Jamaica Inn 1939 Full HD by Alfred Hitchcock with Maureen OHara Charles Laughton Robert Newton

[Music] [Music] so my [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] one time we came up with it um [Music] [Music] ah [Music] make sure no one is [Music] right chief yourself come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] just told you to make certain you're cool can't you use your eyes do you want a lot of us to swing [Music] [Music] i don't like it i don't like it at all that place gives me the creeps that place jamaica in it's got a bad name it's not healthy that's why there's queer things goes on there eh queer things i won't stop there not if she were to offer me double fare is jamaica in on this road yes how much further is jamaica in come on come on come on why are we going so fast what's happened boated it's jamaican but this is where i want to get out hi coachman why don't you stop i want to get out [Music] there [Music] myself silly you've taken me right past jamaica in turn around and take me back at once you better try squire pink ellen's instead they say he's partially young [Music] women i think i think we are a toast to the humphrey it's a humphrey hey what julia pen gallon thank you might have asked you to drink the health of his brand new majesty george the fourth i forgot in fact i haven't been on speaking terms for years with a fat fool you were much in his company at one time i think some frey yes and charlie fox and sheridan would be there with him in the pavilion at brighton in those days he was still a gentleman now he's nothing with a painted bag of mosquito and plum pudding lord george balsa madeira last summer we made a tour of the lakes which lake do you admire the most humphreys chadwick which lake did i admire the most windermere sir windermere it is very beautiful why not a toast to beauty to humphrey why not chat with my figurine i need inspiration to get oh well there's beauty but it's not alive more in life than half the people here look at him what if you want to see beauty alive chadwick ask him how long nancy is going to be nancy the most beautiful creature west of extreme you see lady best and that's why he stays here never comes to london anymore he keeps a girl here the monster then i would prefer not to make her quick no no i'm curious yes bye joe harry and pinkel here she is my exquisite nancy brought me in a hundred guineas yesterday you ran away with the badminton stupid chase over there chadwick what's that it's a woman's hair well don't argue with your women when i'm entertaining company i tell you the coachman left me stranded ask your master to lend me a let's have a look at that ringworm but you're trying to run in guinness exactly i'll take you would you oblige me by taking off a coat a moment why should i have a wager here always respect a waiter would you allow me joe next because it's shaped too idea you're a beauty ringwood you've won here she walks in beauty like the night the cloudless climbs and starry skies and all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes thank you sir but i didn't come for poetry but for a horse a horse be worthy of lord baron's poetry we shall have the horse my uh name is humphrey paint geller i've squared up pink ellen and uh justice of the peace i'm mary ellen from ireland and you're going there did you make it in did you make hearing you were you can't go there why not um sam this young lady wants to know why she can't go to jamaica and would you tell her oh very enough there miss no place for a young lady see even sam knows that no better stay yeah no of course not i've come all the way from ireland alone because i have nobody there now your parents i'm going to jamaica inn because my own patience is there what a lovely horse yeah could you um ryder yes of course i've been riding since i was a child you shall ride out to uh the inn thank you oh but i've got a box outside oh um i'll take the box and conductor myself to uh your relative sam settle the bay as well chadwick chadwick this is miss mary yellen who's uh going to jamaica end so she said i i i don't understand never understood anything chadwick so why are we surprised yourself now were you trying to understand this zealand is my friend she returns here at any time but miss her at once and see that she has everything she requires yes and uh give me my uh great coat and butler another scarf for this lady pardon me as uh cheddar come and have some hot bran there when i come back and you see that they've got a warming pan in the bed very good so hungry if you wait a moment miss i'll get the scarf but i really don't need it um so now if i can be very serviced please come on me remember i'm pink ellen this is pink allen land don't forget now no i won't good night uh miss uh yellen good night sir humphrey uh [Music] [Music] who's there what do you want does mrs patience merlin live here she might and she might not depending on your business i'm her niece from ireland you must have heard i'm coming to live with my aunt and uncle what what put that in your head who told you so way that's my business go and tell your master i'm here aren't you gonna give me a kiss first you'll you'll suffer for this one my uncle's told of it i have you turned out of here you'll see oh you wouldn't be hard on us ma'am you see your aunt had missed me get out of my way i correct entirely correct i'm your aunt's loving husband your great big uncle joss come on who's there there we are i'm patience very merry my sister's me you know me then i'm patient yes my dear yes you're so like your mother when i heard your voice at first i thought it was hers and then when i saw you i thought for the moment she said you were expecting her to stay no jobs no but i wrote to you telling you everything nothing came you wrote mary you're in black yes mother died three weeks ago today how did it happen she hadn't been well but she said she must leave her bed and work you know her mother was patience don't stand there yapping woman get the girl's box inside yes yes charles no no our patients let me easy easy your new uncle's very particular he's not the sort to let lovely ladies spoil themselves with