Is This Woman Elizabeth Warrens LongLost Twin

nope you're not seeing double Elizabeth Warren has finally met her match her doppelganger Stephanie Oh Yin popped up at her rally in Minnesota and caused mass confusion hundreds of people that were cheering at me shouting and trying to get my photos even after I said it wasn't her some people said well this is probably the closest we're gonna get and no one's gonna know the difference anyway she says the senator was blown away by the resemblance do you just quickly look me up and down and kind of pointed at me and just said we need to talk and Joe Biden is raising eyebrows today after he made another major gaffe he got the dates of Robert F Kennedy and dr. Martin Luther King's assassinations wrong really wrong when Bobby Kennedy and dr. King had been assassinated in the 70s late some RFK and dr. King were both killed in 1968 it comes on the heels of his flaw but the last debate when he met his website go to Joe 303 300 some are questioning whether old age is catching up to him at 76 his former neurosurgeon dr. Neil Cassell is speaking out to inside edition's is there something going wrong upstairs no I think he's in excellent health both physically and mentally dr. Cassell operated on Biden after he suffered two brain aneurysms in 1988 there was no evidence of damage to his brain from the surgery and in subsequent scans he had after the surgery his brain was absolutely normal we all make miss statements he just does it more frequent you [Music]