Jon Jones vs Rumble JohnsonWHAT IF


Chael Sonnen


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hey guys don't wait for fights take the action when you can get it get in there and stay busy man it's a window we keep talking about this but it is it's a window if you want to compete go out there and compete where do I bring this up I just saw a headline that Rumble Johnson said he will come back for two reasons if he can fight John Jones and if it's that heavyweight what guess what imagine what would happen if John Jones said yeah that sounds like a good idea to me I'll come up the heavyweight and I'll fight Rumble Johnson you know the parody you know how many people want to see that fight they would make that fight that will throw everything into a wrench that will throw all the 205 pounders that are waiting for John Jones to give them an opportunity that will also introduce John Jones to the heavyweight class which is going to throw every other heavyweight that's trying to get opportunities at Cormier whoever maybe it will throw everything into a mess I don't bring this up because this fights gonna happen I will predict let you know right now it's not going to happen at heavyweight for sure but you still understand the lesson what if what if it did it would throw two in 205 into a wrench and anybody that was sitting around and waiting for the right opportunity to wait right time to go out there sure the right time to fight is when you get a phone call and somebody says do you want to fight same thing goes that heavy weight if you want to sit out and wait because you got this whole thing figured out you know right where the parity is gonna go and you know just to uh deserves the opportunity all of a sudden rumble comes back and Jones comes back guess what guys that fights getting made and now you got new to new players in the division not gonna happen nobody leave me a comment tell me it's not gonna happen I'm aware of that but I want to make you aware of the what if if it did happen