rough work he knows different as joss lively with it patience my dear i'll take this in no i command it it just doesn't heavy mary truly it doesn't matter you want to be ashamed of yourself you're great oh i've had pretty women pay me compliments before stand clear there there oh man he's a little bit sorry tonight but bless you the best of us can't be sweet tempered on an empty belly fill it up for her oh yes i'll get her something to eat mary if you'll come with me i won't be a minute if you sit down and rest i'll set the table no no no no you'll be tired out here long journey i'm not where's the cloth and supper things over there in the middle drawer it's nothing only some late customers in the parlor they'll be going soon no doubt shut that gap keep it quiet you see boys we've got a visitor harry told us she's a neat piece of what i've seen of it very neat that's all you think of women vanities of the flesh following petticoats along the path to everlasting corruption salvation's off again uh you can laugh now but you'll see a difference you and when you're roasting in the consuming fire that's waiting for all of us where are you going harry you pay me respects she's not partial to your sword harry what about me and me new lace caps anything in mind that way yourself well i hadn't given the matter a thought but i might i said i might harry all right josh added to which he's my wife's niece from ireland why didn't you say that before my business harry my business i knew a girl once come from ireland talk funny she did like a foreigner but it was all right i'm not what you expected am i i was only a child when you went away on patience i can only just remember you that's all and what was i like then you were beautiful was i yes i suppose i was no doubt your mother's told you all about me you're thinking i'm paid out for leaving home for running away you know what well you're wrong joss has been a good husband to me there's nothing i'd change even if i could it's hard work and it's risky work it's work we'll rot in chains for one day all in a neat role and what do we get out of it next to nothing why a man sure don't come too enough to old body or soul together that last drake didn't bring him what it should have that's what i said that's what you said i know that's what sydney said so you've been yapping here no no mr merlin is just a minute joss i told him the last hall didn't fetch a quarter of what it should have done reckoning by our share of it maybe you're not getting the right price for the stuff maybe there's a leak somewhere [Music] you're looking thoughtful harry perhaps you'll give us the benefit of your sentiments if any about this leak i think the word is if you have a notion in your mind harry don't be bashful spit it out we'd be glad to listen i would know about that josh or perhaps i would supposing there is a leak and supposing it happens before the goods get to the end you follow me some absent-minded chap might mislay a piece or two in a manner of speaking on the way up from the wreck have you ever thought of that how long have you been with me harry a matter of five years josh salvation we've been lost souls together for two years and seven months just sydney almost two and a half years mr merlin dandy see now i was carrying on with a bit in pensanse around that time here she is amy that makes it four years joss are you well i'll tell them for you mr chatham has been with us the enormous time of two months eight weeks 56 days how's that for arithmetic what do you say to that mr turn joyce clear out just please hey what's wrong mary's just told me she came to the end with squad pingalan he asked why she was coming here and about us and see his magistrate i thought josh you don't think he's found out anything what's this about so humphrey eh how did you come to meet him why i called on him the coach took me a long way past here so i went to the house for help sir humphrey was very kind and most obliged he knows how to behave towards a woman he even lent me a horse to ride here one that won him 100 guineas in the county steeplechase okay we didn't get the all we hoped for tonight sir there was a full gale blowing down there and the ship broke clean into get a pair of scissors melon where did you leave this blood on why do you think we are conducting a slaughterhouse cut it off well there were so many of them come tumbling in it is probably hot butcher's works well what are they to live for for scum you were right to put them out of their misery look at this exclusive stuff worth the miserable lives of a hundred rum rotten sailors perfection of its own kind that's all that matters merlin whatever is perfect for its kind i transport all the riffraff in bristol to botany bay to save one beautiful woman a single headache something you don't understand never will because you're neither a philosopher nor a gentleman but you made sutton no survivors certain chosen and i'm sorry about that girl mary sir we didn't know she was coming but she'd be no arm i'll get away myself first thing in the morning give me a drink didn't expect you so soon sir before i put the light in the window man that fool just stared out in a night like this taking a bit of a risk wasn't it so humpty coming here before i got patients and the men out of the way and everything's at risk this girl mary not to that character my everyone oh you libra me sir i'll manage her just as i manage my patience will you look over the stuff secondly i don't see any resemblance your wife or maybe not but my patience is a bit of a beauty when i married her why i remember if this won't do melon it's not enough no sir that's not quite what we would look for better luck next time asa hopefully and we could do with it the men are getting a bit impatient like oh i can deal with them all right but they're asking where the money goes they say they want more what for rot their innards out sooner with a blu-ray and you sell them listen melin i want more i know what to do with money when i have it that's why i must have it do you understand i must have it yes sir anything more this week while the weather still holds perhaps tomorrow you'll know in time i've been