Is Thai Fried Chicken The Best In The World




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(dramatic orchestral music) - Chickenwatch! - It's another day of Chickenwatch. - Hey! - How ya doin', Mouth-keys? Today's a very special day, Chris. Because we're having Thai fried chicken, today we also have a guest, and the fun part of this guest is that I don't know anything about him. Neither of us do. - Who are they? - I don't even know his name. - What, did you just find a random Thai person? - Well, (phone crashes) no, no, no, it's totally-- - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - The ultimate chicken showdown! - Wow, that was hot! We're here at Luv2Eat. - And we got a guest today. - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! (space laser shoots) - Oh, hey guys! - Hey! - I'm Quincy. - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - I make podcasts, I'm Thai-American, and like the restaurant, I love to eat. - Ha ha! - Alright, let's do this! - [Group] Chickenwatch! (space laser shoots) - Wow, we're here! - Welcome to Luv2Eat. - Wow, thank you! (speaking foreign language) Oh, my gosh! Wow, this is so magical! You all make a Thai fried chicken. - It's our signature dish. - It's called Hat Yai Fried Chicken. - Hat Yai? - It's the name of the city, so it became the name of the fried chicken. - And why do you make it here? - Because I love it. - Yeah. - What should we be looking for in the taste? Like what's gonna stand out to us? - This one is more, like a little bit Indian flavor. We have crispy shallot on top, it's very famous. Like you can have it in many provinces in the southern part of Thailand. - Well, my dad's from the northeast. The Isaan region, so I'm used to those flavors. But south has, like, different spices and what gives it that flavor, exactly? - Garlic, cilantro, some pepper. She doesn't want me to tell everything. - Okay. - Secret recipe. (speaks foreign language) - Wait, those are the secrets? - You'll never know, will you? - [Group] Chickenwatch! (infuriating singing and music) - Hat Yai! Hat Yais. Couple hot guys. Eating fried chicken thighs. Hat Yai. Couple hot guys. Eating fried chicken thighs. Hat Yai! Hat Yai! - About to hit it hard! You can call me a mallet, give me a frag, I'm chucking shallots! So, what's the process of cooking the chicken? - So, we're gonna marinate it. - What's the marinade? - Cilantro, flour-- - Bam! - Cornstarch, garlic powder, fish sauce and soy sauce, we blend everything, and then we're gonna marinate it. - I never blended cilantro before. - Me, neither. - I always cut it by hand. I feel like I would be lazy if I didn't. Not that you're, I'm not saying that about you. You know what you're doing. - You add the soy sauce. (blender whirring) - [The guys] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, aah! (blender whirring) (people yelling) - Chickenwatch! - Wow, that's beautiful! So, you marinate it all night. Then you get here in the morning, what do you do with it? - We rub into, under the skin, everywhere. - Oh, so it's in every part of the chicken? - Yes. - Okay. - That's why the taste is yummy. - Yummy-yum, in my tummy-tum. - I've never seen fried chicken that's green. It smells incredible! - It smells very potent. There's something kinda sensual about I'm saying this is like the scenes from Ghost, but with chicken. (gentle music) Yeah, girl! ♪ I wanna marinate you with love ♪ ♪ Ooh you look good in those legs ♪ ♪ And those thighs ♪ ♪ I wanna be your number one guy ♪ ♪ Who gets in there and just rubs you up ♪ ♪ And then covers you ♪ ♪ With a bunch of green stuff ♪ ♪ Under the skin ♪ ♪ That's where we begin ♪ ♪ That's where we begin ♪ ♪ Under the skin ♪ ♪ My darling my love ♪ - Let's get to the frying. Chickenwatch. - Chickenwatch, - Chickenwatch. - Chickenwatch. - Chickenwatch. - Alright, and how long do you fry it for? - Until it's done. - Until it's done, I like that time metric. (laughing) - Whoa, green chicken! - It's like a sexy villain! Like, really sexy looking, but underneath something mysterious. - Like Poison Ivy, or the Riddler. - Yeah! - The chicken that James Bond eats halfway through the film to get secrets, but the chicken betrays him. - Oh, you think it was more of a seductress? - I also don't know if I ever seen James Bond eat fried chicken. (authentic spy music) - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - Chic-- - Ken-- - Watch. - Chickenwatch! - Aw, the ugly can fell down! - Should we try it? - Yeah, let's try it plain first with the shallots, just to get the idea of what it tastes like without any sauce. - Alright, Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! (dramatic music) Oh wow! - It's a different type of crunch. - Yeah, there's very little batter to it. - It's kinda like a shell. - The flavor on it, I'm having a hard time describing it, because I haven't had fried chicken that tastes like this. - I thought that the cilantro taste was gonna be more-- - Prevalent? It's certainly subtle, has this really juicy quality, while still having a really good texture. But it has a great bite, you know it fights back a little bit. Normally, chicken is dredged like crazy! - Right. - There's a ton of batter. - Yeah, there wasn't really a dredging process. - It's mostly just the skin of the chicken itself. It's giving you a lot of the crunch. Which is really fun and great! - I'm gonna try this with some sauce. - Oh wow! - Yeah, that sauce does that! - Oh, that sauce is so good. - This one is the normal one. - That's the normal sauce? - The spicy one. - And it's spicy. - They don't have normal and spicy. They have normal, and then that's spicy. - Normal is spicy. - Just to be fair! I'm actually gonna give my sexy nod to the sauce. (R&B music) - It looks pretty hot, it looks pretty cute. And then you get it in your mouth, and by golly! Takes you to a different world! - The spicy one isn't that spicy. - It's