Jeremiah 2

uh yes building from the fast teaching we left off in chapter 11 of the book of jeremiah in chapter 11 to at the end of the chapter we see that his own people the people of ana thought wanted to kill him why did they wanted to kill him well remember in this part from chapter 12 up to chapter 24 we are going to be filling in this blank why are all this uh wrath coming what is this thing that jeremiah is prophesying about that judah will be taken to captivity why are they going to be taken to captivity remember we say they're broken the covenants which covenant is that out of the five cabinets we read them in the bible they have broken these mosaic covenants which is conditional god told them to do something they're broken that and because they're broken the consequences is there the consequences that they will be taken to captivity well the people of the land don't want to hear about that they want to hear about peace so the true prophet with jeremiah is telling them hey you are going the wrong direction you're broken the covenants and therefore the punishment the word of god is there you'll be taken to captivity and god will restore you but by the time it's going to restore you you'll be good for nothing but the problem is the fall prophets are saying no there's going to be peace everything is going to be well and also we are going to say deep teaching on sabbath within this chapter 12-24 now in chapter 11 to at the end the p his own people the people of ana thought wanted to kill jeremiah and in chapter 13 jeremiah now begin to question god they might begin to say god why chapter 12 all right chapter 12 now jeremiah begin to question god and he begin to say god why are they are suffering for the wicked now let's just see in verse one righteous are you oh lord when i plead with you yet let me talk with you about your judgment why does the way of the wicked prosper so that's the question sometimes when things happen but into your way and yet you know you're following the word of god right saturn make you to accuse the nature of god and now jeremiah is asking why that the same question were asked by some of the biblical character ashab asked the same question in psalm 73 and also abuk asked in abercor chapter 1 verse 3 also malaki but god answers always is that when he answered jeremiah is saying well what you're seeing is not your suffering it's just like a foot soldiers the was is coming judah will be taken unto captivity so still remind us that is in control and in that chapter chapter 12 we begin to see when he asked that god responded to him judah is going on to captivity time will come and they will go they will not the land will be desolate nothing will remain into the land why remember as we say because they are broken uh the mosaic covenant the brazilian covenant that we read in the autonomy 28 and also in exodus 20 um remember as we say these are conditional covenants and when they're broken the consequences have to be there and what are the consequences as we see through this uh many chapters that we are going to see we are going to see specifically what they have done what they have done they have broken this one but here we see that they are pride they are so proud of what they have what are they saying yes god has given us the land the temple is here now how can we be taken off and remember the same as jesus time the problem at this time were also leaders leaders were the problem and the fall prophet are saying other thing that god has not spoken about now in that very chapter jeremiah cry to to god he cries to god god i'm pleading for them and yet in chapter seven we read that god told jeremiah never to plead for the people of israel but still we saw his heart lament it pleaded for them but still god opened them door for restoration here is when we are going to see the mercy of god because it's going to restore the people back not because of something that they have done but because of his mercy and because of his everlasting attribute of love is still going to restore them back and in chapter 13 we see god started teaching them with an object lesson and what are these objections that it started teaching them with the first one we are going to see here is um the linear charge which this is like a scat that you put on to cover your nakedness and the lord told jeremiah to acquire one for himself and jeremiah got one good one and when he got that the lord told him to go in a very far distance many many kilometers around river you practice the lord told him to go and dig a rock and hide it there and when he hide it there he should come back and stay for a while then go and again bring it out of the rock where he has eaten and then when they bring it out and then this would be a lesson to them what is the lesson relation to them is they will be taken into the captivity they will be restored but after restoration they will be good for nothing because their pride would have gone their glory had gone their covering is is taken but the restoration will be there and jeremiah did as the lord commanded him jeremiah went acquired our linen shots this cut and he went and hid it and later on he brought it back and when he brought it back the skirt was good for nothing was still there but good for nothing and still in that chapter 13. the lord again um let me read that very part chapter 13 verse 12 therefore you will speak to them this word that says the lord god of israel every bottle shall be filled with wine and they will say to you do we not certainly know that every bottle will be filled with wine as we see the argument the people were not listening the people were not admiring this very message that jeremiah is saying but the lord said go and speak to them tell this to them about this bottle this bottle were used for water wine and for oil the lord told jeremiah to acquire one and then bring the people together and then burst it and say the wrath of god has best and everyone is going