thinking about your wife's niece matter seems a pity to bundle her off before she's seen anything of the country i've nothing against her stuffing provided of course she's kept out of the [Music] way take a supper upstairs now try and sleep dear you must be tired good night look at that oh you was right joss see that best part of 15 pounding gold what did i tell you you've got yourself in a pretty mess mr trahan what have you got to say give me a drink choking gives you a thirst thomas i'm sure you'll oblige the gentleman seems i'm a good guesser mr jahan how'd you get it safe you mean you've been selling stuff on the side i'm ashamed of you mr trevor that's what i am taking the bread out of the mouths of your pals there's your leak not true he's making fools of the ladder where do you think the stuff goes who gets rid of it do you think joss is in this by himself forgotten ask him ask him out the dirty thief yes for it all right ah he done us we do him what are we all waiting for [Music] here in the other room see if you can find me a nice beam about uh six foot two off the floor hold on i'll see if the women are out of the way don't want a lot of squawking it's a new chapter here they found this gold on him know anything about him well he came from some dives a couple of months ago recommended by a pal you can't just kick him out that's obvious he might talk the men want to sing him up tonight really that's a trifle uh full ball isn't it pistol oh no uh too naughty of course you uh wouldn't want to alarm your wife's niece hmm i suppose it's as good away as any right no need for you to go tell them i haven't finished talking to you howdy get on with it i'll be down in a minute conservation look sharp stand back today we don't want the golfers here this is privacy if you want the public hanging sid you won't have to wait long and you get a fine view of it from the best position inside the rope down you're not old enough yet what about josh he says to get it over is this the place area plenty of clearance anything worth doing i say is worth doing proper come on bring him over here let's make a quick job of it before he comes around i won't be a party to that thomas it's only been kind to me know nothing about your salvation it's no kindness to send a man into the next world on the words it's ethan that's what it is i say bring him round with the nip of spirits and give him a fair chance to meditate i don't like the thought of it somehow it's like doing it in cold blood come on he's heavy what do you say honey i say such a misforgotten male this birth of you at it again dandy grab grab grab all the time we'll spin a coin for them buckles when i say the word let's have a life [Music] all together foreign uh you've got to get out of here i'll be back in a minute please you must try quick oh please you must hurry right before just so there you are my dear been saying goodnight to patience yes i've been thinking things over she's a sweet pretty girl i said to myself with a lot of character it seems a pity to send her away before she's hardly seen anything of the county she can stay here i said just as long as she feels inclined josh he's been took by the angels well of course he's been talking i know that but alive josh alive maybe it was you you set that man free listen to me you must leave jamaica in now this minute you're here there you are that blasted girl i'll kill her how could you say go now before joss comes up where's that girl where is she you let her go thomas take this lamp look at the stables we'll be safe there for a while try the yard we'll have to get him if we stay out all night not a sign of either of them they've got clear any luck now well if we don't find him we'll swing for it like that harry yeah take a couple of men down to the coast here thomas get your brother any of our traps you can find in the village search the moors keep on looking what you're going to do just i'm going to take the bobbin turnpike all right [Music] it's very late sir she was a very charming girl chadwick i didn't mention it before sir but the butcher was here while you were at dinner he wants his account said remarkably unattractive occupation chadwick drearily dismembering carcass after caucus i suppose they must live sir rusty there's nearly 40 pounds going to the butcher 35 to the baker you see sir butcher baker butcher and baker bear you old numbskull well sorry chadwick doing your duty that's all master humphrey these artists of mine are quite inexcusable i don't think what comes over man by the way chadwick what happened to uh my grandfather i no need you to uh hang about chadwick go to bed how dare you come here to me haven't i told you a score of times yes but but trey hearns got away that girl set him free i couldn't help it while i was with you what have you uh done with her she's gone too oh uh a general exercise apparently you uh persuaded uh your wife to remain i hope the men are out looking for them now we're doing our best is that all you came here to say i'm sorry square but that chapter her knows too much if he was to inform against me and the others losing your head violin even if trahan lives to do any informing he'll do it here i'm the only justice in the neighborhood if you can't keep your wits about you would you kindly allow me to keep mine if i didn't you'd never see another wreck and the brains are out the body dies merlin and i needn't remind you that in this little organization you and your fellows are only the caucus the brains are here i'm sorry i was only trying to warn you you let me do the warning if you wanted them all fat pickings on the show you just bailed us and don't come here again get out get out [Music] oh uh hey look come back leave me alone you're not afraid of me you are well that's women save your life one minute fighting with her in the next yes i'm not a very pretty side at the moment but i don't bite you do you think i don't know how my aunt is frightened for her life but i don't know what you and the rest of you are doing it jamaican thieves smugglers cut roads for all i know and i'm not staying look harry here a very significant piece of plot somewhere came out of the cave suppose