Jeezy Speaks On Thug Motivation Legacy Leaving Def Jam Fashion Flubs More

Breakfast Club morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building yes sir GZ what up doe welcome back come on man back home baby legend of the Snowman yes sir I'm ready what's the expectations for you when you put together these Thug Motivation project because these are these are special projects yeah I meant for me it's just like just making sure I'm in pocket and it's a real body of work no I'm saying I kind of figured a game out nods like you can't put her a single out you know saying cuz everybody's a hoss so she's got to put the body of work out and just hope he would say it's like a self-help book if you can't take a chapter and put it out cuz then I might not be the chapter they want and I'm saying so let me just like doing the body's work as a whole and knowing that when people listen to it from beginning to end they'll know you put your time effort into it so supported a liquor company first of all mr. Forbes listed me because you've started talking like that I know but for me man it was like um you know just wanting things where like you know I'll do music but I also wanna do you know business like I'm I'm passionate about that cuz I understand it just coming from the block and learning how to get money that's somebody drives me and it's like if anybody know anything about life is like when you come stag me and you're just doing the same thing you know I'm saying it kind of like it take away from who you are so it's like for me like I'm a line like I got to be in the jungle I can't just being like studio you got Boyd you got bored over vacation just chillin yeah you know the boats got to be and by the way everybody I know that really like successful and build these companies and sell them they can't just go sit on a beach somewhere they gotta gotta get back to the money build another company sell it again where's the best place you've been on vacation we say this way you gotta go man Europe I just love Europe period may just is just the food's different airs different the moon's different it's different I took one of my homies last time I went he never bid he's from you know he's straight from the hood but just to see the look on his face you know just see how life is just so different you know I'm saying just they lived through him because I've been there a couple of times I mean just it was real surreal have you ever cried somewhere have you ever been somewhere but like god damn I'm really not auntie Porsha no more selling Network yeah man no I'm not yet I guess I ain't been there yeah yeah I mean but I've I've been in situations where I've sat back and realize how blessed I am mm-hmm yeah I've been there when the last time you felt that feeling to gratitude on man like maybe a couple days I was on my flight and I was listening to the album just kind of listening to the mixes and stuff you know I'm listening to the intro track the entrepreneur that's all yeah entrepreneurial entrepreneur yeah you know I don't know it just kind of really brought back memories because I'm I'm telling the story about then I'm just like damn and I really went through that but you know I'm still out here on my grind but at the same time it just really like took me back in that that memory laying I'm like then I just remember those hard times or going through all this stuff and it's just like overcoming it it's just like sometimes you gonna pat yourself on the back enough I'm overcoming things because you're so in real time I talked to Tim about it all the times like we we accumulate so much and we're so successful in so many different ways we're gonna take the time to look at the last accomplishment we diggersby on to the next thing I thought your favorite owner now dr. Bob no nah man actually I love don't make me I love the the John Legend song about my mother mm-hmm that was deep I can't you know I don't even listen to that one by the way so it's like when I wrote it I listened to it and he mix it I was done with it but I got a definite can't touch that well so I Drive but I mean cuz you know my mother she's got a situation so she's not healthy right now and it's just like that record basically describes she's the real MVP and it's like um uh when I jumped off the porch I took a lot of my time trying to you know come up and take care everybody and I ain't really take the time to be a son and it's just like now she's not well so it's just like I when I see people take me mother's on tour vacation doing things this is like damn you know I gotta go see my mother in this place and you know it hurt because it's like I missed all that time it's like I can't get none of it back and it's like I didn't get none but some money you know I'm saying so I didn't really gain much and I don't know I lost my mom but like I think every day for like giving me like morals teach me what integrity was and how to be a man just like she she don't really get a chance to see me in that light but it's like his mom I'm of age and I have grew up so I ain't really with the you know but it's just like she ain't here to see that you changed that for your kids now because it could be the same with your kids you work so much yeah it's small nah man it's cool I mean you know it's crazy man I really been taking a lot of time like you know just to enjoy the people around me for real man like it really like cherish that I have real friends I