Is Tokyo Fried Chicken The Best In The World




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♪ Chicken Watch, whoo ♪ ♪ Having so much fun again ♪ ♪ On Chicken Watch, whoo ♪ ♪ Having so much fun with friends on Chicken Watch, whoo ♪ ♪ Having so much fun again on Chicken Watch ♪ ♪ Chicken Watch, Chicken Watch ♪ - 2K18. Fried chicken. - [All] Chicken Watch. - Last time on Chicken Watch, we were eating some Nashville hot chicken. It's in my chest, it's in my head. - Fucking stop talking, dude. - I feel like it's in my ears. - Also it feels like your scalp is coming up. (shivering) - And it burned our little mouths up. And then last night it burned our little booties up I would say, as well. - Yeah. - Yeah. - It really did. - It really did. But today, we're eating more fried chicken. We are exploring the wonderful Tokyo Fried Chicken. Today we're going all the way to Japan. We're gong to Monterey Park in California. - [Chris] Chicken Watch, baby. - [Keith] Chicken Watch. Look at the fucking smog over there. Look at that. - [Chris] That's a mountain. - [Keith] No no, in front of the mountain. - [Chris] Oh. - [Both] Chicken Watch 2K18. - All right we're here at Tokyo Fried Chicken, and Mia is joining us. - Chicken Watch, hi! - Mia is half Japanese so she's joining us. Well I thought, let's bring somebody who maybe is closer to the culture to help us judge it. Have you eaten a lot of Japanese food? - I have, I love karaage, it's definitely my favorite fried chicken. - That's a good idea. - So it's not just some white dopes saying. - Always a strong idea to get more opinions than just the white man's. - Yeah. - But unfortunately she's not wearing maroon. - Yeah. - She's like. - I know, I didn't get the memo. - You got dinosaurs though. - Yeah, I do. - That's fun, everybody likes dinosaurs. It's boys club. - I see how it is, okay. - Boys club, boys club. - Only girls can have dinosaurs. - Oh that's rude. - Wow. - Dramatic transition. Yeah let's shuffle in, we're gonna shuffle in, alright? Oh hi. - Hi. - How's it going? - Good, how are you? - Good. - [Keith] So Elaine, tell us about Tokyo Fried Chicken. - We actually do this Japanese style technique, but we apply it to Southern fried chicken. And we marinate it overnight in soy, ginger, and garlic. A lot of other fried chicken, they concentrate the flavor on the outside. But with Japanese fried chicken, since it's marinated, you can taste the flavor all the way down to the meat of the chicken. - Don't judge a book by it's cover. - It's not a superficial flavor here. - Judge the book by how juicy it is. - Before we serve it, we actually season it in our house seasoning. - And what's the house seasoning? Or is that a secret? Secrets. - I can't tell you. (laughing) - Fried chicken has the most secrets. - Secrets secrets are fun. - When they're served to everyone. Secrets. - [Group] Chicken Watch! ♪ We Chicken Watching, it's a low-key show ♪ ♪ We eat-ing the chicken from Tokyo ♪ ♪ I'm in Tokyo ♪ ♪ That's where we want to go ♪ - [Man] Are you guys gonna run at them? - [Chris] Yeah. - [All] Chicken Watch! - And we're back here, learning how to dredge, take one. - We're gonna batter it now, and then we're gonna dredge it. - So you, are you a dredger, are you a dunker? - [Chris] You can dunk since you're in place, and I'll dredge the thigh. - I'm also tall, taller people are better at dunking. - Okay, fine. - Yeah. - Okay, so, look at that wing drip! That's a drippy wing. Boom. - [Elaine] We marinade overnight, and you dredge it, batter it, and fry it up. - [Chris] I'm getting pretty good at this! - Yeah, this is your third dredging. - This feels kinda like, natural. I'm like a little bit of a dredger now. ♪ Dredgin' it, I'm dredgin' it, I'm dredgin' it good ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ I'm dredging it, I'm dredging it, I'm dredging it good ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ I'm dredging it, I'm dredging it, I'm dredging it good ♪ ♪ What ♪ ♪ Dredging and covering, dip and dredging it good ♪ (laughing) - Bad idea. - [All] Chicken Watch. - Mia, time for you to learn to fry! - [Mia] I've never been this close to a deep-fryer before. - [Man] Drop the thigh. - [Mia] Okay. - By the skin. - Okay. - Then you want to drop it outwards, so you don't burn yourself. - Wow, that was beautiful. How do you not burn yourself? - Oh I've burned myself. (laughing) - That's what I'm talking about. - Yeah, that was a splasher. - After we fry it, we let it rest for a little bit, and then we fry it again. When you bite into the chicken, it's going to be nice and light and crispy. - Crispy like a, like a twig being snapped? Crispy like leaves under your foot? - Like tempura? - Yes. - I'm imagining a lot of tempura vibes. - Yes. - Yeah? - On a scale from Katsu to Tempura, it's more closer to the Tempura. - Okay, well. - But different. - Chicken Watch! - Chicken Watch! - Chicken Watch! - Chicken Watch! - [All] 2K18. - [Chris] Chicken Watch, oh, let's say hi, how's it going? - We are huge, huge fans. - Oh, yeah? - Do you wanna eat on Chicken Watch with us, and be on our Chicken Watch episode? - Yeah! - [All] Chicken Watch. - So, rubric. We're going over that crispiness, that moisture, then we learned about the salinity recently, which is the salt, the sort of like, spice bath that you're experiencing. - As always, we had a wow factor. - Oh, gotta have that wow factor. - A sexy nod. ♪ Now let's get neck and naked ♪ - Now I don't really know much about Tokyo Fried Chicken. All I know is that I see it on Facebook all the time. It's suggested to me. But it's all the way out-- - You only get targeted ads for fried chicken on Facebook? - Yeah. - [Chris] Wow. - [All] Chicken Watch. - So, tell me, what's going on with this glove? - Okay. So, just in case you don't want your hands to get too greasy you could put the glove on your non-dominant hand. And your other hand can hold the chopsticks. - Or you always keep chicken in this hand. - [Elaine] You could. - [Keith] Okay, well thank you so much for all this, this is incredible. - [Elaine] Enjoy. - We're gonna eat all of it. - Heck yes. - So excited. - Mia has a little secret. - I do. - Mia, would you tell us all here a little secret? - So, I've eaten a lot of fried chicken, however, for the last year and a half I've been vegetarian. (suspicious music) (chicken clucking) I've been thinking about adding chicken back into my diet, 'cause I miss it so much, and so this is like, my entry back into the meat-eating world. - Oh my gosh. - Wow. - I'm super excited, too. - [All] Chicken Watch. - Oh my gosh, this is huge! - This is huge. - Wow, you're really gonna have chicken for the first time in a year and a half? - Yes. - I think you should take the inaugural bite. - Alright, is this gonna be like a slow-motion shot, 'cause? - No, it's not. - Okay, should I, okay. - 'Cause it's hard to switch the camera. You can do it in slow motion. (slow grumbling) - Do it. - Yum. - Wow. That is so good. It's so garlic-y and salty. - I love garlic. - Yeah, you guys can't wait. - Okay. - You gotta dig in. - Wow. ♪ Do bop, do bop, do do dop, bloop do bop ♪ - Oh wow. That dust they put on at the end, it's not like Doritos dust, but it has that kind of feeling in your mouth. - Yeah. - The crunch is the first thing that is different about this chicken. - It's light and crispy. - It's like a potato chip. There's something cleaner about it, I don't know why it feels more healthy, I don't know what it is - The oil! - Yeah. It's the oil. - Oh, it's that oil. - The one thing that makes Japanese fried chicken really different, when we fry it we use rice bran oil. - [Keith] What? - Rice bran oil. - Rice brown oil. - Rice bran oil! - Yeah, it's from the husk of the rice. - I didn't know that rice had a