you ask your brother to take you for a nice row do you follow me huh huh i go too handy i saw it first no you cut back and tell joss everything's lovely go on run dandy you go get some rope this way i know what you've done ty's going out now but it'll be high water again before dark we can't stay here without that boat oh well we have to run for that's all soon as the ties learned trust me to land myself with a woman the other hand of course you did save my life i hope you make better use of it in the future well that's a tall order for a desperate character like me smuggler and a cat friend i think is it very likely do you think there's any hope for me tell me what all right to do anything you please well i used to be a sailor i could go back to see you i'm not in the least interested you must be don't forget you're responsible for i am not oh yes but for you i shouldn't be here at all you can't deny that so you see when we're safe and true or i should put myself entirely in your home please be quiet i'll cheer up we'll be there take the little book mr trion there's a beautiful him on page 13 while that guest store like rambling stand very comforting next time a pleasure so he says then some couple they make breaks me out to disturb him coming down will you send the lady up first or do you fancy the trip yourself ladies first i always say what can we do we know we're stuck must have seen the breakthrough just in case you'd like a bit of help mr jahan your old friend thomas is coming down to offer his arm anymore we're fond of company you'll get it all right there you clear it'll be a pleasure harry come on who's it to me be a belcher grab this slip it on the bitter rock quick do you hear that there's only one way out of this can you swim just to please you mr trahan so you won't feel lonely we're all three coming down please don't trouble with me i tell you i'll only be in the way it'll be hard enough for you getting away alone i'd be all right just stand harmony swim a little take off that dress what and just use quick but i can't do that take it off i can't all right then i will no you won't [Music] did we hand her over to joss come on that's the spirit you're doing fine that's funny first of all i've seen a woman swimming it's solid look you have been coming this way quick there's knocks hold on you all right oh darling good morning darling haven't had a taste of that slogan of yours this year now then i'm three pounds short squad penguin now darling i told you all right davis darling i want money just as you do i can't be squabbling going on nothing why are you uh three pounds shot that ladder mine he went down with a bad leg and it won't deal take him to dr mcintosh's bubbling give the doctor my compliment ask him to take a look at the leg pay the three pounds next time thank you squire give him a receipt davis what's your humphrey i want to see davis please remember this men's forefathers were farming paying gallon land when yours were hedged tinkers next where can we go which way we best snake to the turnpike wait what house is that over there squires you mean for humphrey yeah i know him i was there last night he'd be dad to help us come on good this is the fellow i mentioned sir humphrey bird kid a rank radical come to complain i want my rights you're right i don't listen to that sort of talk i have the law on my side you haven't i'm the law here in pengalin and you haven't been on your side and won't have while you take that turn next thing you'll be telling me you're as good as i am i'm a man same as you put that out of your head my friend before it lands you in the house not as good as i am and never will be nature was against it from the start and everything else has been against it since i'm a gentleman are you great have him run out davis um don't give him uh 24 hours if you please squire pink ellen why which isn't great for molly yes your honor it's my roof i've complained to mr davis about it but he takes no notice and it's leaking all the time now give her a new roof davis butcher humphrey i set a new roof she's my oldest tenant hmm while i'm here she'll be snug forget i'm the only man under the rank of marquez whoever gambled ten years at white's club and kept his estate out of the hands of the money lenders and while i have a roof she shall have one i must be come to the fire uh well tell them to go now davis some other time but you're positively a blue with cold iris what's happened where have you been swimming for our lives uh uh who uh who is this this is jim trahern we got away from jamaica in last night it's a horrible place i think it's nothing better than a den of smugglers they'd have murdered him there last night she saved my life sir this is extraordinary sir humphrey we need your help my aunt's still there if you only knew yes yes you must tell me the whole story but first of all we must find you some dry things or you'll catch it columbus is back take this young lady upstairs you see if you can find her something too well will you come this way liz could i speak to you for a moment please of course well uh we uh see what we can do thank you you're very i'll deal with you later most disastrous charters moving accidents by flood and field of hairbread escapes in the imminent deadly rate captain murray you'll send dinner i should like just a say you keep the best table in corners yeah i should hope so i got and you to rejoin my ship at falmouth this afternoon by the time you've finished your port and walnuts tonight i shall be sailing past the house yes you will so humphrey i must have a word with you well uh in private there's uh nothing you can tell me these gentlemen shouldn't know one of the gang of uh smugglers from jamaica smugglers there have you got any good brandies through this as a matter of fact i got a list out in here i kindly remember i'm a justice of the peace huh lester humphrey i think you'll be rather interested in these branches um uh gentlemen uh i think i must look into this matter private huh come along later i get bengal if you don't find something good for me i report you to the commission i placed some bread and beer for this person in the harness room have