got friends I hit now I just have to hit him about it blue like you good straight you know I might send them books you know passes motivational quotes because this is like you know they your people they all the time out of it you like you're something yeah good just checking up on you good I appreciate this is also allegedly the last album Oh technically allegedly you got an X on the main what we gonna do when we need you to go in there I'm is definitely my last album on Def Jam definitely the last thug motivation installment and that's why I check it back to the legend of because I want to take it back to where it started in one man now and now you can tell those stories story yeah those stories that the statute of limitations yeah yeah and it's crazy too because you know you know maybe not everybody would understand them but I'm just saying you should sprinkle those names and those pockets of people who understand what it is it's gonna it's gonna light them up because they're gonna be like damn you didn't forget you know I'm saying cuz like you know you get big and you got you're moving the world it's like you kind of know people think you forget about them or what happened I wouldn't visit my people other days like you know you remember we tried to go rob the number lady cuz we went to try to rob a number lady then was next to his house and she pulled out a big big 57 we all ran and it was funny at the time but that was like 10 15 years ago but my man I was like yeah we try to rob her number the next things I know you remember that and I did you know because that's that's a big part of my life he probably don't see that because you know they see you on TV to see my tool so it should be real man you know like this album and this time just really taught me to appreciate people even like people I've met in the industry people I know personally know say you gotta take the time to nurture those relationships and when you come from where we come from you know you always on the defense you think somebody trying to get you but some people don't even need nothing from me they're just happy to know you even when you talk about your mom it's like yo when you was indiscreet you was doing things to protect and provide for your family so you didn't feel like that was enough it was y'all did that but I also played that game of um you know everybody that I know the end up going to prison that end up like telling on people going in not being solid and you know just not being a stand-up guys that people did love something so you know me I just kind of blocked them out on the love to saying like I just I did I provided for them but I I kind of kept the love to myself is like I don't want to get in the position where I got jammed up by here when I was in the streets that I'm a being a pen like you know fucking going through it cuz it's like you know that's real you know people really going into oh because they want to get home to their families you know I'm Xander they want to get home to their kids I was just like I kind of kept that solid because that's the only thing that kept me solid that's the wildest shit not allowing yourself the love they had to fuck up a lot of relationship oh no man listen bro I know in front like I'll be I'll be lying if I tell you every day I don't have to go back and rekindle shit and talk to people and just be even with people out in the industry because I'm not about ladies specifically oh yeah yeah it's all bad myself self love practice that first but it's bad you know because you don't trust nobody you know I hang a lot man took me like it took me some decades to trust people you know we're not even used to seeing you in pictures but women like oh he's dating her I wasn't even talking about that but even like me you know Solomon and be like you know over no time I've seen you on a different you know no lights and different you know places and different events and you just build a rapport people you know like when I used to come to events I just be on the defense I'm like you're obsessed like that it was my mentality but after a while you started realizing fabulous is never going over that's gonna be my friend forever like that you know you like you know I had my listening party last night you know Trey came through that's gonna be my god forever you know I'm sister everything I do got to be stand-up you know I saw um Davies last night you came through my god forever I want to saw Jalen Rose at the other John know Jalen from back in the day like Jaden's culture my career was to kick it but they're not so you got to always be a stand-up guy just nurture those relationships are your real people you know I'm saying so I had to learn that like later on so a lot of times they be like just making sure I'm good cuz you know what time I might come around might be cool come around I might be able to oh yeah is the most dangerous job in the world but the good thing that I pride myself on is just um really coming from the streets and just always having that guard up and it's like you know it's at a point where you know I got real discipline so it might be sometimes if I just feel like I'm out of my rock I stopped drinking for a whole year but nobody around me won't know that there's one watching everything they do if I'm say I'm taking notes you know what I was gonna say sometimes people always only hit you up because they need something so like people will hit you up every time