to drink still on the captivity everyone is going to drink everyone is going to suffer the word of god will be taken into captivity judgment is coming why is the judgment coming 1322 jeremiah is still pleaded for the people why the judgment is coming i don't want you to be confused student the mosaic covenant has been broken and this is conditional covenant and then the wrath of god has to come we see only the confusion here the wrath of god the judgment is coming why is it coming because they have broken the mosaic covenant still they might pleaded for the people but they would not relent they would not repent now why are they going to be taken to captivity in babylon the land of children their pride will be gone they will lose many things that children will die their only reason we see is because they are broken the messiah covenant now from chapter 15 and chapter 14 and chapter 15 we see we begin to see the results of breaking the mosaic covenant just one by one because we are going to begin to see sweat are coming feminists coming pestilence are coming we are going to see drought in the land uh we are going to begin seeing drought in the land feminine pestilence are coming they're coming onto their way they're coming to the people and that's we are going to begin to see the results chapter 15 in chapter 14 and 15 we are going to see this as one because they are broken the mosaic covenants um in in verse 1 of chapter 14 the word of the lord came to jeremiah according to the drought judah months and against linguists demons for the land and the cry of jerusalem has gone up so what is happening here the results of breaking the mosaic covenants is being seen now they have no rain no rain no rain completely what has happened they are getting the rewards of breaking the mosaic covenant in chapter 14 we see no rain we see people are suffering in the land and they when they wanted to know why they are suffering they wanted to know why these things are coming unto them they started asking uh god god have you forgotten us have you forgotten us that we are your people and in chapter 15 god said even if moses and some will come and pray and plead for them it's not going to listen to them because they have not gone they have not obeyed him they have not taken his away they have broken the covenant and the results is exiled the reward is exiled why moses and why samuel these are the people they know them very well moses led them out of the land of egypt he worked with them for all these 40 years and samuel has been their judge they honor someone they know somehow that is the one who has been rightfully doing the work of the lord he said even if these two people you honor them come and pray i will not listen i will not relent my judgment the judgment is coming now the work of the prophet was to represent god to people and people to god and now if a prophet is not true it's not fall it is false then it's going to represent not god he's going to bring his word and begin to speak to people and confuse people now in in verse 14 um from verse 10 that's said he has love to wonder they have not restrained their feet therefore the lord do not accept them the lord do not access them even if jeremiah is saying all right we have pasteline their mind is preaching swag is pressing swipe now this if i say okay no things are going to be well it's not going to be that way it's going to work out for us so like in jesus time the biggest problem were the leaders also at this time the problem we are leaders they are not speaking the same message we know during jesus time we had scribes the pharisees the elders they were the one confusing people they are the one who work hard so that jesus christ would be nailed so that his message will not go further even at this time the priests the people who were there the leaders the elders they were the problems so they are saying god is good all right the character of god shows that god is good and really is good but also that same good is judge he also judge people so if we focus only on one attribute like this leader is saying how can god chose us who gave us temple who gave us all this take us away out of this land we are not understanding jeremiah what are you saying but that same god who is just who is good is also the god who is going to pass judgment unto them so the lying prophet and the priests they are they cannot understand that that thing will happen and so they preach the message that make people happy now the lying prophet is the common theme in this book we're going to see that in in many parts but what is god says in the book of the author me i just want to read there about the prophet god said in the book of the authority verse 18 in the book of the autonomy um deuteronomy 18 in the birth 18 20 god said this that if a prophet prophesized a word i did not come to pass the prophet says what and this what is not coming to pass you just know that prophet is full um let me read that part economy 18 20. it says but the prophet uh will presume to speak a word in my name which i have not commanded him to speak or will speak in the name of other god that prophet should die and if you say it in your heart how shall we know the word which the lord has not spoken when a prophet speak in the name of the lord if the thing does not happen or come to pass that thing which is spoken yes spoken lies so the word of god tells us very clearly that if a prophet speak a word of his own mind his own thought that is a lie and that prophet have to be stoned up to be put to death so in that same way this prophet this fall prophet they were speaking a word which the lord has not spoken there are several verses even in the autonomous uh 1 170 euthanasia 13 one it says very clearly that the proof the words have to be proved from the lord to be spoken and thus make even for us as the teachers of the bible as the pastors even in the book of james james said that not many of you should presume to be teachers