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hi guys it's Claire from cosmetic astrology today I'm doing another visual exploration if you're new to my channel basically these visual explorations are when we are going to explore the nature of a next chakra and I'm not just going to sit here and tell you about the next texture there's plenty of videos out there that do that for you already what I'm going to do is show you examples of real native who have been extractor and how these characteristics play out in our modern world if you're not already subscribed please subscribe for these visual explorations and a lot of other astrological research type videos kind of relating astrology to our real everyday lives the reason I like to make these visual explorations is because me myself I don't really I've never really liked to just listen to what somebody told me about something I always want to be getting gaining the experience of that thing for myself really digging in and really gaining gnosis about it and so I want to be able to provide that same thing for you in a really quick and easy way because once you access the gnosis about what this is my tractor for example and you really truly experience it first of all you're not going to forget it second of all when you see somebody with just a next shot or any of the neck structures that I visually explore you are probably going to have to call it out without even having to see their birth chart because the characteristics are so obvious once you understand what they are third um once you see the characteristics of these celebrities people that you are familiar with you have past experience of seeing it's going to unlock a lot of background knowledge that you have about gesture but you just doesn't have a label for it because you didn't realize that's what you've been observing you've always kind of categorized these people together whether they're celebrities or people you know in real life at this neck stretch but you just weren't aware that it was called Jeff Jeff so now you'll understand its nature better you understand these people better and you'll know how to problem them and see them it's important that you kind of get that knowledge for yourself so with Justin etc just like the following etc Mulla and the one of aghasura shotta to what you've already done visual explorations of it tends to show more apathy in the men so we kind of noticed in moons earlier amongst the next chapters like Rohini and Marcus Trisha it the characteristics show more outwardly on the women whereas the men kind of are a little bit more withheld and withdrawn in these later neck stretches jesh down will improve asada its either through the characteristics with the men so the visual exploration is going to explore the men but for female gesture native stay tuned because it's just that the women are kind of more so withholding me so what you'll be seeing outwardly on these men is kind of a lot representing what you feel internally the women are just kind of like a milder more with child version and then I'll I will talk a little bit about how the women differ at the end of the personality analysis the symbol for just eyes around talisman and it alludes to this no catchers association with pennants worldly Authority an occult power in the Shaka next chakra we developed a hunger to conquer and rise above others but we needed the knowledge and reflection period that's found in the next section of a Narada the one immediately prior to Jess has to achieve it all right so it's cosmically this is where we are it helps to know we're just just sits in regards to its nature to understand these natives so the ruling beauty of gesture is Indra like the Shaka and here we find the king of the gods totally manifesting his power on the Material Plane the rolling planets of gesture are Mars because it's totally contained in Scorpio constellation and then the specific next chapter ruler is mercury and that shows us um next Rogers great skill and prowess which we'll see in the visual exploration next at rest cycles and which there are three they always end in a mercury world next chakra because at the end of each cycle is when we achieve mastery and great expertise in the major lessons of that period gesture is the final next chapter of the second stage out of the three and it deals with mastery over the material world and also penance and mortification so it's a next chapter of elders like maha instead of direct service to them we more so become one ourselves and gesture which means eldest in Sanskrit in gesture we have reached the end of the second phase and we again find in your wielding his Thunderbolt which was conceived by a star in Chitra generated by the forces of a shaka and understood in an errata we now finally exercise our authority over creation and our own personal universe and reality what you're going to see coming up is a gesture has all of the hard boiled thick-skinned tenacious aggressive aspects that we would expect to find in the next chapter representing the body of the poisonous armored arachnid being a house of Mars Scorpio the eighth house is the health of the so sex act but not about the sensual enjoyment which is more so the prerogative of Libra and tourism and mutual lord Venus so gesture is often too intense suffering from accumulated pitta dosha it's too intense to let down its guard and become a true sensualist and it's for this reason that it makes natural aesthetics of its native and high achievers in whatever field it finds itself in as you're going to see suggestion 8 is the benefit from Pitta pacifying mantras most of the time as the blood really here get sick from too much heat in the body so just like in our visual exploration of magnet next shot sure where we talked about the hair we can talk about one quick way to identify a gesture native the way to recognize gesture native instantly is their position of a very raspy and dry often a bit under the breath and fast way of speaking and voice so the sexual centers of these men are so