they hit to you belie are they about to ask me for something no I know they wouldn't they do mm-hmm but I mean me me personally like you know I love to serve you know I'm saying I look to give back but you gotta know the difference between that and then somebody taking advantage of you to them cuz they think you got it you know I'm saying so that's a hard one because your family you love them you can always do things for them but then you know sometimes like this for the B it was like you know you need hey cups I was like but at the same time like you big bro were you because of you dissing and they send your lifestyle so it's like that's that's when I had even like going back to the already rich song with Cee Lo decided it really realized that like I was already reached like I had integrity had morals I had balance I I had dreams I had goals and it's like the money just come and I just bring more complications if I'm saying so it's like you're already rich if you can get somebody information it's so somebody so I had to learn when people are entitle you got to show them how to do certain things so they don't feel like they can just come call you a knock on your door every time he needs and by the way why is 5 grand a number that's because it can take oh look a cigarette no tick right we got to talk to a lawyer that's a business dude let me figure this that's the biggest thing even people I know they really got real money's like not gonna get a lovely I think 10,000 and above in the bank you always have to report that only we definitely ain't doing that but you know I hit you back well 5 grand 5 grand you know that's that's enough that you know that's enough to do a couple of things buy a couple outfits pay a couple of bills you know I got I got some funny movies hit me up we'd be like your father like you owe me your life anything like that that's like a life saver but they look at it like you got it yeah I see you in Ross making music together moral right y'all squashed that beef how did that conversation ever come along I mean like I don't think it seen this what people don't understand man like you know rap is like you if Steph Curry and LeBron got on the corn a play but it go play their hearts out right because you got to be competitive you know I'm saying it people took when I sit on the arm and the joint like I was trying to go at homee buddies like these are my like if somebody asks you about Shawn the mean you know more but y'all with each other every day right you know I'm saying so you're gonna pop your shits over me I was just really like popping my shit I didn't look at it like that but it's the industry so I can't expect the industry to understand how the streets work you know I'm saying so really and truly like when it got out of hand I could have reached out and being like yo man like it ain't it ain't eating that you know I'm saying but I ain't do that so I'll you know I gotta take that blame but me and homie and the same thing with him and that's what I came to and we said I was like y'all ain't even we ain't got no problem we're not about to argue about some other grown man I know we got you don't say we get to my money for that you know I'm saying so when we sat on chopped it up I was like there you know you know and I didn't really know Rawls person like that I just started realizing you know like I've always walked with his music but I didn't know him personally so as I started like picking a person things about about your home it really you know ecole we saw it so as we talked to just talked about different things you know music me coming to his party like that's what we're supposed to do with this point I'm saying we get money be successful like you know I got friends and I will go to their parties in the hood but that's it might be in the projects I make you know that's cool I want to go to my partner mansion to hear her say cuz I want him to come to my neo I'm saying cuz that's what we do and I want to put on some nice clothes and go kick it with some players so for me when and just when you get to a certain point of your life he and that's why I said about keeping those relationships because even with the younger cats coming up you know you do all these things to get out of the street and then you get in to a successful position and then you're just fuckin all up cuz you trying to prove a point you know I'm saying nobody goes to college to Harvard and Yale to go be for somebody at Harvard and Yale too it doesn't make sense zan so as you get older you just start understanding like no this is gonna be somebody that I might need and I learned that even dealing with puffs it's like I watch how puff workers relationships with people and he keep it solid to the point that people have no problem with doing something for them but if I could put something out tomorrow and Carl envy and be like yo I got a new car with Tesla they let me design the whole car I know you a car guy my relationship which he was good can I put in your next car show yeah my man I got you no problem that's a relationship yeah if you gonna ask you to get one by the way you going with the one-on-one you got a stoner grab by the way we gotta really talk about these cars you got doing Megan I don't know what you doing I told somebody the other day I was like man he was selling CBD before we lose those are the conversations that I love like me and Jeezy talk it's not about music is always about family