Jon Jones vs Stipe MiocicI want to see this fight


Chael Sonnen


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john jones alluded to the fact that he's in talks are somehow interested somewhere there's a discussion of him and steep a what very nice of john to come out to tell everyone i told you guys that almost two weeks ago and i didn't even break it I stole it from Errol who told you about two and a half weeks ago so I guess congratulations John Jones for teasing some of your old news that everybody had but I would like to stay on that topic cuz I like that fight I really do every time there's been talk or discuss the parody of it right off right out of the gate anytime there was talking discussion of John Jones going up to heavyweight it was exclusively to take on Daniel Cormier then we even heard some rumblings of Rumble throwing his name into the mix but again it heavyweight yeah that's probably not gonna happen with Rumble Jones probably not gonna happen Daniel Cormier I may be down the road by here he's with brockless all of a sudden you hear steep a it was a refreshing name there's a refreshing Ness in that because I hadn't thought of it I hadn't heard it before it wasn't considered anytime John Jones is going to get in there one thing that John is going to need in it's the plight of his own success he is so good and he's created such a gap from everybody to create the mystery or the illusion that tonight is perhaps the night that the torch gets passed perhaps tonight is the night that John Jones gets beat that's tough it's just gonna be tough for him he just got to be that good well Steve Bay fills that void and I won't go as far with you guys right now to give you a prediction to give you an analysis of that fight or a breakdown or to even tell you that I would be betting on steeping I won't go that far but we also don't need to as long as we can turn on the part of our brain that says that's a possibility as long as we can do that from a business side from an anticipation from a media from a build-up from a suspense that's all we need and steeping most definitely satisfies that most definitely you stay mango wait a minute that's a hard-hitter that moves real well on his feet that knows how to wrestle that doesn't just go get thrown down and held there steepy could be a really interesting fact that we'd never considered in in addition we would be along for the journey why don't we cuz that would be the foray into John Joan changing his career to the heavyweight division I don't think any of us would be naive enough to think that John Jones is gonna go up on a one-off for a non-title fight and then jump back down to 205 pounds it would be very obvious that he comes up he would at least have a couple of fights he would at least go from steep a boom right into Cormier or if Cormier is to lose to Lesnar perhaps there's a potential for a Lester fight but either way I think we could at least conclude as reasonable fans that follow the sport that this is not going to be a one-off this would be the first step of a journey into creating a new story in John Jones in his career and it would be a heavyweight and it's fun and it's compelling and who the hell knows who's gonna win it it serves everything it needs to Plus don't forget you Center talk about John Jones gotta get steep a back to the table right it's not as though steep a the most decorated heavyweight of all time is sitting over there with no fans and no interest people want to see steep a something is not stimulating steep a my guess from the things that I've heard him say is he's really just interested in the championship at the championship right now goes through Daniel Cormier well I think that this one would change his mind now I would guess that it would there was something special in something meaningful about being the guy that beat John Jones for sure plus if he was to be John Jones I think that it would also be quite clear that he would be promised a ton of fun I can only imagine how that conversation would go right hey Steve you want to fight John Jones do you promise me if I beat him I get a title shot guy on the other end hasty pay if you beat John Jones I won't lock you into anything you'll be able to go do whatever you want you could just start picking names everybody's gonna be coming for you whether you got the title or not you're the guy people are gonna be coming after so yeah if you want me to pencil down Daniel quarter champion whoever the champion could be in that time Daniel Cormier fill it right now sure I'll do that but just to let you know you're not doing yourself a favor by making me tell you who your next opponent is gonna be go out beat John Jones watch how the clouds part and sky opens up