you now hmm a face and coat chicken with carrots see if you can find some clothes for mr trahern when i imagine you'd be a trifle generous one of lord george's who'd been near the mark this gentleman yes will you hurry hurry mr humphrey i guess i must apologize because i have the least idea who you were what you wanted as a stiff glass of badly huh so you're feathers and dry clouds five minutes awfully blind suits that's all come in i think i better explain that i held the rank of lieutenant and his majesty's royal navy i was succumbed to duty from a home office i'm afraid i've been in some pains to conceal my identity no doubt with a good reason though i still haven't the least notion what it's all about but swallows and brandon before you tell me you know i've always had a great admiration for the service i knew collingwood well fine fella all fine fellas a trifle desiccated perhaps one can't have everything well now what is all this business uh smuggling no it's much worse than that breaking deliberate organized wrecking good heavens not here though yes along this coast always had wrecks here you know a very dangerous coast lloyd's discovered that these wrecks had one curious feature in common indeed drink that up i think i'll join you with a brand it has been uh quite a an eventful morning what uh had these uh wrecks in common there were never any survivors what you tell me is true it's the most dreadful thing i've ever heard we heard of rex down here of course no it is consulted with the home office they became convinced that these wreckers received accurate information of the movements and cargos of ships passing this captain murray wishes to say goodbye to you sir would you excuse me just going so humphrey enjoyed myself immensely on the word so you're a prince goodbye captain bon voyage huh coming back again so i'm coming again i shall be thinking of you out there in this wind i'm sitting over my port tonight huh all right charlie girl well mr jahan then kindly uh continue my research took me to jamaica in the landlord merlin is the ringleader that wreck last night was carried out by his men you were actually there no thank heaven i was still on probation i helped carry the goods up afterwards have you um have you reported all this to your superiors i'm after bigger fry than joss melin i don't follow you um you were said uh he was the wrinkly at jamaica in yes but he gets his orders from outside his information comes from outside his thinking's done for him outside by home i don't know merlin's own wife doesn't know the gang don't even know but that's the man we've got to find yes justice call them in for the night there's to be another wreck but they won't know where until they get information from their real leader and in order to give them that information he'll be going to the internet we must get there first no sir we can't do that single-handed if i could borrow one of your horses i'll write for help to the nearest garrison yes but that'll take time we i mustn't let this follow stripped our fingers how's this you and i will go to the end at once my groom can take a message to the garrison at churro for you well i'll take some of those uh you say uh merlin's riffraff won't be there till later i fancy we too can hold the fault to the military camera i'm game if you are sir excellent actually this is positively exciting huh come in can make your money in your life closer i have not told lord john who's the commander um captain uh boiler irishman i believe good fellow in a pinch i'll write him a note nobody i fellow i'll do that you get into lord george's [ __ ] if you can that israel to uh captain uh boyle um officer commanding contad trump what should i um say to him you uh know uh this kind of thing your help is needed your uh help help us is uh needed actually give your immediate attention i have with me an officer of the law james strahan wanted to investigate a number of shipwrecks contrived by the record on this coast got that all right he reports that the wreckers have their headquarters a jamaican pin gallon and has enough evidence to hang the landlord and his accomplices miraculous fit you put lord george in the shade huh i i better get you a hat but [Applause] [Music] i i i we we we must leave it once the girl miss yelling she must know about this oh no no no that must wait um poor thing evidently devoted to her relative but i had no choice i couldn't tell her the truth oh i chadwick i will tell have i want him at once where is he in the kitchen sir sam uh you better have a warm clothe you'll need it in this one chadwick will you get time mr trahern the blue cloak uh not the one with the astrocan color get him a hat and uh will you get me my cloak in half hmm oh well he was ham now sorry for as fast as you can deliver that to captain boyle at militia headquarters captains yes and uh would you gallop all the way in very good sir and uh would you be uh good enough to tell robins i want my coaches once yes come along oh thank you so much uh would you tell mrs black um to look after the young lady and if she could persuade her to get a little sleeper so much the better thank you so much and will you make my excuses for me will you and uh kevin or george i'll be back for dinner yes oh thank you so much well uh my coach isn't it uh ready young lady came round the beckham took it sir she said you would order it for her sir okay we got this quick with you you must come away with me now while there's time what's happened that man i cut down gemtrehern was a law officer no no he's on his way here now with sir humphrey they've sent a trudeau for help choice quick i must change this dress get your things together before they come must tell joyce there's no time i tell you i'll not leave without joss don't you understand they know the truth and i'm patience so do i this is your last chance to be free of him your last child no he's a wrecker a murderer but he's my husband oh mary you don't understand you don't know him josh she's come here to warn us we must get away where's that fella where's jahan josh they're coming for you trevor's a law officer just becomes [Music] keep quiet don't think i need to tell you