and investing right whether you explaining something me or telling me how to do something more or vice versa but that's what the conversations need to be to help us about roots are not other relationships that you haven't mended that you would like to absolutely I work on it every day you know saying and I mean playing about they're like a car and I have to push myself plies called me the other day you know say it was like oh he's coming out of blue like you know what you're doing I was like chilling buddy going cribs get back in town it's like I just call you man just to reach out on won't none you know I'm just working on building you know and I say you know it's crazy I've been doing the same shit he's like I said I'll call you next I said I call you two weeks ago you know I think I said no nigga call me tomorrow if you need me but that just me but I just let me know and by the way we've been in contact since then so it ain't about what we get in our careers is about the fact that you know I know him we've been on tour we done records and it's like we don't know these relationships because he didn't answer today when you see these people out here these companies here when they go in the name networking at these these conventions and all the stuff they're building their portfolio they're taking care of families through their relationships I was just like if we're gonna do music they do music if we're gonna be gonna do real estate real estate but if it's not a problem you know what's the problem I can't create a problem with you because I feel like there's something that you had that I don't got oh I feel like I want to be you know just take the position of we beefing just because that's gonna bring more light to what I'm trying to do right if you're doing that did you I hate it I see you give a EP credit on on all your albums Shakir Stewart yeah why do you continue to do this i mr. Kidd changed my life man I'd be in a federal penitentiary right now without a shadow of a doubt if he didn't come in and show LA them what I was doing and then uh you know she kid just was always the sod to do he made me feel like a real artist you know I'm saying cuz at the time I was a street cat you know I'm saying like I just knew the streets so he would be the one in the studio yelling and doing the DJ Khaled for me before I knew Cali he would be the one they were telling me like yo dis records gonna be crazy he was the one that was said so survivors gonna be big he was the one that I don't know if I should say this it took my homeboy a little wheel off of our go get him put our Kelly on after I argued with him like I'm keeping my own me from the hood on this record and he's like we can't do that I got somebody I'm gonna put on there and he put our Kelly on the record he brought it back and he was more excited about it not was but that was a pivot like a pivotal moment in my career cuz it was like I didn't know no better I'm you know I'm just trying to keep it real with the people around me you know so he was the guy that was instrumental Dan he was actually you know he was the one that was telling it laying on jay-z know what I was doing because he was actually in Atlanta so he was seeing me in the streets you know putting on and you know spending my own money and campaigning and I remember him when I came to Def Jam I was trying to shoot videos for my mixtape and they wouldn't give me in the bridge so I went inside of myself and I'm in my when he shot getting money over here and tripod I was like me meets everybody down in Miami it was crazy and I was like okay to label don't give me no money I'm gonna spend my own money I just remembered secured like sneaking down there being a spy said tell la reader what I was doing he's dying shooting a video they got Lambos robbery there you dummy but he went back and told him and then they started opening up you know they helped me and do what I was doing because he told him I was spending my own money they didn't know that did the family give proceeds I would love to do that yeah but you know man shake my guy so if in his family ever need anything I'll be right there I don't I don't personally know his wife no I'm saying cuz I never met her like that because he was the type of guy who kept his job separate you know saying but you know we here why didn't you want our Kelly on the record cuz I cuz I could tell you I didn't like that yeah little about that I mean it's all kill us the Pied Piper will say okay I mean you know I had the conversation you know niggas ain't keepin it real I got it you worry about yourself we put the version which he wanted out I'm quite sure we won't do as well but hey I just felt like it was trying to cross you over and I wanted him to sing life of a drug dealer instead of go get a little better yeah what's always go get it but the fact that secured guys are killer we talked about trapping was crazy yeah yeah you know we trap all day and I remember when I when I wrote that record I was like yo dis is crazy I was looking at my man little wheels I'm trying to put on for the city and he came right over to my studio he's not doing that he's like just giving me the record we sat there for like I was going back and forth back and forth and he's just like yo hey by the way when he came to the video you would've thought it's his video that was only videos the kid was in me and she was on the table me like he was thud but he felt good