John Cena Officially OUT Of WWE Royal Rumble 2019

[Applause] hello there everybody what Culture wrestling's Adam clean here now I did tell you I was gonna be on hand here at what culture towers all day on the off-chance some breaking news might have broken ahead of the Royal Rumble and just as I thought I was gonna get a nice relaxing night with my feet off a cup of tea in my hand WWE have dropped a mammoth ich bit of huge news now first of all before I start you want to tell you how secretly delighted I am that I am currently one for worn on last-minute rumors in the air of our Lord 2019 but the actual story here is that John Cena will no longer be appearing in tonight's Royal Rumble match WWE have announced on their website that he has been removed from that entirely story goes that the ankle injury that he sustained on roll the other week at the hounds river drew McIntyre up it didn't either commerce has prevented him from competing on tonight's pay-per-view they had sort of teased that said his participation was in doubt and now they've confirmed on their website that he will not be appearing at all now I know what you're thinking that Adam where did you get that t-shirt don't worry I'll tell you at the end but you should also be thinking is this for real is there any chance they're doing a bit of a swerve here and I can reassure you with 98% certainty that no it isn't it's almost certainly true for a number of different reasons the main one being that they've announced it on the Internet mere hours before the show if this was an angle or a work or a gimmick it would have been on television we've had weeks of back and forward will he won't you will you won't you in the nears so when I'm doing it on the internet when they can't even guarantee everybody's gonna see it probably implies that it's true and it's mainly being done so people can't be like you've never said singing I wasn't gonna be there my child is crying her - yes we did if you check we actually put it on the website at 4:00 in the afternoon so zip it plus it ties into all the last Sullivan stuff we were getting told weeks in advance that Cena was never actually able to be at the rumble in the first place because he's off shooting his new film so the idea was gonna be in a pre-recorded segment laws would attack him take his spot and that would build to a match between the two of them Wrestlemania now with no laws because he's not very well and will be back in his own time according to all port on that there is no way you can sort of work Sina into the show because well he's not going to be there in the first place and unless you've had somebody else attack him and film that then you can't do it so yes bottom line here are my condolences so I don't be cheating no John Cena at the 2019 Royal Rumble now I did do my research on this for another video during the week and I'm pretty sure this is like only the second one he's missed pretty much since he debuted I think I might have to double check that anyway let us know what you make of all of this in the comments below and of course don't forget to Like share and subscribe we'll be back in mere hours without what culture live stream and reaction so please do be sure to join us for that as and when it starts I think at the 11:00 p.m. UK time but I'll tweet so yeah don't take my word for that in the meantime don't like you very much for watching of course but Adam Cleary and I will can't see you soon not great bye