turned towards non abundance and heat being opposite of the moon's kind of juicy exultation point gestures on that opposite end so their voice sounds gravelly and dry like a desert hi daddy I love you so much I am so proud of you I'm by winning I went here no in there now what ah lookee look what we got here magistrate now the main trait of the men attend to repeat over and over for gesture natives are being incredibly offensive blunt and brutal in their speech so they're frequently womanisers which I will show in two clips now Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump do some touchbacks just in case instead kissing her automatically dry could be beautiful I just start fixing them so it's a magnet just efficient going it away and when you were started or let you do it you can do anything but everyone grab and by the percy have to do anything these are my girlfriend's these are the women that I love that have completed the three parts of my heart Nattie and Charlie have their own special connection I have my own connection with Charlie and then Nattie and I also have our own relationship it seems crazy to everybody else but for us I mean it works well how about you look at these two well he's got better than me because this Lunas office of the exaltation house which is abundant because the D is he is a Lakshmi they can frequently suffer from something called a royal consumption which is the loss of bodily fluids through sex and through spending too much time around the draining heat of many different women so that's also why this sign tends to lend itself to genius because the heat of women and very healing and cleansing even though they're not using it in the right way and they do suffer the consequences it's still better than people who avoid women altogether and so don't ultimately have that kind of intense transformation the eight health of the natural zodiac means that is all about liberating a person from the body which means dying the Omkar the Kundalini and ashley she is how we identify with our body and and is very extremely Yin and identifying with our body so gesture is always attacking in to overcome the bodily urges in to gain control of the Kundalini any end things like women both even criminals would be yet they dislike gesture so you can think of Aria and Purvis shotta to super watery next chakras as being very different than gesture gesture is the opposite effect its way overheated so while we've talked about and noted that women feel very motherly controlling and drawn towards Audra and Purvis Ottoman women feel terrified and even repulsed by gesture meant these energies of suggestion if you're being victimized by women for example these are the types of energies that you can use to empower yourself so although these energies are harsh they give a man a lot of dominance and power over others at or ashada is another place that does this but it does so in a more balanced manner so we've met our some of those would be sharpest tongue especially known for offending many people like it said so I'll show some clips of Donald Trump Simon Cowell Charlie Sheen Mike Tyson but you're already probably getting an idea here if you know anything about these kind of men and all I know common to it you know because we can give you this when you're being negative and I found that when I met the man button and then they can do a body we actually had a really good time we talked about Georgia bottle mics and quite a bit on yesterday talking about his life highs and lows so interesting you come equivalent a night that was really a piece of [ __ ] hey they come on there come on occasion [ __ ] to you that was people [ __ ] you know what we're doing a little in life evening out okay what you going to do about right you got it together show that you're doing tonight we're a lot of people are where the other rod it's the real tree a lot of those are be there to see your show is it nerve-wracking for you to do some like this or is it more nervous for you to box how does it compare coming up it's more nerve-wracking to media is talking to a rep you can ship I come in online like another this you're in the [ __ ] or admitted and we're going to work we're going to ruin a rapid interview they cancel to thank you for coming [ __ ] you you work as a wedding singer I was how many ended in divorce about me you I've shown up the war departments not a dia services because you've just invented a new form of torture I'll give you a tip for future editions don't I don't mean to be unkind but you have one of the worst singing voices possibly in Miami I don't want to be rude but you could be the worst singer in New York don't take this personally but oh no I mean it you're one of the worst things I've ever heard in my life yeah awful it's it's bizarre turn off no no no are you saying isn't it look like the before during and after Weight Watchers no secret that you have an affinity for porn stars well I mean wow let's know that statement why well look at what they do look at what I do duh you know you say dub I don't get it what is it it's exciting it's fun and you already know what you're getting before you meet them because you've watched them no because I'm guessing right well of course what's not to watch your anger and your hate I think is coming off as erratic to be passion my passion okay your passion is coming off as erratic right well did you borrow my brain for five seconds and just be like dude can't handle it unplug this bastard yeah because it just it fires in a way that is I don't know maybe not from this particular terrestrial realm I'm bipolar aren't there moments for a guy like crashes in the corner like oh my god it's all my mom's fault shut up shut up stop move forward all women you don't like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals your Twitter account totally Rosie O'Donnell this is a tough business oh no I know you're a tough guy but it's and we need to have a leader that is for real tough honestly I think Jeb is a very nice person he's a very nice person