because he really liked be honest with you I loved it was great on that album but hadn't I had go good I don't I don't think I would be here because I wasn't done the numbers did I did you know saying my shit off that album was Jeezy like the drink jeez like the smoke in there did not want me to get in that casket in that video oh man it was said it's like you get into kaske you might die like shit I feel like I'm going anyway let's do it did it feel weird being in a casket not at all we got it all going in one dance you know yeah I don't want to do it now while I'm alive you did it I mean you know it was video mm-hmm I love that song but I'm like like what if you know they do bear you any Vishu now salamat be hot is big yeah but you know and by the way that's even crazy to just know your mindset was there back then you thought that was the biggest thing in the world that's nothing goofy Levi's yeah I went and spent so much money on the same pair jeans with a different pocket on it was crazy but it was the same pair Jean it just had a different patch on the back of the pocket so it could have been a drag you know probably why you can fit hundred down them goddamn yeah you know you could know that was a Sean John when you that to it was about the same rows either how do you know when it comes to shopping in clothes you care about those things no I mean I keep it G man like I try online try you know I'm saying like I tried man you know I might go buy some things but my homies call me like I said Balenciaga bucks man hey man listen new things caused the mass hysteria and I thought they was a fly's boobs in the world I got calls like yo-yos copy time we got it we got it we got a group check or do I send the data arm comes out I said when all y'all come over I said me get some wood you know Sam I get some i'ma get some I'm gonna get some lighter fluid you know I'm saying I'm gonna get I'm against I'm gonna get everything I need and I want to come over to the crib another 23rd on the day to Alan comes out I'm a bird I'm a Bernese boomer they're back I need my friends back it cost me free puts cups make friends down here yes well I'm telling you but I didn't see I guess my timing was bad hey it is the one he said you started off man could give too much money right now a lot of the people you were making music before they old announcer they may not be living the same lifestyle when they was living when you first drops right how do you adjust yourself in it I just think you stay I mean you know I could be you know I look at my like shot damn ex well these are people I respect because they always stayed true to who they are as artists I just think you stayed true to you like a nice cute told me that long-term he's like yo you're gonna get in position with you're gonna lose fans gonna gain fans but you know just stay true to who you are and that's that because you just don't want to go outside you know I'm saying trying to keep up it's like you know you you come like you know I've been around some some guys with pretty spiffy and they have AIDS and they and they wear the right clothes like they look the right but you don't want to come in here looking like you're gonna go hang out with sweetie you know I'm saying that my boy but it's like I don't want like i'm shawna right i want to Old Town Road right you're right right yeah because I'm getting rid of those lucky I don't want them to go through what because they had ahold of the pizza for the awkward I was like it looks like you know what I got to do fitting they had laid out what would TM 104 gdm 101 g-man just stay just stay solid man and stay a lot of things I would have done I feel like now like you know just in my pocket like I got it's part of the most clear that I've ever had in my life probably just being connected my body and soul just understanding my my real position you know in the coaches is its GZ and understanding like what my responsibility is and then still understanding that you know I'm still started I'm gonna still keep it you know G you know I'm not gonna play out here but at the same time just like I don't got a problem with being open minded about things because it's like I put in my work you know even like we're talking about this thing J going through right now is just like he put in his work let's just see yeah give it a chance resume solid yeah and the same thing with myself feel like I put in my work so it's just like yo are these crazy miles one day it is the same thing again tree we are LA let me see me smoking hookah they fill out they flip out like you're smoking you know we don't mom she's trying this you know he's smoking hookah make smoke beedis like my second time don't even know what I'm doing no I just tried I tried it one time before when I was in London and then somebody had is like yo you want tries oh I don't know about it but when saying is everybody was looking like I was bugging because I was in LA with ot he spoke oh no one knows it was true oh it's true yeah but this is kind of like four months ago so imagine that okay don't smoke yeah I can't yeah you just mocha with your boots on and not care what nobody everything I stand for what about when you're dating like these industry women right as opposed the woman from the street is it the same thing do you feel like I'm it for me man I just you know I'm a staple sexy like I got a staple section I like I got a I gotta be mentally stimulated to do anybody