Jack Ma Alibaba Group AliExpress at Lomonosov Moscow State University

[Applause] hello everybody thank you all for coming my name is Ola Kodava I'm the second year student of the physics department and today we are very happy that we have this opportunity to talk to mr. MA in person and to discuss the success story of his business and the technology he uses Jack Ma is the owner of Alibaba and the executive chairman eighteen years ago he founded this company in his apartment in Hangzhou China today it's not just sorry of course you know all I'll Express but it's just a very small part of it and today more than half a billion consumers shop online with Alibaba and millions of small enterprises sell the products while through the company's trading platforms and now it's not just the largest e-commerce company it's the whole ecosystem that involves electronic payments digital media logistics marketing cloud computing and entertainment Alibaba is responsible directly or indirectly for creating 30 million jobs and at this point in time when the company's market capitalization exceeds 450 billion US dollars the jack says that the company is only just getting started and in his injection missions plans they include creating more than 1 million 100 million jobs and attracting 2 billion consumers all over the world so now Jack I would like to ask a few questions and everybody will have this opportunity a little bit later so get your questions ready and if you don't mind I will repeat them into Russian so everybody will understand us check your personal stories incredibly inspiring goal is inspirational and you said that some of your failures and rejections or made contributed to your success and can you tell us more about that Jack Russian story you die at love this novel ed-e whiskas olive stone yoga three wash a new diet cosmos obstacle abortion must be a host of almost discuss I'd never shot okay good afternoon thank you so much for inviting me and I feel a little bit nervous because the Moscow University is my idol when I was child I learned so much about a Moscow there's so much of a Soviet Union learned so much about the all the things that are happening the size of Moscow University and you guys are so smart you know learning physics and chemistry and all this great stuff you know I'm not a good at learning schools I failed for three times for entering University in my life I never thought I would be able to speak here I never even brave enough to say I want to be a student of Moscow University so thank you for inviting me thank you for sharing about the questions that I have a lot of terrible experience made a lot of mistakes when I was young and child I think if you succeed every mistakes become a legendary if you fail that's just a garbage you know I'm saying I think everybody has great stories everybody had a lot of mistakes everybody have a lot of problems but very few people listen to you one day where you become successful people listen to you see Wow you're great I'm not that great I was born a normal family and I'm not a good as schooling of course I tried to study hard but as a boy you know my school was not that good at that time so I felt looking for jobs looking for joining university joining goose goose but I never give up and I think there's one thing I learned is that why why you should have a chance to be successful everybody should get used to be get used to fail but not get used to be accepted by other people why other people should help you you should earn the right to be helped so the thing I learned is that don't give up my opportunity has not come yet when everybody complain that is the opportunity I always thought when I was young when I was gradual or university I thought Bill Gates took up my job you know Bill Gates did all the successful things Larry Arison from articles they they took all the wonderful opportunities IBM benefit we people have no opportunity and I think I aim too high I should aim to support and help the people around me do tiny things I never thought I could be today after 18 years Alibaba become today's size not because I'm smart I don't think I'm a smart person but I have I work with a lot of smart people and most of smart people they always want to do successful things quick easy things and I think it's not easy to be successful quickly every time everything we do we prepare for 10 years I know I'm not smart if we want to be successful we have to win 10 years later if we want to be successful we have to work with smart people if we want to be successful we should make a lot of mistakes and never give up a lot of people they make mistake their problem they give up we never give up we will learn from mistakes and I think when we fill the message the experience that I want to give you a device I want to give you you were judged when this person will be successful not by where he fell he thinks it's his fault or the other foot if he thinks my fear because of the others this guy has no chance those people who fail always think hmm it is my fault I do not do the properly I should change care a change there these guys have opportunities so I learn a lot from those people who fail I learn a lot from those people who made mistakes I learn a lot from my mistakes so this is what I when I this is my life attitude when I fail I say see our failed when I succeed say well I never know I could be successful this make me very positive and optimistic and because of so many mistakes too much of failure that make me never complain because I get used to that we are making mistake every day even to today we made stupid decisions almost every day nobody knows we thought is smart but finally proves stupid but we learn we do again we'll learn we do again that's the way that's the live attitude [Applause] that Alibaba was born in China but it was created for the whole world so can you tell us what Alibaba does now outside of China and in particular in Russia Virgo very latest Oh Alibaba builders don't get I know says the boss of the festival Mira Washington Nebraska said Cheung San Dimas Alibaba vanye kutah Eva servin a stiff chaste mysteriously yeah Alibaba start from no money no technology no