why i'm here with this officer melon rather fancy you'll be able to guess as a magistrate i demand the right to search your premises perhaps you'll show us round mr miller all clear and there's a country so you're here how quick of you mr truhan but of course laughter has wasted very little time i'm sorry come here if you please mrs marilyn but she's had nothing to do with this i sincerely hope not why couldn't you be honest with me why didn't you tell me who you were so you could have warned your aunt as you try to just now and why not she's innocent you needn't be afraid she'll run away i've tried but nothing in this world will drive her away from joss if that is the case perhaps mrs merlin would mix us something to drive out the cold what would you like to hear hot banded for me it would be so kind up the stairs just go on get up i'm sorry about this believe me but try not to worry we do our best i'm patience you've known about joss all along i love him you can't help being what they are just can't i can't there's nothing to be done you could leave him even now you could leave him mary go and put the kettle on the fire while i get the brandy this is where he comes in up these stone steps you're expecting a visitor aren't you joss it comes to one of these rooms uncertainty i've tried that door but it's locked give me the key you may as well i'll break that door down don't be a full melon give him the key gone get in what did you say melanie i say it's never used no then why is that firelight go right for george friends apparently expected very soon due to consideration of the fellow i'd like a good fire well then here's something what did you make of it there's blood on silk we got soaked from last night's rake you see he was here last night foolish obviously overlook this joss and might even say carlos see that's a hundred there'll be many others too unusual place behind the curtain signal would you open the door at the end of the message certainly thank you you joss who is it who comes here would you like to know i'll tell you santa claus every christmas will make things a lot easier for you to tell me you don't plan these wrecks joss who does you'll find out mr law officer left the door open what about the women better bring them up don't you think right i'll get them watch it you might fetch my teddy up while you're about it right still blowing our desert take your orders another rick tonight captain murray would like to have dined with me he dislikes the food on shipboard you know he was particularly modified at having to sail past here at dinnertime which means that's the uh barnard's head and a clock all that about yes sir what are they carrying sir among other things gold must make quite certain merlin because i need the money very particularly [Music] if the wind drops after i'm in a different seller what i'm going to take a little holiday i advise you to do the same why what's happening nothing nothing yet but the authorities sent mr hand down into cornwall you see they suspect i shall come back when it's blown over there is the last one the uh last of this series i shall catch the falmouth packet uh tonight for some alone i should go back on the way to have the golden valuables ready for me they're uh extremely fond of such things in france what about rehearn when will your men be here if this is what saving your life has brought us all do i wish to heaven i'd let you you don't think i'm enjoying this wow is anything wrong oh no our friend made one of his very elementary jokes well i think we're ready for him i've locked the women in their bedroom that door's open and the lights in the window everything in fact except the man himself your groom left for true just before us and i'm a quarter there and back which means captain boyle should be here within the next 10 minutes you see that joss at your last chance there's only one way you might save your skin name the man and tell the whole story it reminds me i took the precaution of bringing this bond for the fellow's apprehension of course his name will have to be filled in later when we know it like to write it in for us just what are you waiting for you've taken all the risks so far you and harry and salvation and the rest he saw to that and what have you got out of it the bear pickings have you thought of that merlin you have a chance to break free of him for good you could turn king's evidence why don't you just do you think he'd hesitate in your shoes no a man like that to save his own skin first i think so he'd sacrifice anybody you seem to have a very clear picture of him tell me what sort of a fella do you think he really is this man deliberately plans not only the wrecking of ships but the cold-blooded slaughter of any who survived the wreck he remains aloof content to hire the scum of the coast to do his murderous work for him thinking there's no blood on his own hands but there is having helped him there's blood on that man's very soul i'd like to break a minute watch him i'll go down and tell them to surround the place in the lineup with you the word we don't want them on view here got somebody with him get out of the back you too see nobody gets outside i'm just a minute too late i'm watching the back there's no other way what can we are you up there josh josh that's right harry are respected justice of the peace brought here by your pal mr tahern who forgot to tell you he's a law officer what's that what do you think they came here to hang us over the wreck we'll make a real job of it this time come on hold on we got to go careful harry what's the matter we don't want how much respected justice of the peace found here dead people might talk he won't be found but he might be missed maybe they knew he was coming here we've got to finish him john surely we have but that takes a little thinking over and there's no time for that now you see we're doing another wreck tonight nine o'clock we'll fix them when we come back uh get a couple of ropes there no i'll do him it'll be a pleasure do you think i came here just for you your fools i told you before there's somebody behind us josh knows it if you wait here long enough you'll see him he's coming here