Is This the Real F52 Fighter jet


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[Music] president Donald Trump recently told reporters that the United States had delivered the f50 to to Norway the statement was obviously a mistake there is no such thing as an f50 - yet the aircraft only exists in the context of a video game called call of duty advanced warfare however there was once a real-world concept that looks similar to the fiction jet in November we started delivering the first F 52 sand f-35 fighter jets Trump said we have a total of 52 and they've delivered a number of them already a little ahead of schedule the aircraft that appears in Call of Duty advanced warfare is clearly based on early 1990s under Lockheed Martin concepts for the naval advanced tactical fighter in the later AF X both of which were based on the yf-22 demonstrator aircraft that eventually became the f-22 Raptor Congress had mandated that the Advanced Tactical Fighter program which resulted in the f-22 be a joint effort between the Air Force in the Navy even though the service had dropped out of the ATF program the US Navy still had a vote on which aircraft would be selected for what became the Raptor program the navy's choice was the naval variant of the yf-22 design which looked like azar hybrid of the Raptor and f-14 tomcat with variable-geometry wings the team working hard on every detail of our na TF naval advanced tactical fighter design in late 1989 in early 1990 produced a very stealthy swaying wing fighter that could super cruise it was very suitable for carry operations according to assure Mullen the Lockheed skunkworks led for the ATF program the Navy still got a vote in the ATF competition and as we found out later for certain it cast that for our f-22 team the Navy was not fond of the Naval derivative of the yf-23 which had a canard configuration the service found less than appealing in fact because the Navy's reaction was so favorable Lockheed later pitched a modified version of its in ATF proposal for the ill-fated a FX project that the Navy was ultimately forced to cancel in favor of the Joint Strike Fighter program some Navy officials are bitter about the fact of this day however if one were to look at the proposed naval version of the f-22 or the proposed 8 F X the resemblance to the F 52 is remarkable clearly the game designers based the fictional aircraft on the old Lockheed concept designs there might one day be an F 52 the technology has advanced a long way since the days of the yf-22 and yf-23 thus tomorrow's aircraft will look very different from today's planes mostly likely given current trends engineers will have to adopt a flying wing configuration without protruding tail surfaces for the sake of advanced stealth but certainly a future F 52 will not resemble as fictional counterpart [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]