people in my apartment eighteen people decide that we want to using Internet technology to help small business that was the idea after 18 years we grow from 18 people to today close to 60,000 people it is really not easy but we survived today we are one of the biggest Internet companies in the world I think we're lucky we made so many mistakes but we still survive how can you be continued to be lucky that is the question keep on asking me I think if you want to continue to be lucky you have to give your luck to the others you give luck to the others you help others the opera's in the future will help you that was my our thinking in the past 10 years Alibaba was born in China but Alibaba should not be a Chinese company the name the day when I choose the name Alibaba Alibaba is not a Chinese name it's a Arabic name and Iran said it's an ironic name turkey says turkey name I don't I don't know where name but it's the name from Alibaba 1001 mistake or Alibaba 1001 nights the story we want to make this company a company the boy in China enable the world helping the global young company young people as I said that every century there is a company for the century Microsoft was the company of last century as a great century IBM was a company of the century what is the company of this century too diverse this entry and I think is we should not think about Alibaba we should always we make money surf Chinese we should make the money serve the world serve this century this only think in that way we can do more our company today is big but compared to yesterday it was big but compared to tomorrow it is still a tiny company the world changes so fast so this is our thinking we want to make Alibaba be the company of the century we want to make Alibaba the company supporting global small medium-sized companies we want to make this company supporting global young people and we want to make this company to making sure women can have more jobs online because people don't care your woman or man online this is what we want to do and we're doing a lot outside China Southeast Asia we are also doing lot in Indian we just started do more in America and they and also Canada in Russia we have a small business that's called Aliexpress maybe I'll Express here is very big by Inca in our company probably less than 1% of our business out Express but Aliexpress is not our main purpose of doing business in Russia we do not want to be a Russian ecommerce company we are not ecommerce company we help other company become ecommerce we hope what we want to do in Russia we want the helping Russia to build up the logistic system Russia is so big deliver things so difficult oh I cannot imagine I met some Russian girls two years ago I say do you use Aliexpress yes I say how long what about the speed of delivery they say it's great I said what a me but great she said only 45 days I mean greater is 45 minutes not 45 days now we reduce from 45 days to 15 days but that is not enough Russia should have a modern logistics system that it be able to deliver within 48 hours or 72 hours anywhere any place in Russia where you place order online we should get it within 72 hours and this should be using technology this is your opportunity young people because Russia logistics terrible and you have the chance if it registers good we have no chance we should a beautiful the lot of the payment online payment today in China the mobile phone payment so popular I went to see few weeks ago I saw some beggars on the street you are you back money they use zipper como by phone because people don't have pocket of money so we in Russia we should have built up a good payment system I'm payment system that every young people can receive money pay money at the lowest cost every young people should be able to reach financial assistance and we should build up Russia's odd Express we should build up a Russia alibaba.com this is what we want to do I'm okay weather are expressed someday in Russia no business but we should have loved rushing young people to develop its own logistic on e-commerce platform I'll put the payment platform we would love to join this force this is what we've been doing in the past two years but come to the Moscow University I have I have a personal and dream in past two years because I'm not a good at a mess but computer size big cloud computing the basic is by the math physics is about computing technology Moscow University I think you guys have the best of physics to scientist and mathematics so I would hope that Alibaba we just announced two weeks ago that we invested 15 billion u.s. dollars on building up a lab to solve the problem for future solve the problem for the world economy and social science so we hope that in Russia in Moscow we can build a lab that work with the young excellent mathematicians from Russia young physicist scientist from Russia we work together China Russia young people young scientists working together solve problem for future and I wanted an ask here our CTO of chief technology officer is coming to Moscow universe very soon and we want a high as many young people as possible joining you don't have to work in China if you don't like but if you love to work in China we are very happy you can work our office here and join together for cloud computing big data for the future and artificial intelligence and machine intelligence this is something we want to do in Russia and this is something we want to do together with Moscow University that with your talents here we have technology we have data we have consumers we have a little bit money you have talents we work together we can do something really big in this way we can make Alibaba the company of the century [Applause] like I would like to hear your thoughts on technology today many people are weary of it and especially about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and society what are your thoughts on this Jackie abortion facility special Nene initial technology Minogue is just biot-savart Cervino Steve Lee Anya is good to know in select an abortion mr. e options of Salim still do internet a shot don't worry about the future all right don't worry about technology let me tell you