tonight oh shut your gun playing for time are you you'd like to see us miss that wreck we're doing tonight wouldn't you well we wouldn't miss it for world see just finished trusting his worship let's make him nicer snug and while we're away we've got to think of a nice little accident for you now what would you worship fancy a choice coach over the clips or perhaps you'd soon be caught by the tide with our friend gem here on a nice comfortable cozy part of the beach that's it in death they shall not be divided i warn you all of you if you lay a finger on either of us you'll pay for it you know it'll come to you you'll end swinging in the wind as execution dock with a coat of tar to keep the weather out you're time we went well who's going to stay with them we can't leave him here without somebody what about salvation he can talk to mr trihan about eternity him not me we'll lead all hands down on the shore patients will watch him run upstairs and fetch the women they're locked in the bedroom i'm sorry to see you here with it penn hill i told you and you were up before me for perching last year you were falling amongst evil companions you say i was right you should have listened to me my boy well it looks as though your wish is going to come true you might just as well have left me the way you find me what's she doing here josh why you came here to warn us harry well that sounds some of what i must say she started the whole thing i don't see i look after her harry i got a nice job for your patience my dear take this and watch the two gentlemen but you can't leave a woman in charge josh i tell you i'll leave a lot of you down at the beach they're well tight aren't they besides this will be all the better for a finger that's nervous like on the trigger i shouldn't move your worship bearing that in mind you wouldn't like your suit spoiled with a bullet hole i'm sure don't be frightened my dear you'll have no call to use it most likely come on look lively now patient you can't let this happen you can't leave them like that you're coming along with us take your hands off josh you can't take it to the wreck joss oh of course not mr trihan i'm gonna leave her behind to cut you loose for the second time in 24 hours come on now helen will answer to me for her safety here's your worship what's happened to the military where the devil they got something must have delayed them should only come there might be a chance to save the wreck that'd be difficult you know we don't know where it's going to be hopefully i'll tell you something a man came here but he left before us how do you mean he must have done otherwise just wouldn't have known about the wreck i warned you mr smelly and if captain ball will find you like that nothing will save you which is very annoying i told chad we got you back for dinner uh mrs merlin i wonder if that pistols loaded probably or inexperienced in these things would you like me to have a look at it that's no good so that'll never work very well mrs merlin see if it's properly primed i'm afraid you're not fully converted to the real effect of the situation i know your husband better than you do i think he would no more have loaded that pistol than he would have left me helpless quite absurd as i thought now mrs mellon i've always admired your devotion to your husband the woman shall cleave the man even if the man is our friend josh admirable now if this officer should escape the husband will pay for it with his life so i needn't stress the importance of the task i'm giving you there watch him jose it was the slightest chance of him getting free don't hesitate to shoot him just give him pressure on the trigger mrs murray on the trigger and all will be well no you've forgotten one thing penguin on the note i said to captain boyle to steal the military to reckon with there is no captain boyle in consequence there'll be no military mrs melon you gotta let me go quick please don't move oh [Music] i never see anything off with you done would you like me to bring you back a nice ring not including the finger if you follow me hold on set me free innocent men and women are going to die and you'll be responsible love your husband i know that and i know it's my duty to take him if i can but the men on that ship have wives too think of that think of yourself if joss was on board that ship sailing down from falmouth from the gale somewhere on the shore a beacon is going out can you see the rest the ship shattering and striking her men spread out in the yards like flies clinging to the rigging screaming at the sight of the surf and after the wreck the wolves that's why you must let me go that's why you must tell me where that wreck is i can't i can't i don't know i tell you i'm never known this is really let me go now and i'll find out where it is there's hardly time i can't what will happen to joss you must make a choice the lives of those men and of other men in the future are the life of joss after all joss is only one man yes but he's my man mrs manning supposing i allow your husband hey [Music] where's the nearest military gas bodmin i want your coach give me those reigns in the name of the law here's my one there she is [Music] this [Music] [Applause] um all right oh okay all right josh you leave it to us we'll manage very nicely thank you i'm sure you'll agree i need this call for my attention this is what i come into my own i like all get that and i'm glad i don't care what happened uh chadwick i don't know how long my business will take me i may be away for some weeks i think that'll be all good sir humphreys what is it uh sam i couldn't deliver this new sir the regiment left tudor for badminton three weeks ago and nobody's heard of any captain boyle sword man uh should i try bottoming so uh no no it's of no importance i think that'll be all ted rick i can't give you my address in france sir what well uh uh chadwicker you will pardon the liberty you're not ill ill chadwick younger taking a beautiful uh young girl with me on their travels huh yes is there anything more beautiful don't stand there with that look in your eyes sam sir uh keep the man and bae in good condition and uh watch chadwick his mind's going