because we are going to be just strict the judgement is so strict so that's mean we have to speak the word of the lord if we speak things which are not of the lord or the thing which is our own mind and the lord doesn't tell us to speak the thing which is not in the bible it makes us sick it makes stricter judgment onto her now do we have this kind of problem right now that people speak their own words not the word of god do we have uh false teachers now they um the book of uh first john chapter one verse four he tell us to test uh the spirit test the spirit even jesus christ want us to be aware of the length level of pharisees the teaching of the pharisees so that's mean even right now jesus knew that it's going to be there and this also called unto us to be aware test the fruit of uh their doctrine that's the fruit of the spirit be aware of those because they're there and people like chastity word because is always things which are good things will sound good to them so jesus warned us on that he want us so let us be aware of that but the lord reassures jeremiah even if they are threatening to kill him even if things are not uh going uh well on his side still the lord assured him to be firm he reassured there might be promise assuring their mind that is going to protect jeremiah the lord is on his side on his side the lord said he is still going to be with jeremiah even if the people are not attending to him people doesn't like what he's saying he's still going to be with jeremiah now in chapter 16 and chapter 17 we see something strange which it might be strange to you too go to all jeremiah not tomorrow and to have children why because judgment is coming and if just men come probably the children will die in that judgment and will bring sword for nothing so not to marry and also have children because the judgment is there it's coming they will die in the judgment so to avoid that to avoid sorrow is to not have children and also god told him to stay away from the children of israel he said around four things number one no children no fellowship with the um with the children of srm not even sharing food with them they should sleep them and also he said he should not be sorrowful because it's going to protect him because they are sinful judah is so sinful even their children but still god promise that is going to restore them back one of other thing is we have to know is restoration restoration doesn't mean that god is not going to punish them god will punish them but it will get them back we'll bring them back into the land but our will bring them back without their glory bring them back without their glory will bring them back when some have died maybe the children will be back the lord will still give them the land but after being in the land of kalden the land of babylons where things are confused where things are mixed up there they are going to suffer there in the hands of nebuchadnezzar in the hands of the people who are there so number one in chapter 16 he said judgment is coming we have already talked about that why why is it god going to judgment god going to judge them god going to judge them we have said mosaic law number one they are broken number two because of idolatry they have worshiped other gods they have served other gods cuff images this is against the mosaic covenant because the covenant said you should not worship any other god and now they are serving other gods of the land they are worshiping other god therefore second one true god and what will be the results the result will be captivity because they have done this they have broken the judgment and that judgment we are talking about is what they are taking them into captivity they are going to lose their honor lost their properties children will die and because of that that is coming that is why this judgment is coming that's why he's saying but still he promised them restoration why restoration because of his name because of his name number two why is god going to restore them because of his power god going to restore them because of his power because of his name and also because of his loving covenants because he loved them because of his love because of the love he has sown to uh abraham the love her son to the patriarchs god is god will restore them back but as a result broken mosaic law will end up in captivity the result will be captivity and he said even if moses or some will pray it's not going to relent he has made of his mind that that will coming it will be there so god has given them the law the most uh messiah covenants is full of lawyers given them the law that law was to do what that law was to protect them that law was to keep them uh to keep people in relationship with god if you're going out of that law it means you're going out of your relationship with god so when you stick to the law you know your relationship with god is great also the law was to protect community to protect community think like the social uh the social justice for the poor social justice for the orphan for the fatherless was to protest also community also for loving god remember like the ten commandments the ten commandment is for you to love god and also love others so god has given this them this law so that they stay within his love they stay within his relationship but the contrast is the children of israel are worshiping other gods idolatry they are serving other gods the children of israel are breaking all this law they are not caring for rather they are killing their children to appease other gods like molex they are taking advantage of the widows and the orphans they are not they are broken this completely now judgement why not judge men to come jasmine have to come because they have broken this and the consequences in deuteronomy 28 we have seen is when you obey blessing you disobey causes and therefore this will have to come unto them this is what jeremiah is bringing unto them they would have understood this because they