Joe Budden Loudly Voices His Opinion On Swae Lees New Music


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[Music] smelling the tea this is the rumor report with Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club well Joe button was criticizing sway Li's won't be late song his collab with Drake I guess he didn't like it too much you talk about steaks summer was lately responded he said everyone has an opinion unfortunately every opinion is incredible and some just don't hold any weight he also said this so decides to get on his little podcast veins popping out of here screaming spitting talking about my singles was trashed dem songs you straight he went international and I know whatever effect so Joe buddy I don't need your opinion on my songs you feel me this song wasn't written about you it wasn't written for you but before you feelin eat it like bring my book on one of your podcast just turn your whole Wi-Fi connection off and cancel the whole podcast I haven't heard the second record in that 2pac that 2pac ass Joe is referencing but the record would drinkin sway Lee is dope to me but that's just my opinion I wonder what do the kids think about that record alright well Joe button also had his pool party over the weekend and Drake was trolling him in the comments as Joe button went live Drake is funny he was saying we want Rory we want Rory and that's when Joe button was explaining their love/hate relationship and then he also asked him to play some of Joe buttons music at the party said I want to see if they ring off and he just goes on to say pump it up we'll send that air B&B into a frenzy on god I was a Joe the tightest opinion when it comes to this wheelie uh music but my only thing is Joe not gonna say that this wheelies face like I just don't like when Joe yelling screams about an artist but then when he just face-to-face with him he's talking all calm I don't want him to keep that same and yet all times because when he's face to face with these artists he doesn't do that alright fifty said let's talk about the power theme song I know West the powers series premiere last night well the this season's premiere last night I watched it too and there was some talk about the original power theme song because I was originally done by Joe and Tracy long Joe yah know that this is the original juice bar through this classic all right now let's put on trey songz theme song version that's not wack no very used to the original demon I would say trey songz version was out first and they tried to switch it people would be mad about that if we'd all be high we get used to it you get used to it the in class right you can't change classic theme songs don't have to say my tree song trade did that there's a favor for me man but their mother was why in the last season of the show would you change the theme song that's his boy gonna remix it put you put a boogie on it and shoot a video if you're not gonna do like The Cosby Show you to shave theme songs every episode but when you got a season every season but when you got a classic theme song you leave it like girlfriends is a classic theme song my girlfriend boondocks is a classic Jeffersons movin on up the classic deep song power in if I had to write a top business Oh classic theme song absolutely Powell would definitely be in it I'm talking my top ten in my whole life but we all know the biggest is up in West Philadelphia born and raised in the biggest that might be number one I'm not going it outright rapping on it and they complain guys am i right well I'm Angela yeah that is your broom hold on now y'all got me wanting to make a top 10 theme song get all them top 50 rappers lose I'm gonna do a top 10 black TV show theme songs of all time goddammit and besides that is a there's a story of a guy named that's the Brady Bunch so that's a black what about Diff'rent Strokes I remember how they go the world don't move to the beat adjust for you any more time and you're gonna call that black was a black know what you talk about Amy all right guys we gotta move on if there's anything else um we have to move on I don't know about top ten theme so don't say anything else don't you today a different world I was a different girl girl different roads up there I don't know if it's top ten though let's discuss this let's do donkey ninjas I will do them here come back alright donkey today's up next is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]