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so I have to heal yeah yes SP gives in trouble oh yeah yeah I'm just getting up trouble yes we're in the workout room get the workout interesting to look John Fitch just walked in here and claims he's on the car so something's going on one minute thirty seconds [Applause] halfway thirty seconds it's always 10 making nine eight seven five four three being forwarded all right yeah - Jason you hid we were fighting to exact boot in your tape take down open them up as shots by or Dan yeah wait thirty seconds [Applause] Musha did you work go ahead in wool money free to come up but that's a difficult game she played with him when he was a kid he's gonna play we're after not before sneaking along yeah the only time in my life I'd missed wait I was 11 years old and I wrote with my mom to Utah and we tried to rig the system by we found a bolt on Walmart so he wouldn't found scales that they were selling we take it out of the box and put it on the floor and their way ourselves we did this for like three days before the way until one day we were underweight so we went to RVs then we went to the weigh-in and I miss weight by four pounds had to call home and tell my dad the way it was like I think it was 85 pounds at that age I was 89 but I don't think that counts I don't think that should count as a myth because I thought I was on we thought we were on before we went RVs for the record definitely not your fault yes and looking for a scale that's the whole truth the only reason jellyfish would need a scale it's of John Fitch hideaway in the know Jonathan