know the laws they know that this is what the law says but because the false teachers the false prophets are there the false prophets are there they say no peace will come thing is going to be well don't worry you don't need to do that do things that pleases you and that's why we say leaders the problems so in chapter 17 chapter 17 god said this god said the sin of judah are written with the pain of iron the thing that they'll be doing the idolatries it has been written down with a pen of iron what does it mean it cannot be erased it cannot be get it cannot be done with is they have to pay for the consequences it is written and why because they are trusting in those leaders those leaders will say things are going to be good things will work out very well everything is going to be well and yet god said our heart is very deceitful and he said also curses is he we trust in man heart is deceitful because you see we trust in man and these people are trusting in man they're trusting in those leaders that things are going to be well and yet things according to god is not going to be well and right there jesus god started reminding them of the sabbath sabbath still in the book of jeremiah safter 17 remaining name of sabbath now when we go to this path of talking about sabbath let's go deep and see in 17 he talked to them about the heart he talked to them about um um [Music] verse seven blessed is the man who trusts in the lord and he will hope in the lord for they shall be like tree planted by the water side but those one who trust in man they are cats trust in man they are cast so when we look at this and see what jeremiah is bringing unto the people that is all for their good it's all for them to see that where they are going it is it is not good so it started reminding them of sabbath now let's talk about sabbath let's talk about sabbath a little bit the lord gave them sabbats just right from the book of genesis the book of genesis is right from the book of genesis chapter 2 verses 2 to 3 we see sabat as 2-3 sabat is a very central law central law for all of them now it is simply mean rest it is the rest we talk about this in our class it's the rest now the lord made this world in six days and the seven days the rest and also we have said this is somehow confusing our in our uh lower bible when when we say sabbath it's like we're talking about sunday in the new bible but sabbath is the sixth day when you begin to count from sunday being the first day of the week you count sunday six days is going to be on saturday so that's mean the lord made that as a rest rest from all work so a rest so he said this event to the children of israel to take as a rest so sabbath it is a sign of uh is a sign between god and israel the sign god put no sign with noah it was rainbow how about abraham what sign [Music] remember second season about israel israeli sabbath the sign is sabbats so the lord put that one to be as a sign for them um it is not circumcision because that there are many even other nations that practice circumcision uh like lebanon even egypt the practice circumcision for other reasons of course but this is the lord said this is a sign between me and you and that's mean is a sign if it is a sign is a covenant that god made with them you have to keep sabbath you have to keep it early and the these people are not keeping a sabbath they are not giving the rest they are not giving the rest to the slave they are not giving the rest to the land all those rest this and the lord says even in the ten commandments in the book of exodus after 20 in the fourth commandment the lord said you shall keep sabbath holy keep sabbath only even when they were in the wilderness when they are collecting manners and if if sabbath is tomorrow today you have to collect double portion because the next day you need not to do any work so it is a sign between god and israel but they are not keeping the sabbath they are not keeping it holy and that's contributes to the judgment which is coming but also jesus talk about sabbath in new testament in the book of mark chapter 20 verse 28 the lord jesus said he is the lord of sabbath the lord of sabbath we really need to know this when jesus said is the lord of sabat what does it mean when he said it is the lord of sabbaths that one is mark in the book of mark when jesus said he is the lord of sabah 228 this is the lord of the sabbath it's the lord of sabbath what does it mean even in mark chapter 3 the lord did many healings on sabbath he healed on sabbaths very many healing the lord did on sabbath and yet on sabbath is supposed to be kept early no kind of work even the scribe and the pharisees were murdered on him how can you do this healing on sabbath um many healing on sabbath now what does it says when lord say when jesus said he is the lord of sabbath it means he fulfills sabbath now how can he fulfill sabbath because even those days jesus said in the book of john chapter 7 verse 22 the high priest would keep on walking on sabbath they would make sure that the candles in the temples are lighting if needs be to change bread they would change bread the table bread they would change on sabbah and also if you male child make eight days on sabbath you have to circumcise that child on sabbath so that's mean something greater than sabbath now is jesus christ who fulfills sabbath when he said he is the lord of sabbath why because remember in the book of the book of acts after eight when stephen is being stoned stephen the first matter is so jesus christ seated where at the right hand of the father why is jesus seated jesus the high priest can i pray sit in the sanctuary no it can only sit when the work is done so does mean the sacrificial work the atonement for our sin everything it is done the fulfillment is jesus christ so jesus fulfills sabbaths completely there are other people who say if you obey maybe other commandments that don't do adultery don't do this why not to obey why not also