Isaiah Project 1 Prince of Prophets a study by Dr Jacques Doukhan

well we are going to be challenged with this book of the Bible one of the most important books of the Bible actually 66 chapters the Book of Isaiah right this is where we are the book of Isaiah is a eighth century prophet who lived in Jerusalem perhaps a prophet of royal descent who who has spoken in his time and his words have gone beyond his time it's changed since we are still reading it right now very important book in Jewish Christian tradition and also for humankind the Book of Isaiah by the way in Jewish tradition is second after the Pentateuch most important book after the Torah this is Isaiah right talking about of course all these importance of Torah importance of ethics importance of justice also the greatest ideal of Israel right Zion as the Eternal City Zion as the embodiment of Hope perfect life of peace and also for Christianity this is an important book as you know Isaiah 53 is key texts in Christian tradition right and not only for Jews and Christian but also for humankind beyond religious people you know the whole idea even of Hope has been very much inspired from the book of Isaiah this is the some of the most beautiful pages about hope are found in the book of when you talk about the wolf and the lamb eating together when we talk about peace and no more violence when we talk about the tears which will be erased from a compassionate and divine hand right we talk about the end of suffering the end of oppression the end of war this is a an ideal which is coming with every person and today more relevant than any day perhaps so this is an important and interesting booklet that we are going to study together this is you know the the first book of the prophets of the latter prophets you see we have Isaiah Jeremy during my Isaac heal and then we have all the other prophets it's the first book and the longest book 66 chapters write a book which is beautiful written by someone who had the skills to write so what we will do this would be our plan you know our you know steps of our journey we will first of all have pause and try to acquaint ourselves with the men who has written that book Isaiah who he was see a man of City Prince a man of culture where educated better men who stood up and really challenged the Kings and not just the kings of his nation but also the kings outside of the nation and still today has something to say about the life of politics right who was a political person right a man who was in well accepted respectable right but yet died as a martyr according to some traditions okay so this is what we are going to do the first step the second step we will go into the book a book which has been challenged which has been distorted often so we will try to understand what this book is saying with the unity of the book the the beauty of the book and so we will address some of the most complex idea most complex issues about you know the unity of the book and how the book has been challenged by the critical people and then after this we'll try to understand the message of Isaiah don't do an introduction to the book of Isaiah first the man then the book and then the message the message what are the main themes of that message will be we will then expose to the God theology of God how as I understand God right holiness of God the hidden face of God these are the main two motives really the most specific motives of his view of his theology of God then the people my talks about the people right yes of course these are people who has I mean just as any people there are sinful people and they are suffering people and so the Book of Isaiah is addressing these two these two situations sinful leads to judgment suffering leads to compassion comfort so this is the response of Isaiah to the people so he's talking about those people who are going to be saved and survived the survivors from the judgment and would be of course forgiven by God the remnant and then tsiyon and then the nation's and then of course he is going to talk about you know his hope about these people and this is why the book of Isaiah is the book of mission is I mean if you want to understand you want you we are interested in in the theology of the Messiah right the theology of Hope this is the book so this is what we are going to study and then in that context we will focus on key texts which convey theology of the Messiah one is with founding in the beginning of the book in connection to a has that is the the the the connection to chapter 11 goes from chapters 11 7 to chapter 11 talking about you know the the the the son of David who is supposed to be the ideal king of David is supposed to bring us to the vision of Hope and then the second section of Isaiah is also technically it will also take us take us to around Isaiah 53 and then at the end right after we've been exposed to those two key texts will conclude on what Isaiah has how Isaiah has stepped into us what's the message of it to us what makes this book relevant for us what's the meaning of this book as far as ethics as far as existence and what what did we take from it and I hope that we learn from it not just to become better people but also to become happier people that's the purpose with Book of Isaiah just to make us right but also to make us beautiful right thank you you