Is the Bobcat Burglar the Klutziest Thief Ever

klutzy crook has Columbus cops cracking up police in the Ohio City have dubbed this thief the Bobcat burglar Bobcat allegedly tried to break into a Dollar General Store one night this summer and was not impressing anybody with their criminal skills first the mastermind tried to break a glass door using a cinder block that didn't work once more and the block breaks doors are hard then for some reason they climbed up a rack of merchandise in there goes crash ouch ultimately the bumbling burglar got inside the store but things did not get any easier for them experience it's not a great idea to climb up that display you could probably guess how this is going to go [Music] try it again sure what do you have to lose [Music] ultimately the bobcat burglar took alcohol food cigarettes and electronics from the store Columbus Police are asking anybody with information about that incident to contact them for Inside Edition com I'm Stephanie officer