to respect sabbath we do respect sabbath but through jesus christ because he fulfill it one and for all so because the eye priests work and our high priest has done the work he has finished he did it all he finished the work now in chapter 18 we again see another observation god sent jeremiah to the potter's house probably this person was making a vessel assuming he was making a pot and when jeremiah came in her when he was making the pot what happened the pot was the shape was not good and then they have to remodel it again he break it and when he break it open it and begin to make it again and god spoke to jeremiah and he said jeremiah see what is happening what is happening to our deporter i'm going to do the same to the children of israel the shape that they're in i don't want it i'm going to remodel them so the porta represent god it's good and then the clay is israel the clay is israel so what is saying that um as the department is trying to remodel what is saying is also going to do like that to the children of israel so this is also another object lesson that was to speak to the children of sorry when he spoke this to them he became against them became against him became against the true prophet how can you say like that so the people against him so when we see this god is supporting the true prophet but the people there a goodness how can you say that how can you say that i i've always said this most of the time congregations the people they don't they be against the word of the lord we see that with with moses in the wilderness when he was in the wilderness he would speak this and the congregation would say no that's not good for us but as a a man of god you have to speak what the lord said the against him so in chapter 19 go told jeremiah to buy a flask this is again another object lesson and gather the children of israel the priests and the elders will take them into the valley of the son of enoch there it should declare destruction to them so he had a flash in his hand this flash is made out of the clay he have it in his hand and he said he got the people when he got them there then god said what you have to do declare the word of destruction on jerusalem as the cons the consequences of their sins break the floods breaking the flash showing that the destruction is coming tell them that as the flash this place is broken god is going to destroy jerusalem like this and the jerusalem will become like the valley of the son of enemies we talk a little bit about the value of the sound of inan if if you remember a student and this valley is unclean it's a valley whereby we have the broken ports there we have rabbits there and then this very same valley of enums is also called the valley of topics the world of trumpet is equivalent as the valley of slaughter a number of slaughter there and in old testament towards jerusalem it was on the southern part of uh of jerusalem where they used to burn rubbish they burned rabbits there day in day outs it kept on burning and the people they keep on taking their rubbish in new testament jesus used this as ghana call it ghena because even rabbis keep on burning there day in day out the rabbits keep on burning so jesus christ use call it as a ghena and gena is the sign is the same as hell that we talk of now jesus compare this with hell what happened in hell you keep on burning day in day out keep on burning so the same way jesus described it in the myth in the book of matthew chapter 5 verse 28 what is good in in ghana nothing fire burning day in day out is the same as that valley so what is jeremiah telling them jeremiah is telling that jerusalem will become as a place of throwing waste as a place of putting rubbish will be will be like something which has been forgotten no one care for it only bad things goes there and still people against what he's saying so the plus is broken so that it can never be mended again by human effort so he's also telling them that jerusalem would never be restored to his former glory because of what they have done but with all with god all things are possible god will work it out for them now jeremiah went to the temple court proclaiming the message because um people have rejected him he went to the temple god still continued telling him to do the message one of the priests was his name was pashu they went and conspired against jeremiah and they arrested him and arrested him they accused him and they put it in stock they put it in prison so that he will not get out and do its message again but now jeremiah is in in stock stock is they would get like a piece of the wood and enter your lake they lock it so that you'll be there they lock you in that spot so jeremiah is now there the message is preached people have heard the message and now in this particular moment king zedekiah was on the throne now a shame punches to jeremiah to see if the lord would deliver them from the end of naval canadia the threat of judgment is now coming and when he went there the message that he got from jeremiah was that her god is going to use babylon to fight against its people so there is no way that the lord is going to deliver them instead the lord will fight with naval canada against its people so the message was still pestilence sweat and feminine to the land why he advised them that you people you have to execute uh escaped justice go back to the church of justices so that the lord will have mercy on them but they would not they will not relent god will not relent his judgment and it is coming so in jeremiah chapter 22 is what the lord has to say in my 22 the lord instructed jeremiah to go to the king house and to give the message what is the message that is giving we see this message in verse 2 and say it here o the word of the lord o king of judah who sit on the throne of david you and your servant and your people will enter the gates that says the lord excuse just men and writers and the liver deliver the planet out of the hands of the