Is bareknuckle boxing a grotesque spectacle


Chael Sonnen


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guys I got an email from a listener as I do and here's what the email was does no one in the mixed martial arts community think bare-knuckle boxing is depraved ask any professional boxer if bare-knuckle boxing is a legitimate sport and they would look at you crazy why would any athletic commission allow this grotesque spectacle to be promoted and sanctioned UFC has taken MMA out of the dark ages but bare-knuckle boxing takes everyone back into blood sports why does no one talk about this so that was an interesting email and an interesting message let me think of where to begin on this because I do not want to be the voice on this that influences anybody I am still coming around to the idea of being a bare-knuckle boxing optically I don't love it optically I get where I don't like the term Dark Age I think that's a little bit far back but optically I understand that it has been a meaningful period of time since somebody went in there without at least having some pad and some leather and some gloves on I concede right so it took me just it took me just a moment but I stuck with them and I watched a couple and I'm still not fully there yet but I am starting to understand to this email and I want to do the absolute best that I can because I felt like this viewer and listener had taken some time to put this together now I'll tell you one funny thing I wrote him back and I only said one word I simply said why they wrote me back and said thanks for responding so we didn't really get anywhere we didn't quite have the dialogue that I thought this was going to turn into but let me tell you this something that you may take with you and you may find interesting the glove along with the hand wraps are there and designed contrary to what logic may tell you to protect the hand not to protect the object that is being struck let me give you some factual historical evidence of this Senator John McCain rest his soul stepped in and wanted to stop mixed martial arts from happening he was calling it terrible names and he wanted on a federal level for this to be outlawed now it came out over a period of time that John McCain's wife Cindy sat on the board of director for Budweiser who was the number one sponsor of all of boxing and saw mixed martial arts as a potential future competitor when John McCain's conflict of interest was caught and outed he quickly and quietly exited this argument but before he did so he said do one thing for me start wrapping the hands and put some gloves on him you do that I'll be quiet he goes and sits in the corner okay so they did they started wrapping the hands they started putting gloves on him so John McCain with no evidence did not speak to anybody only had what his mind and his his mind interpreted through what his eye saw in fairness to him though very inappropriate to do that from a decision-making position in fairness to him same conclusion I would have come to seemingly it would make sense for safety reasons to wrap the hands what we found out is no the wrapping of the hands including the glove is designed to protect the hand not the object at sitting now this was a very long time ago once I got into fighting working were made through the amateurs and became a professional I can fully tell you if I was to go and hit a heavy bag right now right now in front of you guys right this I'm not gonna hit that thing very hard cuz if I don't have time to wrap my hands and put gloves on I will really hurt my hands now that came over time when I very first I hit that bag all day I never wrapped my hands one couldn't figure out why guys need to wrap their head I did not hit what hit very hard I know what I was doing I don't know it had turned my hips I don't know how to do any of that so does a very real thing that those gloves only protect the hands not the object being hit what offer you one other piece of that the UFC in the early days would give the option to its contestants if they wanted to wrap their head or wear gloves that's up to you and if you do want to wear a glove here's what we're calling mixed martial arts gloves but it's fully up to go bare-knuckle if you want to the heavy hitters are the only ones that wrap their hands I was training with tank Abbott in 1995 when he was getting ready for the ultimate ultimate - it was called and I asked him about that I said hey you don't have to wrap your hands why do you and he goes oh gee I don't wrap my hands to protect the opponent I wrapped my hands so I can hit my opponent a lot harder now the only reason I offer you this even though it is adverse to my initial statement that I am a little bit squeamish of the optics of two guys punching one other without gloves on even though that's a personal feeling that I have I do still have to be confronted with the evidence then in many ways that as they say for sport if one of these heavy hitters throws a punch at full blast he will break his hand for sure he will shatter his hand Mike Tyson got in a street fight one time he walked outside of a bar against a another professional fighter but they walked out in a street fight Mike hit the guy one time Mike was out for 7 months he shattered his hand do you guys remember that excuse me with one punch Mike Tyson with no glove on broke his hand in six different spots one punch six different spots this is a very real thing if he would have had time to wrap his hand and put a glove on he still would have knocked that gentleman out but his own hand would have been protected I just want to illustrate I think it was a very good question but it say this is the Dark Ages and this is gonna be bare-knuckle boxing is plight this is not my play but one of the things that they're going to have to overcome should they choose to they may from a marketing standpoint really like the fact that you guys think it's in the Dark Ages and that you think it's prehistoric and you think it's wrong they're selling out arenas but I trust it over a short period of time they are going to need to come out and voice some of the things that I just said and go hey wait wait just a second as a matter of fact we just had a world champion now guys I know this hasn't happened yet but a short period of time he's had a world champion Paulie Malignaggi go out there and fight Paulie had to pull punches because he hit so hard his coaches have never let him practice a day since he was nine years old without wrapping his hands and putting gloves on him never zero not one time has that happened we now put him into a contest when we didn't get to bring our best weapon which is a glove I think there could be an argument and I'm not making it I am NOT making it I'm just I'm just starting to lay the bed of the argument that I believe will be made there could be an argument that removing the gloves makes the sport safer there is that same argument going on right now in football football with all the CTE and all the concussions and that's a fairly new phenomenon as accurate as that is the phenomenon in the dialog behind it is fairly new Will Smith went out made a movie called concussion it really brought it to the forefront but a lot of aficionados and experts in football whether accurate or not I don't know I'm just discussing right now guys many people have said the hits got harder in football as the gear got better and if you want to start taking the hard hits away and you want to start making the sports safe for many people respected people NFL Hall of Famers many many great people have said one way to make the sports safer and take those heavy hits away is to quit making the damn pad so good quit making the headgear so big go back in the days of the 50s and 60s late sixties started to change right around the early 70s for football don't forget the days when they used to not even have helmets they wore something on their hip but it's more like a leather strap my grandfather seen pictures of I used to be like a leather strap there was no Facemash in scratch there's nothing hard about it's like this piece of they get pulled it over their head they went out there they played but that concussions weren't happening some of those heavy hits weren't happening you just weren't seeing that so some evidence towards that I don't choose to form an opinion I don't even really follow the sport of football I'm just sharing with you that there is something to be said about okay it's honor amongst thieves here I can't do it to you but you also can't do it to me we can only hit each other so hard as hard as you can punch as hard as my chink and panko punch and vice versa we're both human beings and the bones and our hands are both the same which means we're both gonna have to pull the power a little bit and change those shots that is my response I tried to respond to this listener via email but the dialogue didn't go on ball is now in your court