you know saying like I got you gotta have a conversation got you got really you got it enlighten me inspire me and in in in you know I have to learn from you that's like any friend I have you know I mean I got older friends I got one friend alum deafies Bobby he's like an old G triple used to run around with Sinatra and Guardian on the but I just love to him talk you know it he still got it in them but when he tell you these stories like man he was and you just want to hear but then he can sit down and break down life to you and wait and he just walk away from a dinner and you're like man that's crazy but then for me I can go spray that to my homies cuz I learned something you know I'm saying so if I'm gonna deal with any female I have to I have to learn like I could look good that's cool but you have to be smart and he had to be being to articulate yourself and you have to be you know you have to be like intelligent I feel like you have to go back to the beginning to get the clarity that you got now but I see you Hawkinsville heavy right now no I mean I cuz I man some people oh you wanna claim the town but it's like I just gotta spread the love is like whoever I met in my life and I mom I say fish is like I've been real close to my family lately so my auntie's there you know my cousin lo cousins dad so if you think mactown or HDL it just whatever pocket on man like when I'm living so I really been close to them late because I've been trying to rekindle that so just like you know that's my humble beginning but then you know my homies from the Mac Kingdom homies from the ATL came to so he's like I just like to spread the love I'm saying because people claim me because I don't got down and all these hood so they they really respect me so it's like it's like to part you know you see and you say Oakland all day but it's people in Jersey they claim to puck like he was one of their own you know I'm saying so my whole thing is like it ain't it ain't really where you from is it is how you get down how you get back you know I'm saying so he's the all place I get back to but I said I felt like for me to say legend of snow man I know that's why I got my first 550 packet I know that for a fact so it's just like I can't say this is my last ten one on team building motivation installment and I didn't show them any love you know I'm saying yeah we walking around his people riding around listening to Jesus music they don't even know Jeezy walking down the street right he has some teas fried chicken lord have mercy let me ask you this since this is the last of the installment of Doug motivation and this is the last album on Def Jam what's next man for me um right here because white figures Wireless um yes this is like my new baby I got I got to define few athlete water of course like avium heavy in real estate you know obviously I'll be on tequila and I got my agency agency 99 which we weren't manage artists brands and businesses but um yeah what are you gonna do musically another deal are you gonna have your own independent label I mean I just feel I feel like I got the infrastructure to do whatever but it's just like for me right now I just got to take some sometimes and like really just I got my next 10 15 year playing but I just want to really see how I want to execute it cuz I look at people like Magic Johnson I love magic that's my mentor I just love the fact that he's solid he his life he got balanced around them he takes care of his friends in a way he's giving them experiences and he traveling see in the world but if you look at other athletes they would kick that came up with him they not set up like that so that just tells me that I got a moving that way if that's what I want to be in 10 15 20 years because that's what I respect you don't saying like I love you no Allen Iverson different people that I know that kept it real was hanging out in the strip clubs him you know that but they're not to look at somebody like Magic Johnson after he was you know a great basketball player now he's a great husband now he's a great father now he's a great you know mentor nice he he's a great businessman and I watched movies I remember he had the DRV no no I'm gonna do that the the Magic Johnson theater I find it's like we didn't see the moved in you know we were just going on imagine I was but he was already making his moves and if you really think about Atlanta all the history that happened in visits nightclub right so all the history that happened there he told all that shit down and Bill you know high-rises so he he was powerful enough to come take our whole nightlife away and build high-rises on that Street and give him to his son you know me so I look it's things like that I go man like to me that's that's the American dream absolutely you know I'm saying so I was like I know I'm pretty cold at what I do I think I'm in Charlemagne's top five I know so that you got you got to be hard to beat there but it just like is that the only contribution I want to make to the world I don't think so you know what's crazy about magic I think magic started to do all that stuff when he found a bigger purpose something I was digging in him and his crazy to me sound he took that hardship of being diagnosed with HIV became an advocate and that's when you started seeing everything else happen for him I just think he found a purpose that right no in brother and by the way I don't even think he realized it but he's inspiring