Japan Fanclub 200623 BTS RADIO Its morning Gather around everyone 1

ENG SUBS BY :[email protected] RM: Good Morning ARMY. This is RM JH: J-Hope! JK: Jungkook! Together: Everyone assemble! It's morning! I'm RM I'm JK I'm J-Hope RM: In this segment we'll become radio DJs, so as to spend, an enjoyable morning with ARMY, we will be doing various challenges. JH: Challenge yo! Let's get it! RM: Do you often listen to the radio? JH: Yes I do. JK: I listen to stuff like the music radio. JH: Even I listen to the radio frequently. RM:I see JH:But I don't really remember what kind of radio I listen to. RM: you can listen to this one JH:OK! JH: Okay! First of all, we'll explain the title of our radio program. JH: "あさだよみんな集合/asa dayo minna shuugou/it's morning everyone gather around. JH: What do you understand by that? JH: It's morning! JK:Wake Up! JH: It's morning! . Like we are saying everyone gather around! It's morning ! JK: Kind of like saying everyone! assemble! RM: So I'll begin the first segment of gather around, it's morning. The first corner is original logo design! [CAPTION: ORIGINAL LOGO DESIGN] (T/N: they have to create/draw a logo for the radio program and it'll be used for the opening sequence of the next radio show) RM: We'll then let's draw a logo. RM: Since all three of us are drawing, RM: I'll be drawing the, RM: "it's morning" part here. RM: JK can do the "everyone" part. RM: and JH can do the "gather around" part? JH: I got the difficult part didn't I? RM:That's why I am entrusting it to J-Hope. JH:But before that there's an important point to make , JH: The words are "It's morning''("asa" in jpn) and "Everyone" ("minna" in jpn) right? JH: If you look at the first letters "a"(あ)and "mi"(み) it becomes ARMY. Let's make use of this point. JK: *sings* Morning~~ RM: Let's go with the colours of the traffic light! JK: Next is green then. RM:That's...not it. JK: You'll use a different colour? RM: I'll use the colour for (indicating) U-Turn . I'll go with Black JK: Looks good JK: Huh? It's a little different JH: Huh? RM-san? JK: You write よ(yo) like this JH: [CAPTION: speaking up in the middle] But you still did good RM: Okay next JK will write "minna"/みんな(everyone) HS: JK do you want to write "gather around"/shuugou (集合)? I am not sure if I'll be able to write it well. JK: J-Hope, you'll be fine! RM: That'll be interesting as well J-Hope-san JK: I'll be making sure to emphasize J-Hope's point as well. HS: Please do. JK: I'll highlight (bold) the ”あ”(a) and ”み”(mi) JK: Just like this JH: That's good! RM: He gave a bold-face effect. RM: Let's go with blue, after red it's definitely blue. JK: True that RM: As expected JK. It'll be good if JK did the whole thing JH: That way, it'll be a high quality logo. JK: What colour should the next one be? JK: Let's go with a blue ocean feel. JK: With something blue/green-ish base. RM: *sings* It's morning~~ everyone gather around~~ JK:Huh? RM: Oh no. RM: What happened there? JK: The decor's fine, everyone! JH: What? JH: How? JH: The "a" (あ )and the "mi" (み) are now lost. (T/N: JK wrote in such a way that the "ami" became "amina") JK: If you decorate it like this. RM: That's artistic. RM: The drawing here looks like the wind is blowing , I can also see waves. JH: If you don't fix the "mi" (み) a little, JH: Since it's "Army". JH: You can do it! RM: You can do it! JK: I can do it! JH: Isn't it good? RM: It's good! Next is " gather around" shuugou"(集合) JH: What should I do? What colour should I use? RM: The position of the letters is...? JH: I'm making a point here. RM: Seems like that JH: Next one, I'll do it in a different colour... RM: The "gou" (合)in shuugou(集合) /gather. RM: An exclamation mark. JH: I'll use purple for the exclamation mark. RM: Nice one. JK: I see, okay. JH: If you don't add a point here then, JH: You're getting my point right? RM: It looks like an elementary school student's summer holiday homework.(LOL) JH: Doesn't it look good? JK: It looks cute. RM: It's complete. JK: This will actually be used for the opening right? (LOL) RM: Shall we do the title call together? Together: Gather around everyone! It's morning! RM: This is a multi-coloured tinted charming logo. JH: That's right. JK: Colourful! RM: True JH: It's rich in colour RM: If you look at this it has all the colours of rainbow in it. JH: Yeah. JK: It doesn't have orange though JH: No orange here JK: I want orange there JH: Let's draw an orange coloured heart then. RM: Nice! RM: This is certainly a rainbow logo, RM: Well then everyone, we'll show you various, RM: Contents on our radio show, RM: So please look forward to it. RM: Let's meet in the next segment/corner! [CAPTION: LOOK FORWARD TO THE NEXT ONE!] [SUBS: [email protected] DO NOT TAKE OUT/POST WITHOUT CREDIT]