JENTLE HOME’ tour with Jennie⭐️

hi guys it's me here and welcome to gentle home shows a sale so gentle home is inspired by a retro dollhouse which I never had as a kid but I wanted you guys to enjoy as an adult sometimes because you feel like being in a dollhouse there's like lots and lots of details so you might want to come to see maybe there's a photo of my dogs I'm not gonna spoil the whole thing but it'll be fun for you guys to come and find them and here we have two basketball plays and a man wearing my glasses tiny versions look how detailed yeah and I'll show you guys more here I have the cars and I have the whole garden and it says welcome to gentle home I couldn't feel more at home and now let's go inside so here we have it's the living room we'll take these off for a second cause we're door checking checking ok so oh you have a bird cage they did a lot of animal stuff because they know I love animals and I personally think the best part of this room it's this digital fire thing and it also has gentle hormone and how cute you guys have to come and take photos like yeah there's lots of more details and everything you can see use made out of ceramic of course it's like handmade every single pieces I made sure that it came out right and the right color so here we have the olive living room let's go on to the next rib and here we have the kitchen do you wanna it's very cute and nice don't move it too much because it might fall but yeah like look at this it's it looks pretty usable to me if I have some cupcakes in front of me I would use it so yeah I have real live vegetables here it looks like I coat the whole thing but I didn't because it tastes eggshells more details so when you guys come and check this half salad I want you I want you to take a photo in your favorite place and tag me so I can see like different ways to like appreciate this space you know as you can see this is my dressing room we have real doors and of course we have the line to signing up for me to try them on which one should I do I want to try the white ones you guys can come and try every single one of them on to find your perfect fit okay so about this dressing room there's this little tiny place that I made and I'm gonna invite you guys inside come inside it's the secret fountain room I have to have a tiny space in my closet like as a kid I've always dreamed of my little doll house inside a closet so I would have my teddy bears I would have my dolls in here so I made it come true it's pretty it's definitely pretty I think that's the fun part and I made sure I had the clouds in the back so it gives more of a static vibe that you guys can enjoy so right here would be the spot to take the photo and then you're done so yeah hope you guys really enjoy this pink fountain room because I put a lot of ideas and time into it so it comes out good gentle market they have to go gentle in front of everything for me it has my favorite number on it I feel so adored if I dent a monster right now and you can come this way and there's your little market wow I've actually never seen this in person okay I grab grab me some good before I go so here it's cold call me Jenny I'm Jenny it's a retro South borrowed and did bit of colors it's like slowly everything slowly pop as far as I know so it's just like fun to play with you know we miss old phone styles and we have here is I think a fingernail I think you know it's always fun to see it for yourself so I'm not gonna spoil it too much but I did mention I'm gonna need a big big rock candy ring so they made it happen for me guys it's here go grab your rocks here yeah I think that's pretty much it so come and enjoy your market come on a paint basket it's just too cute and that's not least let's go and that's so not least we have the actual store made inside the top floor we have and I'm gonna try this one on I think you're not seeing me with these glasses a lot cuz I just I would have many ways before I came out here on the photo set I worked with Hugo my dear dear Hugo it was so much fun I was in London and we have like the greatest time they don't even feel like work and maybe the great for me thank you people and we have the lobbies these are the special ones that I want you guys to have a good look at it has gentle on this side so these are gonna be displayed 24 hours for you guys to come enjoy and I think my job is done I had a great time working with gentle monster I hope it's not only one you know I hope you guys enjoy out collaboration together thank you for watching and I hope I see you here