Is Rowan Atkinson the REAL Mr Bean The Graham Norton Show BBC America

a few years ago there was I was in a land rover parts department near Peterborough the kind of place you find me almost yes and waiting for car parts and car parts you guys hang around a lot because you know to get a part of the guy has to go half a mile to the back of the warehouse and then come back again and he brings it back and he says this is this is a left-hand one oh you wanted to write on one sorry I'll go it takes forever anyway I was standing around with with a group of guys and I could see this guy doing that and he came up to me after a while then he said excuse me has anyone ever told you that you're the absolute spitting image of that mr. bean I said well actually I am the actor who plays mr. bean and he said bet you wish you were this is our conversation in which the more I tried to claim that I was the perfect whom he thought I merely resembled less he believed me but what was funny was how was how close he thought I was he said the resemblance have you ever thought of doing any and you know look-alike work like long as mr. bean he said cuz you could make an absolute and I could tell after a while I had to bring the conversation to a close because he clean not only was he not believing me but he was getting quite annoyed I was pursuing this line I am Rowan Atkinson when and clearly he thought I was this total ass like mr. bean goes around the country actually claiming to be miss miss an all-new episode of the Graham Norton Show Fridays at 11 get caught up at BBC America calm on demand and the BBC America have