but we need tough people we need toughness we need intelligence and we need up okay am I allowed to fennecs overhead but for Trump so little bit again I bilenda I know you're trying to build up your anywhere you get but it's not one of the cause yeah look look right let me just you know he wants to be a tough guy a lot of times you'll have you'll have and it doesn't work very well well tough I never attacked him on his look and believe me there's plenty of subject matter right there I think you're on the wrong side of this if you're still arguing for a single play I'm not I'm not I don't think you heard me you having a hard time tonight so what you're seeing this offensive nature I have to do a gestures rule as the cosmic policeman and it's very adversarial nature so gesture natives are constantly working to punish those who indulge in their senses or indulge in fantasies since they are obsessed with policing in being though this can come out something like a cop cosmically or real life but it can also place them in the position of being a kind of crime boss for example who's also commanding and controlling those kind of lower criminals even though gesture as a kind of police is trying to control people from indulging in their senses this partially comes from the fact that they feel the urge to indulge in debauchery themselves and they often do but they're controlling themselves through penance so they achieve a lot of power it represents a person who achieves dominion over the material world through quick ways through discipline through cultivation of a skill through penance this moon placement isn't very comfortable and their denial of bodily comforts can end up meaning that they often engage in self-inflicted punishments for penance for spiritual purposes for material purposes and also just a reckless behavior like Bam Margera and then all of these kind of MMA fighters like Mike Tyson Fedor Emelianenko Rampage Jackson who are using their bodies in such a brutal way really just for show so they say to push some of the biggest achievers in all of the zodiac especially in mercury ruled professions as this next chapter is ruled by mercury likely like I said to where the world would really be lacking without the skill that they bring some really notable natives of the sign include the two worlds most arguably famous composers Beethoven and Mozart as well as writers like Charles Dickens and Stephen King some of the most well most well-known writers but they're very weirdly skilled at many things they're able to articulate and conduct they're very versatile they're very commanding and they are very intimidating to most people so the sign success is due to the innate austere and disciplined nature these men are able to adhere to the strictest of routines and restrictions that they are able to place upon themselves whether their penances for the material or spiritual result so they can immerse themselves totally in cultivation of a skill or pursuit of a goal sometimes neglecting sleep and food to do so this is why the sign achieves much but it often has difficulties with health they like to deny their bodily urges so that this can mean either productive habitual behavior or self-destructive debauchery even disciplined in its own way resulting in a lack of sleep or a lack of nourishing food for example Donald Trump had said before he has P bright years has only slept four hours a night so when they're healthier they're able to achieve great things anything with Mars and Mercury specials like I said things like MMA composing writing politics business administrative positions things like that so these men have a thick skin and a great deal of emotional armor combined with a very heated and explosive nature which can lead them to being positions of authority quite frequently they are extremely functional under pressure and they thrive in a competitive environment so both genders of the Sun are hugely competitive in nature as their main goal is to feel that they are achieving things and overcoming others so this is depicted in Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump both of their content petition of the word winning always contemplating their success in comparison to the success of others and I'm going to show this now if I'm elected president we will win and we will win and we will win and we're going to start winning again we're going to win so much we're going to win at every level we're going to win economically we're going to win with the economy we're going to win with military we're going to win with healthcare and for our veterans we're going to win with every single facet we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning and you'll say please please it's too much winning we can't take it anymore mr. president it's too much and I'll say no it isn't we have to keep winning we have to win more we're going to win for we're going to win so much let's just do it let's meet this thing head-on and you were you were in it to win it talk about an education and then like this and then that's the guy I mean our dad and we can get all the answers and the truth Wow winning it's how you perceive it just retired done I'm not very good at it and they keep winning and building bigger houses in mind defeating the naysayer show the winning or you're losing there's nothing in between how do you plan on winning network with with zeal and and focus and and violent hatred just to find us go yeah you know good luck you're going to need it I'll be over here like winning I'm by winning I win here no in there now what come Wednesday morning they're going to rename it charlie brothers and not Warner Brothers duh winning winning in what sense just winning you one thing that we've noticed with gesture is that they are usually sickly when they're young but they call them age strength as they age due to this intense desire to overcome their sense organs it's initially very passionate in some Soria what is why they chose to incarnate in this position the curve their sensory desires through