still pretty mild to me, yeah. - Yeah. (mocking) (laughing) - I was born with a normal tongue! So, what goes into this sauce? - Chili, and garlic, and vinegar, and sugar. - And sugar, and a little bit of love? - Yeah. - And they said the sticky rice, plus the sauce, plus the chicken, plus the shallots, that's the way to go. - I'm gonna get a little bit of sticky rice, I got a little chicken. - Dippin' it in the sauce. Got some rice in my thumb, here. Shallots taste delicious! - Yes, it shall! - Well-played. - Ooh, that's good! - It's so good! - Have you tried the combo party, yet? - The rice? - Where you get rice, and you get-- - Yeah, I've tried the combo party. I did it the same time with you! - I can't see you over there, Keith! Did you just shake your head at me? - Yeah, I shook my head at you. I literally said, I'm doing it with you, and I have the same exclamation as you. I was like, wow! In the last episode, we had a little bit of a relationship trouble. - You didn't want to be up by 7:15, and then at 7:30, it was 7:38. This chicken doesn't make people break up! (warped voice) - Wow! Wow! - Really? - Wow! - Really? But we're back together, but sometimes Chris still forgets about the things that we do together. - I'm sorry, you're far away, okay? I feel like Quincy's coming between us a little bit. - Was introducing me into this thing, your idea? - I don't want it to be my idea if you're gonna turn this into a it's-my-fault type of a thing. Like, I have enjoyed your presence here. I think it's been great but also if your presence is detracting from Chris and I's relationship, then yeah, maybe you shouldn't be here. - Keith, that was rude. Let's try the pink milk! - Um, it's like our version of Nesquik. - Yum! It's really good. It tastes like a ice cream or something. - Huh? (laughing) - Right? - What's that? - Yeah. - It's the sala fruit. - Sala? - Sala, sala, sala, sala. - Sala flavor. - Sala to handle. (laughing) - Chickenwatch! - 2k18! Now you've had this type of fried chicken before? - Yeah. - Where does this rank in your normal experience of having the Hat Yai? Hat Yai! - For me, the massive amounts of shallots are delightful, but then you have it, like with the sauce, you get the sweet, and then like the papaya salad, you have like salty and sour and spicy. And you got all those things going on, to me, like that combination factor is the wow! - Oh, that combination factor?! - Combination factor, that's the love, right? That's the combination factor. You can be a sexy nod on your own, but you need someone to acknowledge that sexy nod and become a wow factor. - Love has a lot of parts, right? It starts with a crush. - It starts with a crunch. - And then you start to appreciate all of the aspects, but then you find out that everything individually is great, but when you put everything together, it's something special. And sometimes, it seems like things are coming between you, but maybe it's-- - It's just another thing you need to add to the combo. - My hands are really sticky. So I'm trying not to touch your coat. - I wasn't as courteous. - Yep, my left shoulder is all rice. - Well, it's all rice with me. - That's all rice with me. - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - What a chicken day. What a chicken day-day. What a chicken day. What a chicken day-day. What a chicken day. What a chicken day-day. What a chicken day, what a chicken day-day. - Chickenwatch! - [Man] Hollywood Boulevard. Show us what you got! - Oh, Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch, yeah! - Chickenwatch! - You guys want fried chicken? - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! - We ate some legs, and we ate some thighs. We ate some legs, and we ate some thighs. I sometimes wonder why I sometimes wonder why those parts are so good, there so tasty. I don't think they were very pasty. Because they did not use a lot of flour, but what we used is the love power! - Chickenwatch! - What a chicken day. What a chicken day-day. - Chickenwatch! - Chickenwatch! (hip-hop music) - [Group] Chickenwatch! (whooshing) - Pardon me, Superman. I'm making a fried chicken video. - Chickenwatch! - Well, the question we ask everybody is, do you think that Thai fried chicken is the best fried chicken in the world? - I think it's one of the best. - Yeah. - One of the best? - One of the best. - For a second, I thought you were going to be like, "Yep, ours is the best!" and I would've been like-- - I think you think it's the best, and I'm okay with that. For me, I think you were right. There's something about the combination. Oh, it's like speed dating, you know. - Oh, okay, because-- - Because, you're jumping around (mumbles), you have a lot of little relationships, but ultimately, you remember the whole experience. - I'd say the crunch is really good. The saltiness and the sugarocity is really good. But the metaphors have been 10 out of 10. Well, that was it! - What a great adventure on-- - Chickenwatch! (space laser shoots) - Hey, where'd he go, the chicken! (laughs) - Well, we'll see you next time. Let's get outta here, Keith. - Fun day, Chris! - Yeah, definitely, hey who was that guy? - I don't know! (winking) (faint whispering) - Do you think the audience is gonna notice that we haven't talked about the rubric at all? - Shit! ♪ What a chicken day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day ♪ ♪ What a chicken day day ♪ - So, maybe instead of the wow-factor, we're looking for the love-factor, today. - Ooh! And the wow-factor, though because that's part of the criteria, you know, we wouldn't just wanna give like a random criteria for tasting food. - We need to be very specific on our show. - Very specific, this is a very specific, well-thought-out scientific method. It's not just something we improvised one time and stuck with. - Yeah. That'd be foolish, and a terrible business model. - That wouldn't be a good food show.