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check you are ready and I can stop talking about you and my seal is my most important seat sir and thank you for what you did for silicosis pills and we are waiting for your pitch thank you so much it's a humbling and very gratifying experience to be able to address you today and to speak about what Milton Erickson contributed to the field of hypnosis and I want to paint that in very broad brushstrokes to to provide information but to help you to elicit orientations orientations that can begin to change into state state that can be the mother of the techniques that you use in psychotherapy and in hypnosis now as you have been told by many speakers here there's a long history of hypnosis and friends and there's an equally long and very important history about literature and philosophy that has been developed here and that these were people who explored some of the potentials of their they went into the stratosphere they went to secede how could they explore how could they create things that have not existed before and when they were exploring the stratosphere they could also come back to the ground they could see they could understand some of the fundamentals upon which their arts their sciences their philosophy was created and these were historical figures who are one time existed in the Marjorie's and having existed in the margins then began to weave their way into the mainstream so my presentation is about known erickson I have spent more than 40 years 42 years since I've met Milton Erickson for the first time and that was a life-changing moment it was a defining moment to go to Phoenix in 1973 and to meet dr. Erickson I'm now working on writing down Erikson's biography so my speech is about some of the things that I've learned from dr. Aronson and elaboration is perhaps and provocative elaborations for me and challenging trying to understand some of the fundamentals what are some of the basic things that we can understand about so some of the points that I want to make is that it's not about technique hypnosis is not about techniques it's about an orientation and that orientation is highly dependent on the states which the therapist occupies what I hope to do quickly is a little bit of a demonstration not only to talk about this and so I'm going to ask if there's someone who will occupy one of these chairs so that I can demonstrate what it is that I'm talking about preferably somebody who speaks English that will be easier for me preferably someone who sits in the front row so we have somebody who will come up and to see if you for a moment while I deal with this society introduction I wanted to work with someone who I haven't met before but haven't worked with before I want you to understand that hypnosis is not a technique hypnosis is a relationship and we need to understand hypnosis as a relational form of communication and thank yous for lunch so please sit here for a moment of just eight five more minutes do get ready and in this process we can redefine something about the essential nature dosis so Erickson think about Erickson as an orientation think about hypnosis as a relationship and this relationship is based on speech and speech they're a foundation and Erickson didn't invent techniques there are too many techniques we wouldn't even have enough time for me to present that if I had a number of hours to speak to you Erickson invented techniques that have been carefully calculated and cultivated techniques like his symbolic use of hypnotic phenomena those techniques haven't even met adequately described in the literature the Erickson explored the territory of of hypnosis in a way that no previous investigator had ever done and he invented a grammar a grammar of hypnosis that has now become central to the practice of death gnosis around the world after Erickson demonstrated importantly how all of the output channels of communication could be used to elicit effects how you refuse toll in tempo how you reduce the direction of your speech how you would use of gesture and posture and he explored not only words but the entire palette artists have a palette of colors we have a palette our talent is communication and all of the aspects of communication it can be used to have an effect techniques the techniques are secondary what is the front stage is orientations misstates relationship what is back stage is the techniques that we may choose to use techniques for they're not deaf differences primary contribution so Ericsson helps us to understand something about States and especially States we can say that their emotions there are removed there are states emotions would be bleeding visceral experiences that are directional based on the history of the organism emotions tell the organism moved forward emotions tell the organism move away they're quick they're adaptive moves a second area are not necessarily adapted there Tulsa by Ebola is crystallized emotions I'm in an excitement we would live in a sad mood and I can't get out of it moods are not necessarily an adaptive states are much more complicated we couldn't stay that motivation is an emotion we understand that motivation is a speed we couldn't say that presence is an emotion that presence is estate thing it is not an emotion faith is a state and hypnosis is not an emotion it's not a movie it's a state and states exist in three domains state exists in personal domains state exists in interpersonal domains and state's existing fits into spec in contextual domains so the some states rely more on one of these domains than others these states are basically personal