Is Josh Barnett fighting Fedor


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submission underground will be showed on UFC fight pass may 12th card is coming together tickets are on sale I'll tease you guys a little bit bow nickel who won the Hajj award okay ESPN main event if you will last match of the night somewhere and for some reason and I don't know what in the hell was missed here somewhere he calls out Ben Askren well what's Ben supposed to do other than except for they get a wrestle so I get a hold of both of them the goal let's do it Submission underground will do this will go takedowns only best-of-seven so first one to four matches stop raise their hand everybody's gonna understand that everybody's going to have fun right instead of trying to explain this to the submission grappling honest everybody's gonna get to take and everybody wants to see that match so let's do it boom they're both in on board whole thing's locked up low nickel calls back he goes look I I didn't look at my calendar I have the World Team Trials the next weekend I can't be out in Portland in an open wait match catch an airplane try to cut wait get down to 92 can't do it I screwed this up give me another date my words good said bow tie now no problem that's what we'll do we'll find another date and do it in the meanwhile Craig Jones's opponent falls out for the main event he was supposed to take on Vinny my glance so Vinny ends up getting a fight in professional Fight League 20 days later can't do it okay great Andre Galvao interested couldn't do it go to Josh Barnett Josh Barnett interested has to needs two days to get back to me so two days to get back to me this is Sunday by the way to this get back to me boom on Monday he goes on aerial show at 10 a.m. signs a contract with Bellator gets ahold of me says everything came together can't do the match taking a fight instead well that was kind of cool I don't really know what held Josh up so much quite frankly I mean it always seemed like that's where he was soon as he left and left the UFC and he didn't get cut this was a while ago and I don't remember all the circumstances around it but he didn't get cut maybe he fought out his contract maybe he asked for a release it kind of happened quietly and my memory isn't totally there on what happened but as soon as it did happen that well he's he'll be coming back over with Coker who used to promote him under the Strikeforce banner and it just didn't happen Josh pence didn't come then we had a heavyweight tournament coming up take okay josh is gonna get announced he's gonna jump right into the tournament did it happen and then there was a little bit of time somewhere along the way where phaidor needed an opponent my camera what happened but somewhere along the way Phaedra was looking for an opponent which again ties back to Josh Barnett and ties back to a fight that people have been wanting to see since the affliction days I'm one of those people I wanted to see that's me no Josh Barnett so he goes on aerial show he pulls out a piece of paper doesn't even alert Helwani as to what he's an arrow said what do you do hey Josh we're live if you're gonna work this into my segments you kind of go you got to bring me out what are you doing so then Josh holds it up and shows Errol and boom he'd he'd signed a Bella contract but one thing that was interesting about it I can at least tell you with my experience with Bellator when I signed with Bellator the day of side of the contract was also the day I signed a bout agreement meaning I knew who my opponent was I knew what the date wasn't new what the weight class was I now have something to tell the world not just I signed I signed and if you would like to see me mark this date or show up to this venue so that's what I was waiting for with Josh I was waiting for Josh to say and I will be fighting fill in the blank in this script maybe I've got it maybe fate or does make some sense doesn't it cuz don't forget what Coker wanted to do Coker wanted to get Crowe and phaidor back in there and then Mirko beats Roy Nelson and retired remember he had that stroke rinse out where he got he said I'm done and I take anymore punches boom he's gone it appears that there's somebody that needs to fill that seat and Josh Barnett vs. fate or at least for me works at least for me that really works I don't know what phaidor wants to do by the way you know he came through the heavyweight tournament he came up with the silver medal a lot of us thought that either way he was gonna ride off into the sunset but there's been no talk of it there's also been no talk that he's getting back in the gym and he's looking to come and maybe he's gonna be standing opposite Josh Barnett what I would offer for you guys get your predictions and now because I'm guessing I'll bet you I'm right that josh is sitting on I think josh does have an opponent i think josh does have a date Loosli I think it could be with phaidor but there's other guys in there there's other guys so I'm not bullish on that but I do think that josh is holding back and I think that maybe I have insight knowledge by him calling me and going hey I can't I can't take on Craig uh cuz I got this fight coming up which I'm thinking mmm you didn't announce a fight you only announced that you had a contract so I think josh is sitting on something