Is a High Refresh Rate Monitor Necessary




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[Music] so you just managed to build your dream gaming PC rig congratulations you fired the baby up patiently downloaded all your games and all that's left to do is to open the game and play but wait a minute something's not right wait what I spent so much on the thing why doesn't it look good why is it smooth am I getting scammed so those of you are unfamiliar monitors constantly put out images and a refresh rate which is measured in hertz is the number of times per second your monitor can redraw the screen the higher the Hertz the more frames your monitor can display per second thus making it smoother monitors with high refresh rates are usually found in premium tech and with the increasing demand for a smoother experience even smartphones are getting displace with high refresh rates as well so how can talk about it okay it's like this to avoid a flickering effect the minimum refresh rate on most displays is 60 Hertz but some monitors can reach as high as 300 and usually the bigger the screen the higher the refresh rate to again avoid that flickering effect what flicker effect Josh flicker is a visible change in brightness between cycles displayed on the video panel if you've ever pointed a camera on the TV set or computer monitor then you'll know what I'm talking about instead of a stable image there is either an incredible amount of flicker or black rolling bars that's because the image on screen refreshes at a different rate from the number of frames per second the camera records now how does this translate to the human eye well from a health perspective 60 Hertz monitors can strain your eye after a while compared to one with a higher refresh rate when it comes to flagship phones with 90 Hertz plus displays animations become smoother making your experience more premium but from a game perspective a monitor with a high refresh rate is King fast-paced competitive games from call of duty and apex Legends to triple-a titles such as Red Dead Redemption will all benefit from a monitor with a high refresh rate as it not only makes motion resolution clearer but gives a more immersive experience as well that's because monitors with high refresh rates like 144 Hertz improve response time and minimize screen tearing what's strange hiring Josh well screen tearing occurs when the video feed to a device is not in sync with a displaced refresh rate which you'll notice in these clips over here that's why we have adapt monitor features such as g-sync and freesync but that topic is for another video I know I know there are a lot of things to consider but just to make sure that you're able to use these monitors to its full potential there are a couple things that you have to check out first and foremost you've got to make sure you have a rig that can handle high frame rates starting with a good processor RAM and graphics card otherwise what's the use of that expensive monitor if your machine can't handle it speaking of expensive apart from the computer itself the second thing you're gonna need is money you're gonna have to have a budget for your monitors because those things can cost you an arm and a leg all in all a higher refresh rate monitor greatly improves your gaming experience as long as your PC and displays response time speed can keep up with the monitors refresh rate but what if I'm not a gamer Josh what if I just browse the web watch movies in the office work truth is higher refresh rate monitor isn't gonna make much of a difference for you guys maybe smoother desktop animations but that's about it and since there's practically no content recorded at more than 60 FPS you won't be able to utilize it when watching videos anyway so I suggest for non gamers to focus on looking for a better quality panel instead such as monitors with IPS or VA displays which have better color reproduction and viewing angles compared to TN panels founded a lot of high refresh rate monitors especially if you're a content creator who edits videos and images that way at least you are wonderful viewers out there can get the most out of your money so do you think you need a higher refresh rate monitor let us know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video be sure to leave a like subscribe hit that Bell icon and be sure to visit you can tech comm for the latest tech news and abuse this has been Josh and I'll catch you later