one thing when you worry about the future that is because you are lack of confidence you lack of imagination we don't have I may not have the solution for future but there is a solution for future we don't have the solution for future but our young people have a solution for future I find in this world young people don't worry about the future all the people worry for the future I found those six today's successful people they worry about the future let me tell you future is the opportunity for everybody especially the opportunity for young people because we have nothing to lose right this is what I tell myself 18 years ago 18 years ago we do not have money so can we have no money to lose we don't have a technology we have no technology to lose and then we say we believe 10 20 years later ecommerce internet will be powerful if we start to do now when a lot of success people successful people don't like technology don't like Internet we started doing 10 20 years later we will be the expert 1020 years later we'll be successful so I think don't worry about the future prepare for the future make your own future cloud computing Big Data artificial intelligence they are new to anybody you are successful new to you you are not successful new to you so what are you worried about second thing is don't worry about the things the other people worry about especially don't worry about the things president and Prime Minister worry about worry about things you worry about we everybody have too many things to worry about if you do not worry about yourself you worry too much about the world now today Alibaba should worry about the world you should not worry about the world president to put things are worried about the world you should not worry about the world you should worry about where you graduate how can you make a living how can you do something that is different how can do something that is fun interesting and helping others by the way don't believe that technology is going to take away human beings jobs technology is going to replace a lot of stupid jobs when the first technology revolution come the steam machine come people worry oh my god steam machines gonna take away a lot of jobs after 50 years the steam machine created more jobs where electricity comes a lot of companies worry about losing jobs but electricity created so many jobs artificial intelligence they will create more jobs the problem is next 20-30 years may lose create new zoology but this is shut period so we people have to learn how we can survive in the artificial intelligent period by the way why human being can wing machines machines they might be stronger than human being they might be smart to the human being they might be run faster than human being but they can never be as wise as human beings because human being we have belief we have a religion we have a heart which machine does not have so if you want to be ready for future please do not follow yesterday's way of learning and teaching do not try to memory things hard and more because computer can remember things hard and more than you do not try to calculate a faster because computer can calculate much faster than you do so try to be creative try to be innovative try to be constructive these are the things everything you learn you think about is this thing can make me more creative they this thing can be mud make me more innovative this thing can be making me more constructive let's do it and also I think when other people worry opportunity comes make them worry you should know nobody will and nobody can stop this technology revolution you worry it comes you don't worry it comes so what's the point of a worry so I said people say Jack have you ever cried in the past 18 years doing in turn in China I don't cry because I know cried does not make any sense does that helping me if cry can help me I will cry every day we should not a cry we shouldn't make competitors cry so think about be positive get ready for that if you people from Moscow University cannot solve the problem if you worry the whole world nineteen ninety nine percent of people have no future so don't worry about it be positive started do it and when people worry open the door see what are the worry but and they solve the problem that's what I think and we'll work together [Applause] Jack you're a great believer in young people as I see and you spend so much time with students and with young country premiers what advices maybe some more you can give to all of us Jack we are in Vinnitsa melodic to za+ nagas vehemence us to gentleness melody me pretty much Selena Kakui show Sevilla to among Lebanon that yeah I love to be with young people first I'm still young and second is that when you are among young people you know you're young all the time and young people are the solutions for tomorrow young people are the solutions for all the worries young people if you stay with them you will be full of energetic but the advice I give to the young people is there also the advice I give to myself that nothing is easy nothing is free if you want to be successful you have to pay the price I'll Eva by 18 years to today's size yeah we are lucky but we work much harder than most of the people will never sleep well and sound in the evening I travel last year 867 hours a year in the fulla plane in the plane I'm working hard my team working very hard 18 years we work like a normal company 70 years day and night nothing is free nothing is easy easy beings you have to think different you have to do the friend if you everybody if a John said this is right you for John why you so you have to think for example early days in my company where some ideas come to my desk Jack it's it's a great idea and I look at everybody everybody say it is a good idea a number if threw into the rubbish because everybody said is good then all the other people think if everybody say this is going to be very tough I'm very interested in that tough question and I pick up and say how can we do in a different way this is to be unique to be different and the third this is my advice and this is also I carry myself every day today is very tough tomorrow is more tougher the day of tomorrow