i don't just know drive one mr chadwick he's um i've seen that coming along for years just what happened justice hurt carefully the men came for me and just saved me just just patience patience my dear you're all right jaws i'm taking care of you you're a good girl patience i'm sorry where's jim on patience he's not i set him free he went from ring mary he promised me that just escaped you know what that means we can leave here we can leave here together joss and i you must help me mary we must go quickly while we can mary will begin again think of it to be able to live without fear among different people who don't nurse yes it should be like those first days in badminton just was different then he's strong some get better won't he of course in the moment when he's recovered until we must move him we can't wait just mustn't be here when when he comes back who oh mary i haven't told you i didn't know myself until tonight but i've always known joss wasn't his own master there's someone else married someone who planned the wrecks and had trust in his power tonight i found out who married yes yes ugh a good clean shot wasn't it i'm sorry poor creature she has suffered so much i was forced to do it you see she was going to tell you about me i didn't like that i wanted to tell you myself so you stopped the wreck pity i was counting on it you're a very brave young lady but you've made my position very difficult please don't scream like that i should have to put this handkerchief in your mouth you must tell me if that hurts of course you cut how silly of me put your hands down put your hands down i shall have to tie them up too this will prevent the cord from cutting your wrists you see you're quite alone now you have no one else in the world except myself so i'm uh going to take care of you uh in fact uh we're going uh away together we uh should be going now uh to hearn may come back you would better put uh this on it's wise to wrap up well well this cold wind's blowing i'm always telling people they can't be too careful but they think they know better and uh you were wouldn't want people to see you like that would you i'm glad you're quiet now i come along my coach is not far away we must hurry you must hurry come on no you shouldn't have done that to just hi if you ask me it said time we moved on what are you all standing there for get out don't keep together scattered now where's that girl it's a question come on now where is she tell me take it calm now take it calm you're going to be disappointed mr trahern she's gone and found herself another gentleman i just see this leaking off alone with his worship squad we've got to find him captain we better have half a dozen men so i don't i want six men to ride with mr myself i don't like it i don't like it at all it was breaking that that bit of looking glasses did it i told you seven years bad luck no darling i'm all in seven days not counting eternity what do they do what's going to happen to us no it will be a proper public execution with the women watching i'll make them sit up i'm ready ready that's unbelievable better time up why are you doing that why can't i be chained stop stop i want to be trained like the others listen to me i've got a right to be i'm the same as them i've done what they've done haven't i i want to hang with them they'll hang me i don't want to hang i don't want to die not yet i'm only a boy i'm only 17. you won't let them will you i only did what i was told i never killed anybody i never even went near the wrecks so you can't hang me you must you're down because i don't want you to die [Music] there's my house juicy across the berm pink gallons have been there a long time i may never see it again because you see we may never be able to come back you may be going a long way you know there are the sun of course actually perhaps the isles of greece you're thinking uh that'll cost but i am the dab i have enough and must have enough i always knew that to live like a gentleman spaciously and with elegance i must have money and a few beautiful possessions of course like you my dad where's humphrey so humphrey has gone away on business sir where may i answer an answer so humphrey is taking the helm of nightback it doesn't matter i say what's this what's you good heavens my suit these gentlemen are inquiring bossa humphreys what do you want for something wrong the humper's the head of a band of wreckers who are under arrest to make [Music] oh [Music] miserable hoe the best they've got old traveler though i'll make you comfortable never really cared for wrecking after all uh not my kind of thing hobnobbing with cutthroats would have to be done half my friends have been like poppers but i'm living like a prince drowned out hundreds of sailors to do it and i'll make a princess out of you i believe you're sorry because you're not marrying some poof father on you uh a dozen sniveling dirty nose breaths any uh man of sensibility would rather see you dead first [Applause] [Music] in paris you'll have your woman to attend you and i'll see your new clothes myself hmm yes i'll dress you my dialogue and we put silk next to that smooth skin of yours pale green silk i think stop crying stop it you little fool be beautiful don't hide his nails if you like but you must be beautiful but you have to be hard now the age of chivalry is gone the glory of europe [Music] back to the keysight they are maybe coming for you of course you can't go with them i've done that my child must refrain things might be oops oh captain johnson i'm here to help you go up give yourself up my beg use the humphrey and let her go say uh keep your just careful wing him if possible take care lean away from him as far as you can no no don't shoot he can't help himself he doesn't know what he's mad i tell you man please be still [Music] heavens what's the squad doing up there come down to humphrey and give yourself up you'll not be hard i promise you come downtown i shall be down to you before you're up to me mr jahan if you'll be kind enough to give me ropes what are you all waiting for a spectacle you shall have it and tell your children how the great age ended make way for penguin shaken [Music] you