you know a lot of us because that's a thing like when you when you look at the game you look at the jay-z look at the puffs even if people it had to be some point where they made a decision like I'm gonna do this on another level right I made that decision and I just actually my fans I said I'm still gonna be me to the heart let you see me I'm still gonna be a hundred actually I can go right now to you know to any is convincing and still go right to the hood I'm still get that look but it's like I don't want to go and come with y'all got none to bring back like I was just down from my hometown and just dealing with figures Wireless we was able to give you know the city free Wi-Fi you know I'm saying I same cab used to hustle on these light poles now I'm able to give stuff back that's a whole nother level I don't even people like you know people in the hood I mean you couldn't give a million dollars this is way more than me this is way more than their you know saying by the time these kids you know go through these schools and you guys ever do all these things the hospitals and all this it's like you're giving away more but people don't associate that with giving back because it's not money you don't say you know so that's the difference so for me learning that and watching people like magic you know work watching people like puff do is you know it's his school like in Harlem LeBron do the same thing you got to really understand what level these cats on but they're giving back in a whole nother way so I don't want to be the cat that just coming you know get some put bags away get somebody you know you know give somebody some money to fake invest in something that I know ain't gonna work and they still gonna call me back next year I just like a nice K to 50 but you want me to do you know saying anybody give me $50 you know I'm saying so for me just to see how these cats and by the way even went back to imagine I just like affected whatever he's doing he can go to Europe for all your friends mm-hmm you guys care free were free it ain't about the money like this imagine how many people you inspiring when they go back home to do other things you know I'm saying cuz they seeing this you know I'm saying and I tell anybody I'll tell my homies that all the time he might think crazy I'll be like yo like he was going to Miami gonna turn up okay you're gonna live gonna Bobby's bar that do you know you could have went to Sardinia for that same money do you know you could have went to the Maldives and saw there and it's like when you tell people that look at you like you're crazy like huge buggin but it's like bro you got to go this I just left Dubai you know then straight to New York but it's like you go and you see the coachee see all these things going on you're going like in like the world is huge and we sitting here you know doing the same thing and I was telling my man over there I was like it was crazy but he went to the bush khalifa building the large building the world but that's how you understand why their coaches so locked in the family because they don't know each other as a people as people like how i know every how we can all stay in the same building right now you know each other over there cuz you do this type of business you do you build build and you do that you do that so there's no need for us to know each other it's like I got my family you got your family we surviving we live and that's it I respect that cuz you come back we had in America everybody tried to do the same thing where he doing he doing to try to outdo him try to outdo him try to outdo him and at the end of day you just competing you're not living you know I'm saying when you go to other coaches and you see that it's like why you worried and I tell my why you worried about Instagram I mean like it's people don't even look at this yeah yeah you know but it's like competing because you looking at at the real time like this is the real world I got it I got to be there and by the way and I'm saying that to say not even just about the gram just about a little homie sending myself to prison because all the shit they putting on here you know I'm saying yeah but if you can be you know is no different than being in the hood you know you from wanting towns with somebody to get Alexis to hear about your legs somebody get the beans everybody else to get the beans then when everybody get locked up they leave some more cats that come up and it's like a repeating cycle but it's like ain't nobody going outside and bringing them back and making know the situation bigger and that's what I pride myself on like they might not see it today you know say about ten years from now they're gonna behind this conversation about Miko I'ma be on you know I'm gonna be on the French Riviera I'm inviting be out it's not a man y'all come come you know me come kicking wind before a couple of days because that's what it's about for me that's right you know what the album is out right now we appreciate you for joining us hey man I appreciate y'all for having me Southside the figures Wireless shot South defines few South Side of New York City South Side the agency ninety nine shots out to The Breakfast Club looked the Alma's and stores right now if you got to go get it is in stores right now right yeah right okay right make sure my answers it's gonna bite you about a helmet it is all right well let's the Breakfast Club yes sir let's get it [Music]