states like being self-satisfied or the ingre gated of or coping or believing you don't need somebody else to get into these states you can do these days yourself and the same can be said about self hypnosis or mindfulness or meditation you don't need another person to get into those states there are other states that are contextual states and these days like being focused and then concentrated and even they depend on context your thinking is so much more elaborate when you're in a place of worship than when you just have faith sitting by yourself and there are a relational States now the point of this end up is that most states a relational being engaged is not an emotion it's not food it's a state it's a relational state it must happen in a right being humble happens in a relationship being a concern being empathic these are states that happen in a relationship so most states have a relation of importance and hypnosis is a relational state but also there are other states that are cultural states and ethnic states and when you're in these contexts you go into a different state now my area of exploration is about therapists States what are the states that therapists access if you're going to be a traditional hypnotist a traditional hypnotist you may access some of these states if you are going to be a traditional therapist these days a traditional hypnotist you may access these states if you're going to be an ericksonian therapist either doing psychotherapy or hypnosis you're going to access these states I will make these handouts available to you on a website this is a tour so I'm being rather quick it's not about information it's about helping you to elicit an orientation the stage that you can happen as a therapist the states that you inhabit as a hypnotist determine the nature of hypnosis they determine the nature of the psychotherapy they determine the effectiveness of the hypnosis they determine the effectiveness of the psychotherapy you can't examine the friendship in a test tube friendship is a relational state in order to understand French if you have to understand it in the context of a relationship and the same can be said about hypnosis it can only really be understood in the context of a relationship and so whereas that gnosis is a relational state self-hypnosis is a different animal I'm so sorry that self-hypnosis has the term hypnosis in it because it's so different than hypnosis i define hypnosis is being relational and self-hypnosis as well you could define that as trans I wish there was another name for it because it creates a confusion there's confounded theorists that this confounded researchers self in noses is not hypnosis self hypnosis to something that's different hypnosis is a relationship it's best understood in a relationship trans may be something that exists within people and hypnosis is not a technique it's not an anything about an entity so we're trying to understand Erickson well Erickson was an explorer in a jungle and many of us who have followed him tried to make him into a proper British rose Martin with a whole series of of algorithms that it really isn't the case it's been 40 years that I have spent studying your merits in more than 40 years and here's how I understand his orientation about hypnosis first of all we should understand that therapist states are central I saw a plane in New York in that play was I am my own wife it was one actor and that actor did 25 different roles he was a child he was the life he was a grandmother he was a soldier one after 25 different roles and he had a little gesture that he would use to indicate that he had shifted states that he had shifted his orientation that he had shifted roles we should understand about induction that induction can precede assessment you cannot do this in medicine you can do this in a single intervention you can start with hypnosis Erickson would say to his students start with hypnosis mostly what we do is we talk with the patient for 20 minutes or 40 minutes and then we say oh there's only 20 minutes left let's do hypnosis induction it is a way of delivering of therapy it is not a means to get into Travis it's not a technique to get into trance it's a way in which you do therapy so now we can move into this demonstration because I need to see the board may I ask you to please sit here okay and your name is Anastasia we met briefly uh-huh and you're from Moscow and so thank you so much for helping and perhaps this place in which you've been stuck and there's something that you might want to accomplish and there's some way that you may want to use distress in some way that it could be beneficial to you in your life and you can recognize that when I'm talking to you then you can really listen to me and so one thing that I want to do from the beginning and I need the powerpoints also as possible have both excellent is to establish your moment of attunement and I think I could have been better at that so I started to speak as anesthesia exhale and so I'm going into a state and I'm starting to resonate with her and the dish she chose her head slightly to the right I tilt my head slightly to the left and she has her dance poised on her leg I have my hands boys in my leg and so one of the first dates that I want to enter into and doing hypnosis is social mimicry but to Diamond and if you begin to think about something as you begin to orient yourself to something you can recognize that there was a way in which you slow down and that there can be something that's very pleasant about that and allowing yourself to begin to drift so that your eyes may begin to blink and your eyes and close