penance so this in turn brings power over time in their life because Lord Indra helps them to do this as he as well as passionate yet powerful okay so now before I do a quick cosmic flash a called explanation of gesture let's talk about these traits how these traits can manifest slightly different in women so first of all because gesture is a very disciplined placement these women do not tend to eat much and they do tend to have a small frame it can be an effective and a productive placement for a woman but actually it is slightly more flicked it for a woman to have this placement then it is for men and society heat is more unnatural for them so the receptive and expansive nature of women engine that the passion that these women feel and their heat it isn't always pinpointed as well to a skill and they may have more trouble manifesting their constant goals that they're setting for themselves tangibly so they're setting goals a lot of the time that are unattainable or that are abstract whereas just some men set more so cool that are kind of grounded in logic and have a real beginning in the real end the women may be kind of in a state of constant agony constant frustration they deprived themselves of so much but they never quite hit the mark on their ultimate ambition they tend to suffer from body dysmorphia or even eating disorders and that they're very critical of themselves and this results in intense deprivation for discipline as well as self-inflicted punishments like eating disorders or other unhealthy behaviors that are self-destructive so these women tend to benefit greatly from being devotional towards something or someone because of ocean is something that they are quite good at so when this one becomes devotional about someone it's easier because she can kind of look to that person she set her goals this person can help her to regulate her group goals it can help her to set them and then realize that while trying to give her a more calm and cushioned mindset so gesture women are less the meds may withhold their thoughts and emotions but privately they tend to be just as critical in harsh as a man if you were able to see what they wrote in the journals for example you might see this the festering and heated anger that these women experienced but don't Express can result in a lot of hidden jealousy and anger towards others but they're not the type to be blind to their fault ultimately they do see their faults quite clearly so they're usually working to dispel themselves of these traits although they do know that they do suffer from them all right so finally I'm just going to wrap up talking about just just position cosmically in a little bit more detail and a little bit of an occult analysis of gesture so we can think of gesture as functioning in a protective and service-oriented way for society such as police and military like I said but also Kings who use a cult knowledge to achieve and maintain their position of authority so all true material power and success must align itself with the universal science the occult to some degree or else it's not able to maintain its authority gestures a third of the dreadful next chapters meaning its power can be employed to destroy one's enemies like the dreadful next chapters of our dryish relationship before it due to the inherent service-oriented qualities gesture it's some way less easily abused by unscrupulous individuals than the previous two mentioned extras inherent in gesture is the idea of severity and the dealing out of punishment so we can think of penance as a kind of voluntary punishment necessary to accrue the merit to obtain positions of authority up until this point in gesture we as individuals on the spiritual journey have not attained true mastery of the elemental forces which have their root in the mooladhara chakra of the four petal so this is a cosmic position we're talking about this isn't necessarily even about natives who have displacement it's about natives who have achieved this level spiritually so in gesture we finally achieve mastery over the elemental forces and therefore we gain material domination in success gesture being the end phase of the two narratives it's positioning us on top of this high power looking over the material world this power brings us to minion and power but power as the saying goes tends to corrupt individuals so therefore this puts us paradoxically in a precarious position we must maintain the elemental balance in order to not be destroyed by k2 pinnacle of expression in the following next shadrach of mullah what was the beginning of the third phase so in a way this armored tower that we're sitting in it must be destroyed along with the false ego ik body armor that our perspective Iniesta has created within it so this destruction which happens in mula must occur in a positive way and caused a new awareness to birth with within us so that we shed our old limited beliefs pattern and perspective when we reach the gesture phase in our lives or in our spiritual growth we're like an individual sitting on a unicycle in the sense that we're struggling to maintain balance over those four elements that we have temporarily placed under our control through our knowledge our skill and our discipline so in lua next chakra we confront the doorway to the galactic center of true occultism or the sanctuary of a depth which is only open to those who have reached mastery over the material world and the four elements so a stillness kind of falls around us here in gesture as we sit in this pinnacle and we struggle to maintain balance before this encounter with the intense energy of mula thanks so much for watching if you haven't subscribed yet please hit the subscribe button like and leave your comments below I've been loving your guys comments lately and I love when you comment for things so much for your comments I hope that you were able to kind of tap into gesture I hope that you're remembering people and experiences that you might have had that remind you of this next Shastra and I will see you next time