opportunity here's what's on the line yeah I guess I guess we can go out and try to talk a guy into it I mean that's kind of the way the sport is played I will concede to that but Jeremy Stephens is a willful participant who raised his hand and raised it before everybody else I'm on the bandwagon it's enough to win me over I'm on the bandwagon unless you guys have a better idea I would love to hear it she's gotta have two ideas you gotta tell me who would you rather see Stephens fight and who would you rather see gates you fight you gotta solve both problems you can't solve a bull let's put it again