Jimmy Kimmel Drops Candy for Celebrities at the Oscars

How are you guys holding up, are you hungry, can I get you anything, is there anything anyone needs? You know this is a show about the movies, and you really can't have movies without candy it's un-American right? Yeah popcorn too but we don't have that. If you close your eyes and wish very hard - go ahead: close your eyes and wish, it's Hollywood. Little bags of Red Vines and Junior Mints will appear from the sky, raining down on you for your delight. Don't hurt each other. Dig in and enjoy. Time to find out how well those Spanx really work. You know, next year we should give out the awards this way. This, by the way, is Sunny Pawar. He's in the movie, "Lion" and he does such a great job in the movie. You did a great job in the movie. Thank you. Was that fun for you? Yes! Have you been eating any of the candy that we dropped down from the sky? Yes! And, which ones do you like better, the Red Vines or the other one? Any one! Any one. Would you like some more? Yes. Hey, I know you're in "Lion", have you seen "The Lion King?" Yes, I see it. You did, did you like it? Yes. Do you want to do the thing where the Lion King lifts the kid up in the air? Okay, I'll be the kid, you life me up in the air. Yeah. Alright hold this microphone, alright here we go, you hold that. And may we have the music, do you have the Lion King music? Here we go... Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes! Lemonheads and Mike and Ikes! Thank you. Well done. I'm taking you home. We'll be back with the most anticipated award of the night: Best Live Action Short Film! There you go. I know it's getting late. Some of you are probably disappointed you didn't win so I have a little surprise. Candy's great, but if you want something more substantial I can provide that. You hungry? A little bit? Okay. Would you like cookies and doughnuts? Release the cookies and doughnuts! They're quite a bit heavier than the others. It's like a horror movie: gluten is literally falling from the sky. Okay, now that you have doughnuts, release the coffee!