is beautiful but most people die to more evening you have to work very hard every tough days every tough situations problems of meat that is the training of yourself when you graduate or your school graduate from the school you just to study your career of learning where you got a PhD diploma a bachelor to polymer this is just a certificate your parents pay the tuition for four years your real challenge is where you leave the college the real life stats the real exams that's the real test of stats that's life so one thing you are lucky as I said if students from Moscow University cannot survive 99.9 percent of people in the world cannot survive only you have this comfort you will be able to face the challenge our future thank you jack for all these stories for all these answers and now I will turn to the audience and you will have an ability to and time to ask your own questions and I'll appreciate if you formulate them on English but if you have some problems we have someone who can repeat and we will help you so who wants to be first okay can you can you tell us who are you your name and Bill it Law School my question is actually look at all rhetorical so in that time someone market is smoking in at times when market is more competitive than ever is it hard to keep being confident on yourself and your future okay so you from the large apartment the question is in the time the market is going to be more competitive how can you keep the confidence for the future right market is never easy in the early day just like doing business is never easy people say are doing business more difficult no never is a continuum it is more difficult the confidence is not the best way to do it is that find a good team find the people that share the same vision same dreams work with them the only thing you listen is you listen to group of people if you doing a company listen to customers if they are happy if they your customers are happy don't worry too much you still have competitive if your companies fear of your customers happy listener your colleagues your team are they confidence if they are confidence don't worry about it don't listen to a devisers lawyers I'm sorry don't listen to those people are you have no chance whether the market has chance or not custom tell you your colleagues tell you so nobody is the expert of future most of the experts are yesterday so for the future the best way you learn it is that you know the early days Alibaba had no money no revenue nobody pay us the revenue we got all the email of thanks from customers the customers sent us email Oh Alibaba you're so great you're helping me a lot but I don't have money to pay you fine we know one day they will pay if we really help them so the confidence is from the customers confidence is from your team and your competitors always try to destroy your companies if your competitors spend a lot of time destroy your confidence or confidence that means you're good thank you here's the guy oh can you please apostles to what you promised me all tomorrow it would establish new jet economy to ski jack my question is going to be a bit sophisticated well it is going to be regarding Russian delivery system that you inspired us to build up to build up a good one better than it is now however obviously we do not have this financial opportunity that your company has still we do not have a Libra delivery now well it is the first question second question it is obvious that as like as other spheres of production of goods and services in Russian economy is monopolized by government corporations what do you think of perspectives and efficiency in terms in terms of economic development of these current situations in the current market thank you thank you good questions the first question is will a bit of a logistic system but we don't have as much money as Alibaba so how can you be successful right tell me anybody has money for building of a logistic system I don't have money for beautiful I don't think Alibaba has the money to build up Russia logistic system cost billions billions billions of money nobody has the money back has the money they would not give you this is the opportunity you don't at first it's impossible to build up a sophisticate at the vast logistics them within one year takes about 10 15 12 years and you have to do little by little this is the challenge I got 9 year 2001 2002 peoples came to me see when we go for raising money people ask how can you be successful no internet in China enough no logistic no credit card no money no talents how can you be successful this question I'd be challenged year after year because everybody has no money that's the opportunity for entrepreneurs think creative every business start from tiny business we when we start Alibaba we try I go to a lot of I go to China Post I go to s Elysee say can you help us to deliver listen no no no no no you're too tiny too small we don't deliver so we went to the ancient premiers who wanted to deliver from their own village on city owned province so we're helping them today we helped 65 million packages per day in China we deliver them how many people working on that three million people working on that we never do ourself we do that a high three minute we help them to get the jobs so let me tell you 15 years ago China logistic system was sold bad China Post same speed like a Russia today nobody believed it'll work how can you work right fix China is also a big country the only things we have a better more population more people but we think it's opportunity the developed countries that logistic cost of the economy is today 12% of the GDP of the older cost country like China underdeveloped countries developing countries they like six 16% today because of the internet we are able to lower down to seven and six percent this depends on you it's your opportunity if you want to do it it's young if young people want to do it you will be it there's a chance don't talk to success with this world to convince in successful people is the most difficult thing we're not successful we say I want to deliver this thing for my city I don't think about the whole Russia just in my city you will win if you you say I