oppressor do not do wrong do not do violent to the strangers to the fatherless and to the widows this still take us back to the five point that we are talking about where the heart of the lord is the widows the lord doesn't want us to press with us they've opened the fatherless and also the strangers the levite a lot wanted them to take care of but this is a thing that they were not doing they were not as accusing that judgment the lord told them be aware practice social justice and he advised the king but the king were not obeying what uh what the lord had to say so good heart is for the poor god wanted able to take care of the poor we have seen that in the book of the autonomy chapter 10 verse 18 even in the book of exodus 22 22 the poor the widows the strangers the lord keep on repeating so judas they have turned away to idolatry they're forgotten to take care of the widows the strangers and the fatherless even the levite they have turned to idolatry and yet it was in the law the church of justice that they have to take care of the widows the strangers the poor and the fatherless so let's make us to summarize chapter 22 the the big point there is jeremiah was to go and give instruction to the king good and give the message to the king ours so that they turn back to social justice that was in the law take care of that and also one thing we see the lord compare king josiah um with king shalem's king solemn was taking much of his time preparing his house but josiah work on the social justices to make sure that community are saved people are not devoid relationship between god and israel are great because if they keep the law that's mean they're maintaining the relationship between god and his support that's why he gave out the law so that people will not go away out of his uh out of his presence the law is to guide them and so that they care for the poor for the widows and then the strangers so chapter 23 we see um uh jeremiah jeremiah condemns uh judas the leaders in judas they are godless they are shepherd but they are not caring for the people they are not caring for the flock uh even though uh they are shepherd they are caring for their own they are not thinkings of the strangers they are not thinking of the needies so jeremiah have to go and condemn them give them the word they have scattered the sheep the flocks are scattered but god said it will bring them back on their point of time that still take us back to the restoration message that we've been talking about but one unique thing about this chapter is god is going to appoint a shepherd and that's chapter 23 verse 6 in each day judah will be saved and israel will be delivered safely now this is the name by ways it will be called the lord our righteousness therefore behold they are coming says the lord that he shall no longer say as the lord lives who brought up the children of israel from the land of egypt but as the lord leave who brought us up and led the descendant of the house of israel from the north from the north country and from all the countries where i had driven them and they shall dwell in their own land so the total restoration the judah and israel shall be restored they shall be brought back into the land we see that the lord himself will raise again another uh proof uh another shepherd who will care for them i strongly believe that this is um jesus christ the prophet who is going uh the shepherd who is going to care for his people who is not going to think of himself but also care for the flock and will bring them back and in verse verse 15 therefore that says the lord god of us concerning the prophet be all i'll feed them with one would and make them drink the water of the girl for from the prophet of jerusalem that profanes his name so still remember this is talking about the fall prophet and that's this reminders of exodus after 15 22 you know what happened there is when they were journeying they came into this place whereby they were tasty there was no water and then they saw this water they wanted to drink but the water was bitter and they could not drink it and the lord have to direct emojis to get a branch of the leaf throw it into the water and the water tastes good so it's his idea of a cast so this prophet will say peace things are good who against jeremiah who are doing things for their own gain they are speaking the world that the lord has not spoken to them the lord will say they will be judged they will get their portion they'll be judged for that for what they're doing because the lord has not directed them we have seen that one in um deuteronomy 18 20 to 22 that a prophet will speak a word which is not from the lord and claim it from the lord they shall die the lord will the lord will pass the judgment on them so this is still the context and that's why we said when we fill these four parts we are good so god will send a true shepherd for he will do the right thing remember this also remind us of um god doing there are a lot of things that god does that we don't deserve it like for his grace it's grace we don't deserve it but he has given us think of our blood covenants in the book of genesis chapter 15 god did it for abraham so even this one is god doing they they don't deserve that lord to send them a shepherd but god will do remember we say for his name for his power and for his everlasting character everlasting contribute which is love so god is going to do that for his people but the leaders are goodless they are greedy they do things seeking only for their own way not thinking of the people so in this chapter we see um the lord's talking about the lord's talking about about the true prophet which is to come and also the false who are saying false thing like in verse 23 i i am good near at hand she is the lord i am not a god of afar can anyone hide himself in sacred place so i shall not see him says the lord do i not feel heaven and earth says the lord i have heard what the prophet have said who prophesize