Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Announce Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance


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this is the rouble report with Angela Yee man black youngster has gotten arrested in Houston they say that he was carrying prohibited ammo when they pulled over a car he was just a passenger in the car so that doesn't mean that it was his but he was with three other people they were driving around in the GMC Yukon and cops pulled him over for running a red light quote-unquote running a red light they said they smelled marijuana so they searched the car and that's when they found three pistols and weed so he's being charged now with felony possession of a prohibited weapons specifically armor-piercing ammunition and another passenger was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon the two other people in the vehicle were not charged I don't know I would assume the two other people in the vehicle should be the ones that you know say that the weapons are theirs because black youngsters the moneymaker right well it could be women that they just met it could be someone you know you don't know bunch of guys riding all right little Wayne has to pay 150 thousand dollars after not responding to a concert lawsuit now apparently of course that's for breach of contract and fraud so the judge did rule in favor of the promoter and now he has to pay pay up pay up that's what happens when you don't go to court and you're getting sued now let's talk about six 9s ex-manager shaadi he has admitted to shooting five people in one night and that audio was the leaked of him talking about it he talked about that on the phone yeah well that transcript wasn't released now remember we told you about Jorge Rivera the driver yes well the driver is the one who captured the recording and that's where shadi was bragging that he was the top dog now that he did mail murder his dirty work for him he said I earned my stripes and there's other leaked recordings where you can hear members of the gang saying that you can either be a shooter or a dealer in ninth ray you can't be both so that's some of what was on those tapes we told you that the driver had been arrested by ice and that's when he became an informant listen that's one person that we hope a nice things back to where he came from please Cara it's been announced they will be co-headlining Superbowl halftime that would be dope right for them to be doing a lot of shaking yeah Miami lot is shaking on that stage I love to see Luke oh yeah that's Miami - yeah that's my mo wow I would love to see Luke maybe get Luke to get along don't stop pop that let me see you never rocked it as oh of course but I'm saying to you now conservative JLo is Shakira not conservative they gonna come out there some short stuff and they gonna be twerking just like I mean loop dancers used to do exactly my fault let Luke come out and do this one of the halftime show that rock nation is curating I'm not sure about that if you're gonna have JLo once you care out there shaking the ass you might as well have uncle Luke uh my daddy was saying and provide the soundtrack goddamn I'm just saying alright now let's talk new music the baby his album Kirk is out today so congratulations to him he has some great features on there as well you know for the baby Nicki Minaj's on the album okay yes the rapper Gucci YK Osiris Kevin gates is on there and Kevin gates has an album out today - little baby money bag yo stunner for Vegas the me goes all of them on that album look - the baby drop on a close bond for the baby again Charlotte North Carolina all day know for what's happening young amaze albums out today too as well her debut album feels like she should have been had that done her story in the making and also French Montana has new music out but cardi being post Malone and has a new song out with them that's gonna be on his third studio album Montana and yeah you should make sure you take a listen to that I haven't heard that one yet but everybody's saying great things about it so I'm gonna make sure I listened to that today so Samia strap sauce is out today and Nicki Minaj has a new song well PMB Rock has a new song out that Nicki Minaj is on because you know Nikki's Fendi line is about to drop and the song is called finding is impossible and for Nicki Minaj her pending collection will be available on Fendi comm starting October 14th and in select boutiques starting October 16 let's go all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumor reported just pick one I'm Mariah maybe this weekend baby I get everything else later I already said I listen it's his album I like the baby [Music]