Is it Safe to Put Dry Ice In Liquid Nitrogen


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When people started leaving comments asking me t. Yeeeee o mix dry ice with liquid nitrogen at first I thought it was a joke, [but] [then] as the comments continued and continued and continued I started to realize that this is a real thing so today We're going to try mixing dry ice with liquid nitrogen just to satisfy your curiosity And see what happens [you] [already] know that dry ice is just a solid chunk of carbon [dioxide] that's extremely cold at minus 109 degrees Fahrenheit on the other hand Liquid nitrogen is just liquefied nitrogen gas This stuff is minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit this means the difference in temperature between dry ice and Liquid nitrogen is the same difference in temperature [between] boiling hot water and a frozen chunk of ice for this experiment I've got the liquid nitrogen sitting in the thermos and that allows it to cool down to where it's happy and very calm So if we drop in a piece of dry ice now what kind of reaction would you expect to take place? The Liquid nitrogen boils and the dry ice becomes even colder. Let's just reach down in there and see if we can pull it out Now the cool thing about this dry ice it has been cryogenically reduced to the temperature of liquid nitrogen So instead of being minus 190 degrees Fahrenheit this block of dry ice is now about minus 321 Fahrenheit This is amazing. It's actually boiled out most of the nitrogen Which of these do you [think] is more dense, [dry] ice or liquid nitrogen? In other words if I drop dry ice into a glass of liquid nitrogen will it sink or will it float [I]? Don't see it floating on the top there. Let's add a few more chunks just to be sure Yep, I can hear that sinking right to the bottom It's really cool. How it [mists] for just a second and then the mist completely disappears? And that's because the liquid nitrogen is cooling the dry ice down to cryogenic temperatures So we can see the dry ice is more dense than liquid nitrogen because it sinks to the bottom Therefore a cold drink cheers, just joking just joking for this experiment I have two identical bowls of water and two identical chunks of dry ice except the ones been soaked in liquid nitrogen The other one hasn't if we drop them at the exact same time into two separate dishes. How are they going to react? You can see that both two bowls are reacting about the same. They're producing the same amount of vapor They're bubbling at about the same rate. They're both popping off cool little smoke rings which is like my favorite part that doesn't really surprise me so much the question is going to be which one lasts longer will the Colder block of dry ice Outlast the untreated piece Now this has been running for about five minutes, and you can see the bowl with the liquid nitrogen treated Dry ice actually still has a thicker vapor there was enough cold in the first bowl to keep the reaction going a little bit longer we all know that when you drop dry ice into water it forms an Amazing missing fog that just seems to flow out of the water [so] will it do the same thing with liquid nitrogen for this first experiment? Let's drill two holes into the same block of dry ice We'll put liquid nitrogen in one hole and water in the other and observe the results all right here. We go liquid nitrogen it's amazing to think about but the [dryest] is actually so hot right now that when we add the liquid nitrogen it boils it and Vaporizes it just an instant, and that's why we're getting the fog flowing off that we are all right We got that thing Chock full of liquid nitrogen. Let's add water to the other side and [desert] the difference. [oh] That's so cool our block of dry ice is blowing smoke rings Now if you notice the liquid [nitrogen] is completely vaporized dry ice is so cold It'll freeze water solid but at the same time it's so hot it'll boil off liquid nitrogen All water does is cool down to the point where it eventually crystallize and turn into ice That's how you make carbonated ice cubes This is reaction. I didn't expect here's a regular chunk of dry ice try punching that and you end up with sore knuckles Soak the dry ice and liquid [nitrogen] and It pulverizes without problem. I was not expecting that That's cool. I'm gonna do that again Okay, let's go throw the stuff in the bathtub this dry ice has just been frozen in [liquid] nitrogen [we're] going to throw it into the tub here and see what happens Okay, that was cool, [but] it feels a little bit weak. Let's dump the rest of it in there This is cool our bathtub has just disappeared [and] like stings your face when you breathe it So what happens when you dip dry ice and liquid nitrogen? Well you get a pretty cool reaction and very very cold dry ice So there you have it [guys] now. You know what happens if you put dry ice in liquid nitrogen [thanks] for joining me for this experiment today. I'll be looking for in the next video. Talk to you then And then through the whole batch into a bathtub full of extremely warm water [oh] Dude look at the way that shattered apparently liquid nitrogen frozen dry ice becomes a lot more brittle as well whoa Oh my goodness Okay, that's worthy to [note]