Jim Rome here I come


Chael Sonnen


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Jim Rome smacking off 2019 is upon us and I've got the exact date I'd have to grab my phone but I mean this thing's coming right at where we're inside 40 days and this is the 25 year anniversary and Rome is now and Rome's a pretty good promoter by the way he just acts like he's never promote which is what the good promoters did but he's now coming out with a stick that because this is a 25 year anniversary and because he has said it such an incredible run perhaps this is the right time to sign off to make it the finale to fade to black and roll the credits on the smack off once and for all as much as I believe that that is nothing more than hype and promotion he could be telling the truth he could I don't know for sure that's where you never know that's where the swerve comes in that's where the smart mark and the cheap steed still can't figure it out they got to take their seat and watch the show at any rate the smack off is coming I will be coming from my third crown I am trying to get my strategy down I am torn a little bit I feel that I was robbed last year shortchanged the year before that last year was the first year in my history of my participation that I was not in the top 10 which was a gahbage I was top three I'm straight with you guys let's tell you guys I won that thing I did not win that Brad won it Brad should have won it they give to the right guy the previous year I believe I was three I might have been as low as six that was garbage I'm not telling you guys I want it or I even should have been in the finals but that was garbage and what did last year in the previous year both have in common I came after Rome himself Rome puts on a show where we're all supposed to go after each other and give each other bumps I gave him the bumps and I found out he's a little bit thin-skinned so now it's a little bit tough for me to do anything other than use my three minutes to bury Rome yet again particularly if it's going to be the 25th year which is going to be the biggest show that he's ever had it happens to be the biggest show of the year on the biggest show in the business and now he's seen he might be put in a bow on it do I learn from the lessons of the last two years or do I come out in case this is the finale and give him a third and final and even rougher bump of all-time I could serve myself could serve you the audience who will be with me in journey as you always are and propelling us Brown so if anybody out there can think of any reason at all whatsoever that we do not use 180 seconds to shove it straight up Jim Rome's ass please tell me now or forever hold your peace