want to build up a whole adjusted for a whole Russia you don't have a chance nobody will give you money because everybody working for same cities when you connect it's going to be big this is my advice Russia has chance you can learn a lot from Alibaba experience shuttin right so we are ours our packages deliver every day of our company alone bigger than whole you as a package whole country we made it happen in 10 years you also can make it happen right it's not about money when you do right way do proper if you do the right direction money will come if you a lot of people say if I have money I'm gonna do this I say you will never have money if you do these things you delicate you really want to do it I'd make progress money welcome this is the first question second is about monopoly yeah Russia I saw Moscow very beautiful this time much cleaner more traffic very time but I've never been to a lot of other cities I think Russia economy should be focused on more private business small business not purely will rely on the oil gasoline energy big SOE state on the business big private company we should have more entrepreneurs dynamic tiny small business and this is what we think this is the future of business model of 21st century I think if we have more small business every small business can exporting well by the way let me tell you people say our Russia newcomers a very developed Russia ecommerce today is a tiny infant baby less than baby your e-commerce put together less than 1% of the total Russia retail it's more like a 12 years ago China it's a huge opportunity but don't wait for the monopoly will do it don't wait for the SOE don't wait for the logistic ready don't wait for the back ready you should do before they are ready if everything is ready why they need you if everybody everything is ready you have no chance because everything is now ready you have the chance but get ready for the tough days no thank you girl with curly hair of course of course you will be next [Music] yeah first let me tell you that language is very important but you speak good English there's nothing you to global business right motor don't use I he made a speech here right Mazda does not speak English Nixon do not speak Chinese but this order to guy made a global deal China us you're working together it's the vision it's the belief that you have that change the world but let me tell you other thing language is so important they're helping me a lot because of artificial intelligence in the future you don't people say I don't need learn learn English or Russian or Japanese something a chip for Hirakud translator quickly no it's not about language it's about the culture when you learn the other language you start understand the other culture you start to appreciate respect the other culture when you appreciate respect the other culture you will be respected and appreciated by the others then you can work your together I learned my English by myself when I was child I never got one day English training class outside China but I think I understand the Western culture much more better than those Chinese students study outside because I'm not learning language I'm learning culture when you respect the other culture where you appreciate the other culture it's easy to make friends if you don't like the other culture you will never make friends if you don't have friends how can you do business so I would say language helped me a lot the most thing helped me is my respect for the different culture I wish I could speak Russian the more I come here the more I learn a lot I asked one of the Russian guy why you know rushing too tough and Chinese too gentle how can they mix together and he asked you a very good and he said Jack this country is so cold we have to be tough my CD Hanzo is so good weather so we don't have to be tough yeah so if you if you have to everything with a translator no good of course sometimes you have to write but if you can't understand a language that can communities II for you to communicate easy to understand and be understood thank you I hope I ask your question so let's ask this girl which I wanted to ask and then someone next please present yourself you know hello my name is marina Olson tech entrepreneur and I'm founder of Hydra which is a unique nano cosmetics brand for apparel and footwear that was developed here in Moscow State University so my question mr. mark before you created an Ali Baba all the small businesses in China all the small manufacturers they didn't have access to the global market and right now we have a similar problem in Russia but with an intellectual products not with manufactured goods not with commodities but with innovations with inventions like look at this audience like this is full of scientists and inventors and we have many more who have millions of like talented people in Russia who are developing a high-quality creative and innovative technologies but our local market is too small it cannot digest it and it's a huge waste in this such a shame that all these technologies are not serving to the humanism so my question is what would you advise us to do in order to give to a rational intellectual products access to the global markets all right new question a lot of people have a great technology inventions but they cannot do business Russia is too small market and the outside market there is no access so what how can do it partner with the others partner with a company like Ali Baba okay home so a lot of people if you are good at invention but you may not a good at marketing if you're good at marketing normally you're not a good animation so people need to work it together if you have a great invention a you are extremely fun and good at invention in creative technology must find good business people to partner and finally good so like me I know little about technology today I'm so happy we don't use PC the only thing I can use my PC and the send receive email and the brows I don't know how to use today I'm happy we all use a mobile phone I'm not a technology guy but I know if we if I want to if we want to realize our dream we must have the technology but if I don't know the technology we should