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I'm here today to tell you a secret but not any kind of secret the ultimate secret of success wealth and happiness and guess what for that they gave me 12 minutes that's a challenge doesn't it in fact as a professor I could be quite politically correct and say well what's the best talent you can have for success hard work intelligence skills especially soft skills my business of course but in fact tenacity could be an interesting run too but in fact it's not the case just have a look around the person's all around you think about the person that you consider the most successful in their life and the happiest person in their life most of the time there are sharing two basic ingredients the first one is generally perseverance that's well known but the second one is a little bit more tricky it's probably luck yeah luck luck in life but of course I understand that luck could sound a little bit strange to some person here what you mean by luck because there are many kinds of luck the lucky break for example you know the CUDA shots lucky break I mean the sort of blind luck you know isolated luck something that happened just by randomness you know sort of consonances of life you win the lottery congratulations you bump in your best friend just by accident because you're in the street you are not supposed to be and you are thinking about him or about or just right now and you just be this is a sort of blind luck but this is not the one were interested in today the most interesting luck is the recurrent luck you know the long-term luck what I like to call the lucky flow I mean the fact that there are some all around they seems to have luckier life than others just because they are more often than average finding the right person the right people the good information the interesting opportunity etc just not once or twice or three times that so many times along the life the question is all these people gifted by some something or either another idea is there another explanation my idea is that luck is an aptitude but not any kind of attitude an attitude that can be developed you can learn to be lucky so the good news and the bad news is that as well as being lucky or unlucky you'll be responsible of what's going to happen so what is luck in fact ok we could talk about fate destiny etc no the idea is that luck mainly is a state of mind I mean the guy and the girls who are more lucky than others they know how to deal differently with uncertainty to deal differently with chance and randomness I mean that the luckiest people on earth are the one who are waiting around themselves sort of favorable environment they have a sort of ability to create the right set of interesting circumstances all around so the luck machine is mainly an opportunity machine and it's an attitude and a behavior probably so what's an opportunity in fact maybe your life is full of opportunities Bing here today for example could be one a lot it's one for me by definition an opportunity is an event but with this very special event most of the time and opportunity is an event that is both unexpected and providential you will need to have two conditions and due to the fact that this event that happening in your life is providential and unexpected it's just creating right now a new window of possibilities a new window for action a new window for opportunity there are in fact three kinds of basic events in our lives that can create opportunities the first one is definitely encounters you are the party with friends in a dinner in a dinner you are not supposed to be you are not supposed to attend this dinner because you are no enjoy sake etcetera but you decided last just to come and at that time you just need someone to tell you by chance there are so many people in this party and this person is going to be one of the most important person in your life your professional life or in your personal life I don't know it was a pure providential but unexpected encounter the second basic skill basic element of luck is information you are thinking about launching a business in Russia for example and you are really in search of a certain type of name you are finding a partner and you can't find the right information even on internet it's also you know it's really upsetting and you are in a plane and these two day just unfortunately you can't find the newspaper so you are you know just like this looking at the magazine in the rack in front of you and just start to read and there is just an article about Russia with the name of the guy or someone with the one you were expecting you know you never you never read this sort of magazine for the first time and the ones you just win it you find the information information providential but unexpected information and at last most of the opportunities a lot of opportunities in life are made by accidents of life I mean things are turning in a way that was not expecting you lose your job you lose your love you become sick maybe the three the same day you see this guy is unlucky who knows who knows we have to wait maybe even in terms of job love why not and even in term of health maybe it's a a new start he's becoming conscious of some things you know some accidents a life are only accidents but remember some accidents in life are messages so what about the luck attitude very often my students told me ok but professor could you promise that if we practice your secret of luck we'll be luckier people I can't I can't do that but I can promise one thing if you practice these four secrets things are going to happen in your life and most of the time unexpected things are going to happen in your life of course all these things supposed to be providential this is your business you know even in the luck dynamics you have to do your part of the pathway you know your part of the story so which are these four secrets the first one is definitely intention it's impossible being lucky without the mental target finder you know that is June toward the right objective the right purpose the right ambition the dream etc intention means that you must program yourself all the time programming yourself by thinking about your projects by reading learning new things trying to master new areas and fields of knowledge programming yourself what do you really want and in fact by thinking which type of reality are you attracting now through your intention the second element is receptiveness it's impossible being lucky if you're always you know focus concentrated on your work no luck requires to be open open to the world if you want out open how is it possible to meet someone you to find the information etc no receptiveness openness being open to the many possibilities of life being aware trying to work with the personal attention directed toward the outside world the third element for lucky people is their ability to recycle things and especially to recycle bad things most of the lucky people in the world sometimes their bad luck their problems you know hardships drawbacks failure things are going wrong unfortunately but the problem is that for them it's only raw material of a special kind of course we have preferred or to have only good good things but sometimes things are not so good but it's raw material raw material means that through this bad event I'm going to transform that by trying to meet new people finding new information exploring new territories in fact you know luck definitely is not to be found in what happens it has to be fun in what you make with what happened luck is not an event it's how you react to this event on the long-term you know when we talk about this lucky flow and the last is connection connection because in fact luck hates London s it's impossible to be lucky alone I don't know you know if life is a stock exchange but life could be a lucky exchange I mean that one of the best way to be connected is to represent a lucky break for someone else if you want to attract interesting people first try to be attractive if you want to be lucky first try to be a luck yourself for someone else this is probably one of the secret the secret of the secret helping others to reach their goal we presenting an opportunity if you want to find opportunities first try to be one and after that maybe things are going to happen you know there is a common point between love knowledge and luck they all have to flow around represent a sort of undercurrent that is passing from one human being to another and under these conditions things are going already okay you know luck is not a gift lot luck is not a sort of strange mechanism it has nothing to do in fact with randomness probably even if randomness could represent a sort of basic material sometimes in our lives mainly it's a state of mind and because it's a state of mind it's a discipline and the first step is the first way to create opportunities is to be one I told you that deal source of luck for someone else and try all day long being a lucky break for other people and remember in fact the final idea is very simple your life will be as lucky as you will make it and this last ID believe me worth spreading thank you you