and it can be so pleasant to allow your body to sit back and now what I'm doing is I was trying to utilize her inhibit behavior so I go into a therapist state of being response to reading that whatever anesthesia is doing moving her posture I'm going to be reshaping that there feedback device feeding back to her some of the phenomenology of hypnosis and that I has to allow yourself to notice the way in which her behavior begins to change and there's a way in which things slow down away in which time can seem to change so that you can begin to focus allow yourself to just take that easy breath and allow yourself to focus inside it so that you can begin to discover and begin to realize and experience to yourself letting go and how anesthesia that can be snooze seasons of ease and sensations of comfort and feelings of well-being and those sensations of ease and those feelings of comfort in into tree and the way in which those sensations can alter can be so interesting because you've had experiences memorable experiences of eve's and you had a memorable experience with comfort that can suddenly come to mind and give you new understandings in very pleasant Pleasant ways that can be delightful and you don't have to pay attention to the support and you don't have to pay attention to the pressure and you don't have to pay attention to the ease of sitting in this chair and listening but you can recognize how you can suddenly with your eyes closed just take an easy breath and look up to the top of your head noticing that as you exhale fully there's the most complete as you exhale fully the most complete sensation of eve's the most complete sensation of relaxation now one of the things that I want to do is that I want to be precise in my communication Milton Erickson was the most precise communicator that I've ever encountered the effect of that precision on well I never thought so loved in my life that anybody would take that much time that much energy and focus so intently on me but it wasn't just me it was whoever he was with that he focused in that way and he felt loved and precision was suddenly a state that I entered it into and there was the sense of a different sense of atonement where I believe you my words together creating a chain of flow of ideas that attuned to the way in which people sing not the way in which people write not the way in which people think you link things together because it creates an internment with human thought with human imagery with human imagination and that the process of hypnosis is of me going into a state of orienting toward if you want somebody to laugh you don't say to them so deeply into laughter you say to that person a joke you oriented toward the state that you want them to achieve Newton Erickson has been touted as being indirect he's been criticized for being indirect but if you want to elicit a state you have to orient people toward that state and tell people to just jump into a of motivation you orient them toward and that there's a way of using momentary destabilization now these are all states that I get into as I'm establishing this hypnotic relationship with Anastasia and as I get into these days it has to change the character of Anastasia's experience and as you listening to me and as you hear my words and as you understand my words there can be a way in which you can freely comfortably and easily utilize my words and you might begin now to Anastasia begin to memorize you memorize that sensation of you use you memorize that sensation it comfortable because as a feeling that you may want to keep a sensation that you may want to really feel really know and if you take that easy breath and memorize that sensation you can begin to anticipate moving forward moving forward in and I don't know just how you can use that sensation and be at home really be at home with that sensation and how in some very light pressed flat bread pleasant way you can do that sensation having work inside and as you can extend yourself as you feel really we would say to English put your fingers have that sensation in hand it can be easy to have that sensation in as you move forward in your life in relationship to the capacity of your inner mind to college in anesthesia an appointment I'm just going to ask you something so that you can help me to understand and if you lift your only spirits to communicate with me then please help me to understand that what's interesting you now Anastasia what's most vivid to you your fingers and what is it about your fingers it's most periods almost over they're waiting for something and they're waiting to send something to feel something to hear something and we were talking when you first sat down that there may be some area where you have been stuck and what might that be what might that have been something about speaking in public and your fingers in your head and your arms and your body can feel can hear the ease can give voice to the ease of it that's an extinction event that that sensation can be with you here and how and that sensation could be with you the error and examine and then add Anastacia you memorize that to the station it can really do with I didn't remember a moment in which I was one of my first classes when I was in graduate school and there was a woman in the class and she was an older woman and she had her lips cursed as she was looking at me and I thought she was pitiful and I did a terrible lecture the next day she wasn't there I didn't wonderful lecture the next day Wednesday she was there again and seemingly looked critical and again I thought self-conscious Thursday she wasn't there I did fine