invite the best engineers and science I work with them I listen to them nobody can do anything what you should do is always form a team I think it is very difficult to make a exact company like Alibaba again you can make a company better than Alibaba but it will be difficult to make exactly business model our model I will not say be great but it's very workable our model because of 18 years especially for the first 10 years nobody believed it everybody say Jack my stupid crazy to eat something that will never make money so the smart people rich people never be our competitors that gave us chance so finding good partner find good team and always focus on the things that you are good at focus on the things that you love and that is the record partnership by a say that I give you a device for those young people if you 20 to 30 years old please find a good boss not not necessary good company learn from the boss learn how to do it when you have 30 to 40 years old try to do something yourself if you really want to try when you are 40 to 50 years old do things that you are good at after 20 years of learning you should do something of good at when you are 50 to 60 years old spend a time supporting young people when you are sixth over 60 years old spend time with your grandchildren right that is normally a lot of people like that so when you are graduate were you just in the university don't think about I want resigned from the school and be another Bill Gates because Bill Gates left Harvard there's only one Bill Gates in the world where you graduate find a company most important find a good boss they can clean you discipline you and tell you what is good and right is more important a good company right of course a good company good boss even better and then continue your life it's all about a partner sure thank you [Applause] this guy in what yes you or your friend okay oh yeah yes and it will be the last question sorry unfortunately our time runs out [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you know I'll just repeat the question so everyone here I coach it yes so she said three weeks ago Alibaba launch team all in Russia and is wondering what opportunities there are for people in the room to contribute to to alibaba's team all team how will you and your team develop team all here in Russia thank you very much for this question I think Timo Russia is something that we're testing personally my wish is that Timo Russia can inspire as many young people as many interpreters as possible they can do the same thing we not necessarily want to make Timo Russia big I hope you understand my scene because we don't want Alibaba one day become the largest e-commerce company in Russia this is no visit not my dream this is not our dream we want by working on Timur Russia a lot of no house a lot of experience a lot of things we will learn from Russia market can share with people so more young people in Russia start to do things on e-commerce that is something that really want to do so we think that Alibaba on Express is something we want to do a better job on Express today is helping Chinese products on your Asia product to Russia the purpose is what we want is help you Russian products to the world this is what we want to do so we are very very happy that we gesture before I came here I would I was having a lunch with our team in Moscow we have about 100 colleagues here and I sat in 10 15 years we must have 5000 people in Russia that means we need at least four thousand nine hundred people this five thousand people is not to do II come because of five thousand people to e-commerce in Russia does not work five thousand people can support Russia SME to do e-commerce five thousand people can help logistic to better five thousand people can help payment better five thousand people came helping the SME promoted applause better so this is our thinking so many people keep on asking me Jack you know you are coming here conquer and occupy a whole Russia you're going to take away a lot of our business no no no this is not our purpose we're not Amazon we're Alibaba I mean I think does not mean we're better than Amazon we just have a different business model so we want having more talents from Russia joining Alibaba and we also have a lot of problems of translation for Aliexpress right people say have a funny translations which I'm sorry I don't understand but people say it's great we have a unique language capability but I hope that I hope more and more young people in Russia getting jobs because of e-commerce infrastructure finding jobs on the logistic but not logistic does not mean delivered logistic is smart logistic based on data technology and payment so this is something about how to join in Alibaba I'm very happy to hear that and we have office here and maybe I should write them ie you can course I read a might my email but my email [Applause] Thanks because I don't read an email you know why I think the world is getting so complicated by reading emails you write a long email which time she dry our email and then everybody remelt be efficient today mobile phone is much more efficient so but I leave email address of the of the contact so if you are interested in working with Alibaba joining Alibaba and thinking about physics - oh and computer or or math will be very happy and we will get email and contact you I might kill you why a yeah at table all right I will work so on board unfortunately our handwriting is terrible but can sell a lot of money Thank You mr. Chopra duplieren we move each thank you so much thank you everybody for all your questions and thank you jack for all your answers and all your stories but it's not the end Michelle speedy Goddess Parvati she just this way mr. Muslim stop CMO hotels bus forthwith subject last time it should be an average kakuta permit Raja sir you got whitish muslin she just was dealing selfie the tower service deal itself a partial festivities persuade mr. Victor nice tie or oily Shastras Grazia Jacobs do it Sofia well gotta go vital [Applause] yeah we should go be there yeah yeah yeah [Applause] let's select it and from there one more [Applause] thank you okay I guess this is it thank you