Joel Surprenant talks Anthony Smith


Chael Sonnen


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jool is going joel is bringing lad personal friends with anthony smith big supporters joel what's going on all right here's where I'm at on this on this Anthony Smith fight and I talked a little bit about it on Wednesday so we're saying me and latter staying at Randy's house Randy's gone alright he's gone I got the run of the place just me and lad lads got his room he's got all set up and I'm wondering should I pawn all eight of Randy's UFC belts put that on put that on the Anthony Smith and then buy him back before Randy knows sorry I'm trying I'm just trying to get ahead of the story here exactly and if by any chance he loses then I'll just I'll just put eight new ones that you know they sell them the replicas though do you think he would notice that cuz you're gonna put him on the shelf and he's only gonna look at him and never take him down again that's the bet you're willing to make or or I saw one of his car or he beats your ass I mean consider it just consider all your options well there's like they're moving parts if you're asking me for advice there's some things you should this probably would be the time I just don't go with Joel's instinct and well and Randy's belt brother if this was anyone other than you I know this was a bit we're trying to entertain the fans were making a joke here I anytime you come up with an idea there's at least 20% of my brain that needs it well you know he might be serious and then he's gonna drag me into well you know Randy chill chill said it was a great idea you know we just grabbed those replica bells we don't even tell it was just what bells sure what melts what what belt I've I've never I'm no what do you think you could get for eighth UFC belt at a blowjob okay I'll tell you this um all kidding aside actually I think was Riku Rodriguez put his belt on eBay at one point and he got five thousand dollars now before you talk do you know this story I do not okay and Rico went through that Celebrity Rehab and so Rico's a good friend but I don't think I'm speaking out of school at all I mean he's easily won to put this out there but to remind you of that story and I think I do have my numbers right he put his belt on eBay and it got bought for five thousand dollars now the rumor the was never confirmed is that Dana went on and bought that belt knew what the situation was and thought to himself as soon as he gets his life back in order and give him his belt back that was the rumor nobody's ever dispelled that I personally believe it I hope that's true so all right so my guess but my point to you is this you asked about eight belts I gave you a 5 grand no don't think you're gonna get 40 grand I think Dana came in and goes I'm gonna cover this guy's rent for the month of goodness but I don't know what one of those belts is where I gotta figure I can get 35 for a belt can I tell you something about Anthony Smith sure that you need to know if you're going out there as a friend and a supporter he's gonna get his ass kicked now here's what you need to understand and but I say you I'm talking to our fan to the listeners here every fight he's at he's got his ass kicked the difference is that doesn't throw him off his game and to kick your ass right back and he'll stay in the fight the whole time and Anthony Smith is not gonna go to sleep in this fight I mean John Jones as great as he is and III most certainly would not lead you to believe anything else he did not he's not a knockout guy he just doesn't knock a lot of guys out cold he positions somebody's got some other stuff he can do so what I'm trying to say is that's that's the real danger that John has that I think some other guys possibly didn't bring to the table is when John begins that storm and it is an overwhelming storm at times Smith doesn't go away and for somebody to talk to him and say anything you're gonna get your ass kicked his response would come yeah man I'm a cage fighter I was kind of expecting that and that's a different mindset but it's an intimidating mindset that all of Smith's opponents have had to deal with three of which have been world champions and three of which couldn't deal with well I tell you this about Anthony and and I'm biased he's he's a friend he's good to lad that's my guy but when I when I look at this fight and I look at a I look at a 6 to 7 100 dogs some some places it's 8 to 1 underdogs I see a Buster Douglas Mike Tyson and if you go back and watch the history of Buster Douglas Mike Tyson Buster Douglas knew he could beat Mike Tyson he was a - - 100 dog he knew he could beat him he trained his ass off he told everybody was gonna do it and then he went out and did it this isn't a Rousey home thing because there wasn't enough information out there a lot of people had had Holly Holm win in that fight it's not a Sarah GSP thing fact is Sarah caught him I like where you go ahead please finish this thought it is that it when he flips the script if I'm right on this and I've been right at munch I know I know you say hey you gonna lose this setting