lies in my name saying i have dream i have dream of dreams and as long as i live uh be in my heart that those prophets who prophesize lies indeed they are prophet of deceit of their own heart so they are prophesying their own heart not the word of the lord still as we said before these things are still there because jesus warned us or be aware of the leaven of the pharisees and the scribes so that's mean the faulty things are still there and are we going to know them we have to test the spirit and also have to know the adoption what they teach us because if not will make us be lost so in the final chapter that is chapter 24 i still we are going to see another object lesson but this time is about the fix the fig tree the first time the fig tree was mentioned was way back in the book of genesis and this is the first three mentioned by eight name in the bible in the book of genesis now the lord says chapter 24 verse one the lord shows me there were two basket of figs set before the temple of the lord after nebuchadnezzar king of babylon had carried away captivity so the lord is showing him uh what is bef uh what is after after the captivity what is going to be happen there are two baskets of fix one um one is good and the other one is bad so this one is still taking us back to the people who shall be taken onto unto captivity there are some who are going to return we see reset one is bad and the other one is good so people will be taken into captivity now organizers will come and take them into captivity all but still remember we say even during this time of jeremiah leaders were the big problems like also at the time of jesus christ sometimes they confuse people where to go and that's why as teachers we are going to receive strict judgment according to the book of james because they're misleading people so among the people that will be taken into the exile into captivity there are some who are good that some were also bad and so in these objects what god is telling jeremiah is that he is going to restore others other will return from the from the exile they will be back into their land they will come back but others will not so about the fix let's talk about the figs most of the time we see figs tree is depictions of visceral in the book of marx chapter 10 uh verse 20 to 25 when jesus christ was going into the jerusalem that's right before the triumphal entry was going into jerusalem and i saw this fig tree good looking from afar and then he went near and he went near he wants to get the fruits and when he went near he shows that there was no fruits the leaves are good but the fruits are not there so then jesus christ cast this when he calls it what will happen the following day uh when they were passing there with those of uh with also peter it would dry up and peter was asking oh what is it you you spoke to this tree and it would dry up what's what's the secret and jesus started talking to them about faith but the implication here is israel good from outside they're supposed also to bear good fruits like the leaves but their foods are not there you can see from outside they're good and they're good for nothing they still take us back and to the linen chats that we're talking about they are good for nursing no fruit so to summarize all these uh 12 uh chapter that we have seen to summarize all these fellow chapters that we have seen i just want to make some brief review here so that we follow this god accept them the law in the pentateuch in torah they know these laws the law also repeated in the autonomy and they're supposed to keep this law the purpose of the law is to make them keep their relationship with god and also to protect community very well but they're broken the law remember mosaic law is conditional conditional mean you do this i'll do this so they have broken the law and the consequences is the broken the law in many way as we have seen there idolatry is one of them they're not taking care of widows uh strangers and the fatherless the levite they are not taking care of those of this not just all this stun so social justice they are not taking care of so they are broken the law and therefore the consequences god have to punish them the consequences god is saying here is judgment and this judgment is babylon they're taking them into the land of the kalden nebuchadnezzar is coming it's coming to take them away the message is coming through jeremiah as the message is coming through jeremiah there are also false prophets that were saying no what jeremiah is saying is not true god has given us the temple he has given us the land they chose our fathers how can god take us away out of this land there's also prophesying so the people kind of like the message of peace rather than the message of judgment so they were also prophesying and the true prophet is also prophesying and the against his life but god is protecting him also broken the law of sabbath but goes as far as the rest from their work also the rest of the land also the rest of the slave the people who work for you you make them rest they have also broken that and therefore jeremiah is telling them jasmine is coming you'll be taken away but the big thing is restoration god is still going to restore his people it's not taking them and they will all perish there no one will return so the big one is restoration god will still bring them back onto the land we'll still bring them we'll still have them back but without their glory they have lost many things the temple they are proud of whatever they are proud of they will not be restored but god will still have people why would godzilla people god made that covenant with abraham that they are going to be blessed they he will have them they will have a nation they will still be this covenant that god made with abraham is unconditional it's god doing so god is going to restore them because he made that and it's unconditional he will have them back thank you very much may the good lord bless you