Itzy Talks Midzy Influence on Not Shy Dream Kpop Collab More

i was happy to work on this album because we will be able to show mithi why we want to show them mitzi are always the biggest momentum for us i think the most different thing is disassemble me singing about the love [Music] for me is the not shy i like it because it's the title song of our album that expresses its develop i hope the song would affect many people possibly i want to make music that people can relate to for both sad and happy emotions there are many great artists that i like to collect but i really want to work with 10 min someday he dances so well and his performance is so good it was sad that i couldn't meet our mid-seas face to face but we worked hard so that our midsies would get our energy and we were thinking that our music should be helpful for people in this hard time we are trying to communicate with our fans in various ways we try to share our daily lives with the fans by instagram and many other things jyp given us many comments of advice for us when we were doing our practice and they were very helpful for us especially for performance he gave us a lot of compliments about it thanks to all the compliments i think that's what we can do everything in a nice shy way to have our own sort of jungle called itzy we will work hard to get it thank you for watching you