up man if I'm right on this history will will parallel Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson because Anthony Smith has been saying I can beat this guy for the last year coming off a loss he I'm gonna go up to 205 I'm the guy to beat John Jones I have to take umbrage with one thing because you just said I know you're saying he's gonna lose his fight no no no don't miss hear me I am NOT saying he's going to lose this fight I'm saying he's he's gonna take some punches but that's what he does I've watched him lose rounds and come back and win fights yelling at the opponent I turned the TV one time because the fight was over him versus Hector and his manager reached out to I flipped over to watch a boxing match I think that was like triple G Canelo part one his manager reaches after I'm actually driving down to this podcast so he ain't one of Anthony on he's got his third knockout in a row man what are you talking about he just lost on Saturday he's like oh you turned the channel did it yeah I'm like yeah he goes no he came back good one so the point I'm trying to make for you is no no no I'm I'm backing that he's very dangerous hold it but it's a different thing anything we give an analysis of John Jones we always start time at well you know this guy's not gonna want to stand with them but but boys got a good wrestling defense or boys guys got good you just we start talking about the technical aspects and this fight does feel different I like your comparison to Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson because that also wasn't a technical game that had to do with heart and grit and who could stay in there longer and that is the one thing that Smith is anytime Jon Jones fight somebody cuz we're we're more than aware of the rare talent we've got here but every time you fight somebody we have to see something in that new guy that is different than the guys in the past sometimes we fail this time we've succeeded we have accurately identified what is different about the support than what John has seen in the past and it is a grit I didn't mean you I meant the amount of viewers sure I know I know we're we're rooting for the same dog now when I look at this fight and try to be fair sure but a little bit slanted I'm like John Jones cannot beat him standing up a little bit slanted as you prepare to steal eight of Randy's belts to put them at the winner but possibly what go ahead possible okay so so John's not gonna beat him on his feet they're gonna kick the shit out of each other on his feet John has to take Anthony down to win this fight and those shots that I saw against Gustafsson will not do the trick yeah well hey I don't have a problem with what you're saying I mean I'm also trying to be fair and objective I do not think that John can put Anthony down on his feet but John doesn't put a lot of people down so he's an accumulation guy any tricks and he spends this when elbows yeah he kicks you in the gut and right hurts something there I mean John is really special I hear what you're saying about the power I like the grit I like the match I don't dispute why Anthony is such a tremendous underdog I don't have any problem with it I think that it's very fair and very straightforward I think that John deserves you know the accolades he's getting I need to say this about John there's one very refreshing thing going on here you know one of John's harder parts from a PR standpoint of getting back of getting back from all the things that he went against is the psychology of what it is the public wants and the public never wants a guy with words they want a guy with actions and that's always been a tough thing for John he gives you the words and the actions show something else at least in the short term at least in the last 60 days John definitely does deserve some level of recognition to the fact that his words and his actions are now coming head to head for example he came out before Gustafson he said I'm gonna fight anybody they want any opportunity they want mean Anthony Smith a guy like there was times and john square he wouldn't remember how john you couldn't get him in the ring and he was so difficult you didn't deserve this remember when he would talk like that but he recently UFC can figure it out I'm going to fight anybody mmm fight as many guys as I can three four five got you picked the opponent's move me weight classes if you want I'm gonna stay active and busy I missed a lot of time I'm gonna get it back I missed entertaining the fans I took that from that I'm gonna give it back to him he said these words but now with this match on the horizon and everything going the way that it's going not for nothing but John does deserve the recognition that his actions are starting to meet his words and I think that I think that you need to appreciate that Joel as an Anthony fan I think you need to give that to John because he could have taken this opportunity from Smith and that would have been wrong I disagree okay and I will give him nothing so you don't actually disagree by analysis I'm good with it because I see I see where you went I'm good with it