husk. (laughing) - So it is more healthy. A little of gingery clanger. - Oh, I like that. - Yeah, that's really good. - This really feels like a Southern meal. And it's, but the flavors are just all crazy. - Yeah. - Yeah. - The flavors of our chicken are what our chef grew up with, and this is the type of chicken that he'd like everyone to experience. - I'm gonna hit with a little ponzu. - All right, yeah. - [Keith] You want the spicy or the norm? - [Mia] Spicy. - And you'll taste soy, you'll taste the ginger, garlic. - Wow. - This sweet ponzu makes it sweeter and richer. - [Chris] Yeah. - That's like such a new depth to it. - Can I get a little square of that ponzu oil? - Yeah, gotcha. - All right right in there, oh yeah. That's nice. Oh, look at that. - In your face, honey, ponzu's here. - [Everyone] Chicken Watch! - What's your name? - Jennifer. - Chris, nice to meet you. - How's it going, Keith. - I watch all your videos. - Oh yeah! - [Producer] Is that your picnic down there? - [Jennifer] Yeah, it is. - Can we sit on your picnic, briefly? - [Jennifer] Yeah, of course. - [All] Chicken Watch! - This reminds me of, getting together with my family on New Year's. - [Everyone] Kanpai! (glasses clanking) - [Mia] We tell each other we're thankful for, and I am thankful for good friends, and delicious food. - [Keith] Sometimes it tastes good, fried chicken. And then you realize just how lucky you are. - So true. - Nice. (lighthearted mellow guitar song) ♪ Oh, I'm driving home ♪ ♪ I'm driving home ♪ ♪ Driving home back again to you ♪ ♪ I had to (mumbles) call me when I see you ♪ ♪ In a dream I see you ♪ ♪ Holding me so close ♪ - Chicken Shop. - Whoa. ♪ Bom, bom, bom, bom ♪ ♪ Two-Headed dragon that we spotted from a wagon ♪ ♪ The back of which somebody put a flag on ♪ ♪ Don't mean to be draggin' but these pictures ♪ ♪ Taggin', there will be more ♪ ♪ But my internet is laggin' ♪ - Panta Mia. (child chattering) - [Keith] Hi Mia! - [Mia] HI. - So, ultimately our show is about finding the best fried chicken in the world. Do you think this is the best fried chicken in the world? And if not, what do you think about this chicken is the best? - There's a lot of different fried chickens like you said, everyone has their own favorite, but what I could say is that, the best parts about it, are that it's super juicy, and light and crispy. - Great answer! - Fried chicken people are good people. - [Chris] Yeah. - You know? So, do you guys think that this might be the best fried chicken in the world? - Yeah, I'm ready to say that. - This is the most unique fried chicken I've had, and I really love that it combines something new with something that I'm familiar with, which is Southern fried chicken. - This is definitely a chicken I'd bring home to my mother. - Passes the mom test. - You know that the mom factor is the upside-down version of the wow factor. - [Chris] It's true. It's true. Do you think you're gonna continue on your chicken train? - Yeah, I think I'm only gonna come here, though. Like, I don't know. I don't know how this can be beat. - Well I'm a vegetarian, except for one restaurant. (laughing) - I forgot its little hand! - You don't need to eat its hand. - Oh. - Don't eat its hand. - Okay. - Hey, don't let him tell you what to do. You eat that. - It just looks so crunchy. - It is, but it's you're gonna be like oh, this is just bones. - [All] Chicken Watch! - Okay, okay. - Lean down to this tentacle. ♪ We the fried chicken guys ♪ ♪ We the fried chicken guys ♪ ♪ Do do bop, do do bop, bop do bop ♪ - Break it down! ♪ Fried chicken for me ♪ ♪ Put it into my mouth ♪ ♪ I taste the seasoning ♪ ♪ I gotta taste a little bit of that Tokyo chick ♪ ♪ I gotta put it in my mouth ♪ ♪ And ♪ ♪ Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick ♪ ♪ Tokyo, Tokyo ♪ ♪ Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Tokyo ♪ ♪ Fried chicken, Chicken Watch ♪