Is Zabit Magomedsharipov next for Max Holloway


Chael Sonnen


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after you have seen 236 it was this past week and what do you do now I think if you're looking at max Holloway it would be a very appropriate and good guess that max just returns to 145 pounds he's a city world champion he's the undisputed world champion he's defended that World Championship and he actually has never missed that weight now I will acknowledge for you guys that he has had a hard time making that way but he is a City world champion so let's just imagine okay before we get trapped in the weeds of this whole thing let's just imagine that he does return to 145 we still have to come up with the answer who's the next opponent Volken oski is going to take on josée although that's a great contest I don't know who's gonna win I don't have a prediction both those guys can win that fight but if Fokin offski does beat aldo that would certainly put him in a spotlight and in the rankings and with some new blood and new parity to go right in there against max if vulcan offski loses that fight i think that's where you get stuck with a real okay what do we do with max and as you go down the rankings you got a lot of really good options Frank Yeager's names gonna pop off the page but I don't think that it's any secret anymore than the fast track that Otto Sonya was on to a championship opportunity the beat is also on that same fast track he still got a rocket tied to his ass and it would seem to me with a Vulcan off ski loss so he does not get by although that the next best option in the option they're gonna go with is the beat and I think that's pretty exciting that's not to dismiss Eggar I just don't know looking at parody and looking at manages and look in there right how the company likes to grow things and look to the future I'm not sure if Edgar even though great option I'm not sure that I would bet that it would go to Edgar I think they'd probably take a good look it's a B and as a beat versus anybody's gonna be a lot of fun so beating his last fight versus Jeremy Stephens was fun so beaten his fight before that's a lot it's a beat fighting for a world championship particularly as long and as active and his busy and is durable his as he is when you put him into a match with someone like Max who is coming at you with that kind of a pace I think you have something very special there to look forward to in addition if you don't match them who's gonna puts a beat with and there's a few good options there but to my understanding zabita Frankie Edgar are teammates so unless they want to have their coach come forward and publicly say this is the right guy which I don't think they'll do that would be a little bit dirty they're not gonna go out and compete with each other so ultimately you're gonna be left for the fans to decide who they want to see I've got no problem with it either way but if I was to hedge Abed and make a guess I think with a Vulcan off skeet loss to Aldo you you have a very good chance of seeing some beat in there with max Holloway for the strap