Friday she was there again and again I thought she must be critical so I went to my professor and I said to him what was happening and my professor said to me you know something about hypnosis and my professor indicated to me you have experience with hypnosis and I thought yes and I realized yes and I could remember remember yes and he said to me will you have experience in hypnosis and you can utilize what you know just utilize what you know and I thought yes and he said come to my class watch what it is that I do and he was teaching a class right after lunch on Friday and I sat on the side of the room and watched and he was telling us your jokes about Freud and Jung an obviously the mentality that he had that feeling that he had was yes and that there was an invitation into the audience and the invitation to the audience was have a good color and that if you wanted to sleep or do anything else you were welcome to because this mentality that feeling that he had was good anyway and he said to me after the class what do people look like when they go into trance and the implication was when you see the class what do people look like when they go into class and Anastacia I don't know how just how you can begin in your way in your time in the way that's right for you to utilize the meaning that you can extract that you can extract in your mind that you can extract in your body that you can feel in your head and realize that it's with you now in the process of doing this I have entered into many different states and these are an understanding that hypnosis something that's conversational and that I'm going to be involved in communicating dddddd in a process of Santa Santa Santa intervene that I'm going to use stories and metaphors that my job is not to connect the dots for any client my job is to create the dots maybe you played that game when you were a child where you would connect the dots the toy is to connect the dots therapists spent too much time connecting dots for their clients rather than creating dots that clients can assume and I suppose that the most important therapists state is a state of calm growing area now it was really my hope that I would illustrate to you in a much more sequential way entering into each one of these days but the exigencies of the situation made it much more or much more of a sense of amalgamating all of these different states that I practiced entering into over the last 40 years these are therapists state the first date of hypnosis does not belong to the patient the first state belongs to the therapist the therapist invent some states that dramatically influence the nature of the client okay so it's really not a matter of trusting the unconscious it's not a matter of speaking to the unconscious it's a matter of understanding that we all have procedural you didn't have to think about how to put on your shoes this morning you just did it is procedural and procedural earnings Trump working memory we want things to have them seamlessly in procedural memory as soon as possible anastasiya you can begin to grasp some of the meaning you can begin to extend yourself to realize some of the ways in which you can bring into your body ways in which you can move into the part of your experience the learnings that ended of you to really enjoy the moment and really appreciate how you can be in touch in a very heart felt ways with the capacities of your inner mind - Caillou - recognizing that as I had to touch your face in that step wide movement that you can really now turn a new age in which different need that just reuse of the Union you read and understand is it okay to begin to reorient you that's right that's right and is it okay to begin to reorient you and you can reorient now here you're not out completely out here just take one or two or three easy breath take one or two or three easy breaths and then bring yourself back for the alert now when we started if this was the scale and this was how convinced you were that you could accomplish your goal when you started and this is you're really convinced if you can accomplish your goal wearing it now show me to quit feeling really good thank you so much for helping and for coming up here can we express our appreciation so in conclusion hypnosis is a relational state it's like friendship it's like marriage you can't examine marriage outside of the relationship and that the state that I assumed altered the nature of the trance the internal experience of anesthesia so the hypnotic relationship is influenced by the gifts that you bring one of my students Europe made that spend is very clear to me so I call it the dura principle my pet estate is what is it that I want to offer to Anastasia what is it that I want to offer how am I going to offer that and what I hope that I leave you with is the possibilities of exploring our genre our genre as therapists our jhanas hypnotists is this let's explore our palette let's use one of the tools smiling when you're doing hypnosis gesturing when you're doing hypnosis speaking in nonverbal language this is what Eric's been getting so for the hand house this handout is now available on Jeffrey's Icom forward slash and out /i - or 1/5 Jeff designing the common chords by Gentiles /r is h2o 1 5 and I invite you to have a booth about the Erickson foundation we have this movie The Wizard of the desert that we're making available and so you look at the Earth's foundation moveth you can see some of the things that we're doing I'll be back in France twice next year once we plug 0 and once for my friend Leah didn't in Toulouse so I hope to see many of you again perhaps next year and