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Let's talk about the painting because-- now tell us how you started painting. When did this happen? Getting a little bored... I'm busy All the brush had been cleared on the property? Brush had been cleared, you go 100 miles an hour next day you wake up and nothing, you know? Uh huh. Go get the coffee yourself, buddy. So I... you know I wrote these books, which surprised a lot of people. Yeah. Right. Particularly on the coasts. You wrote like, what, five books or something? They didn't think I could read! Much less write. Anyway, I read an essay by Winston Churchill, "Painting as a Pastime" and I basically said, "If this guy can paint, I can paint." Were you an artist as a kid? Did you draw? Agnostic. Never, never did any of that kind of stuff? Wasn't interested. So then what do you do, what's the next step? Did you go buy paints? I did, and some canvas and some brushes, and I hired an instructor. Did you have someone go get the paints for you-- yes. You did, yeah. Have you been to an art supply store? I have, since then, yeah. Isn't it fun to go in there-- really fun. And see the things-- buy all kinds of stuff. What does this little one do? Yeah, I enjoy going. And how do you go about finding an art instructor, is it like a Craigslist kind of deal? 'Cause it seems like you gotta get somebody special, right? Yeah. Well fortunately we've got some artist friends in Dallas and a woman named Pam suggested Gail, and Gail came over and we got started. And I painted a cube. Is Gail honest with you? Like if there's something Gail thinks is not good, does she tell you? Well she started off by making it kind of honest with her body language that she didn't vote for me. Oh really? Yeah, that's pretty honest. I would imagine you turned her around though. As I'm sure you can understand, the art community was not exactly my base of support. Yeah. There were no rallies in galleries. You started out painting primarily dogs. Yeah, 'cause I called Mother and said, "I'm a painter," and she said, "You can't paint." And I said, "I damn sure can," and so she said, "paint my dog," and so I was a pet portrait painter. Yeah, and then at a certain point you're like, "okay now I have dogs down, I might graduate to humans." Exactly. Yeah. Humans are harder than dogs? 'Cause I feel like dogs might be harder than humans. Well dogs don't really talk back to you. That's true, do you have people sit for you? No, I go with photos. Do you ever paint nudes? None of your business. This is... technically a nude. This is a self-portrait of you in the shower. Now how do you capture that? Did Laura take a picture? Well I kinda used my imagination. You can see I made my muscles a little bigger. Yeah that's right. Why not? You have one of those crappy shaving mirrors huh? I do, yeah. Wow. Seems like you'd at least have the electric one, I don't know, you're the President. And this is, I think, a classic. This is something I would love to have for my home. This is-- you painted yourself in the bath. Did you-- were you in the bath while painting this? No, actually I was in the bath while photographing this. I see. And as you'll notice, I leaned way back. Yeah. And did you take that picture with your phone? Yes I did. You did - oh that's dangerous. That's very dangerous. That is one of the most dangerous things any President has ever done. So you want to know why I painted that? I would love to know why. I wanted to be able to figure out perspective going away from you I see. And paint water hitting water. And that's why I did what I did. Plus I was testing the humor of my instructor. Gail was-- Gail! Yes, Gail was impressed by that? So your-- these paintings in this book are of veterans-- a couple of whom are here in our audience tonight. A couple of gentlemen you painted. Introduce these fellows that are here. Hey guys! I don't know what page they're-- here I got it, I'll show you Oh you know where it is. Okay, alright. Here's Brian. Okay, oh alright let me show that to everybody. So Brian's right there in the audience and there's Brian right there. Brian, what do you think of your likeness? That's an incredible honor-- looks great. Captured my happiness there. So the question isn't does Brian like it? The question is does Brian's mother like it? Oh! And does Brian's mother like it? You can ask her! Oh, Brian's mom is here! Do you like it? That's your baby! So the answer is yes I do, I love it. I think it's amazing. Do you have the original painting? No. But I do have a book. Get that out of your mind! Well I thought that it might be fun if we drew each other while you're here. Okay there we go-- that's Alexander. There's Alexander, who's right there next to Brian. Alexander what do you-- Alexander's... unshaven period for Alexander. Alexander, what do you think? Turn your head a little, Alexander. You know what Alexander's doing? He's going to become a firefighter here in LA. Is that right? Trying to. Oh good, well I'll burn something and you can come over! I'll give you my cell phone number after this. Well that's great. Well I thought it would be fun if we do a little art demonstration here on the show. Sure. Because there's nothing more interesting on television than watching people draw. And when we come back, we'll grab some pens-- in fact let's grab them now, and we'll get started and maybe we'll draw each other, okay? Alright very good, President Bush is here. Alright, we're back with the President. So, you want to show yours first or should I show mine first? That sounded dirty, but it really wasn't. Okay, alright, yeah let's just hold it up right there. Yup, that's me alright. If you've seen this man, contact your local police! Okay so I drew... I drew you, and then in the background there I had Guillermo, so I couldn't help but draw him. Yeah! That's good man! That's beautiful, oh yeah. Well I think we should give these to the soldiers, right? I mean, you guys want these? I mean really. Do you mind if I-- I'm going to put my signature on yours right there. Well thank you so much for being here, Mr. President, it has been a real honor. Can I say one thing? Yeah, say whatever you like! Anybody who buys this book-- the money, the proceeds go to this program to help our vets. Excellent. All of it. That's the book right there. It's called, "Portraits of Courage" there's artwork and stories by President Bush. We'll be right back. Thank you very much, Mr. President.