Jonathan Ross Interviews Keira Knightley part 1

will you marry me oh let's make my choice for the pan Oh thanks Kyra how loving have you here thank you for joining us on the show thank you for having me ah you look spectacular as I would have expected thank you so do you thank you now I love seeing your movies I think you're like a proper movie star okay in that you can act but you've got this kind of this look about you which is which is not like normal people do you know what I'm saying they're not really no because you yes it's a good thing you've got a great face for movies you look now I mean you're a beautiful woman but you're kind of a weird-looking beautiful woman you know what I mean maybe we should take it as a compliment because you've got like a movie stars face thank you yes I suppose there's not much to say but no I mean there's not really said you can act as well no yeah you did cause you look like Johnny Depp cuz you've got the beard yes you can go now thank you he's an exciting time for you it must be I would have thought because I know when you first came out some people were not stiff about you but they were kind of less receptive to you as an actress than they are now now I think it's fair to say they were sniffing I mean you know yes but it's really nice because this films being received really well so that's good but I mean that's cuz like the first thing I would saw you in Bend It Like Beckham and I enjoyed the movie very much indeed and I thought your performance and all the points were very good good I really enjoyed it but were people well no I think people said I think wooden was the word that was used a lot which is fair enough but do you think you've spent after you think it was a wooden performance I don't know I've only seen it once and I don't know I was 16 it could have been I don't think it was although it was a beautiful make sure I enjoyed some wooden I always think I overdo things as opposed to want to do them but me as a performer yeah okay so you would have been eautiful they would have said you were too big well then rather than wooden did it bother you getting reviews of that early on yeah oh yeah I think it's right I mean it it is it's very weird and I seem to have a homing device for bad reviews it doesn't matter where I am I'll find them I've never seen a good one actually well that's like surprises me because there have been many well that's good and there been some very good view glowing reviews on new movie and deservedly so because your performance in it and the work you do with James McAvoy he's terrific as well great performances the two of you together but do people have a bringing reviews that they think a good review to I think you know like and say we this and it turns out yeah not that way oh they just go God have you seen this and it'll be the worst sort of thing in the world and so that you're disgusting it's always nice when people do that in that well it'd never happen I only get good me you get follow the mantle up don't you I know does it bother you though that level of attention I mean is there anything you can do about that when you go out or do you just accept it and understand it goes with the territory and I don't deal with it very well no what do you do um cry a lot I shouldn't admit that should I know I find it very frightening and I do and and it is very difficult to get outside your front door with lots of men I don't you camera how often are people outside you wonder how often do you find that um I mean more or less somebody every day but you know it's normally about five guys look I'm shaking actually talking about it's really weird I understand horrible thing because I'm a big unattractive hairy guy when I get out occasionally not very often someone will want to photograph me and I find it really kind of intrusive and unpleasant and I get quite close I mean yes yes all of those things and I think you know it's it's particularly scary when you're within a car and they're following in cars because they do like they did this morning they were jumping red lights and and if you're in a car that's sort of you know if it's a mini cab driver for example and they don't really know then they get really freaked out they're being followed so they speed up so you're suddenly in this sort of high-speed chase and the guy's not looking at the front he's looking in the mirror because people are chasing him and then you think okay it's one kid that needs to come out here and that's all for so so from that yeah I mean it's scary I guess is pretty much like that all over the world for you because the Pirates movie being so big all everywhere yeah you're famous everywhere I guess yeah yeah I went yes no I went to free tan recently and I wasn't famous there they weren't interested at all which is ugly putain for your holiday no before we talk more about Tommen I want to talk about that bit more let's talk about the pilots movies because they have just been huge and I would have thought in advance of the first one coming out and being a hit it wouldn't necessarily have been predicted to be that people laughed at me whenever I said I was doing a movie based on a Disney theme park ride now my friends just laughed yeah which is understandable really um so no no one thought was gonna be any good and pilot films weren't really in vogue weather I mean no I don't think they'd work for about 50 years for a while I love a pilot movie I love these part movies and how much of your life did you spend making those movies well the first one took about five months and then the second two we were on for two years so a long time I haven't actually seen the third one yeah haven't watched it no I was working when it came out so I haven't actually seen it uh that were there great fun I mean you know I've seen it without family I tried to work out in the third one sometimes what's going on I must admit it's a bit kind of you know not not your scenes but I didn't quite work out what was going on at times with that with Johnny Depp I think he goes mad at once they but he's so charming to watch on screen you can't have been doing and he must be I would have thought great from the world yeah he's amazing I mean it was amazing and seeing him create that character cuz certainly in the first one no one thought that it would work we were all sort of watching him going okay right you're right because it's this kind of swaggering weird it's crazy it's completely crazy and it read on the script completely straight so it was totally his creation which was amazing and yeah and he's wicked and I think somebody a performer that can really take the bull by the horns and go for it is really impressive he's away and once again when he's performing like that do you are you stand and watch and enjoy him or when you're in a scene like that you have to try not to relax into another he's very kind and he doesn't do quite as much when he's off camera because otherwise I mean it did get to the point when everybody was just pissing themselves laughing cuz you can't not it's a very funny performance very funny was the swashbuckling fun to do loved it absolutely loved it and it's a lot of learning that goes on you had to learn to sword fight yeah yeah yeah I did a lot of training for that and didn't get any in the first one and I was really pissed off so they gave me lots in the second or third yeah a lot more I mean you've gotta yield your world is more interesting and it's more kind of pivot all the film with the later ones again I haven't seen the third so I'm gonna take your word for that Brit yes not like watching yourself on screen then no no why not it's weird I know I can understand why anyone would have a problem seeing this was that big it would because suddenly you scrutinize yourself and you would see things about yourself that we wouldn't know this about you don't like and that would be yeah I know I just think I can I just don't think it's very good most of the time so I just sort of watched the wheels turn I think oh why did you do it like that and what you're analyzing your performance as well I can't watch it without analyzing it it's the same thing as hearing yourself on the phone you know you always go oh they sound like guys do you have a push phone voice you use occasionally when dealing with say credit card people or if you would have found devlins yes it sounds a little bit like the one in Atonement okay it's a kind of look like more get very clicked yes yeah I love the period that atonement is said it obviously was a great change and there was a war going on which was you know not pleasant feeling but there's something so exciting a dramatic by that period and also the way the country looked back then did you find yourself feeling nostalgic even though you weren't alive there but for that I bring it I mean it's an amazing period I mean I thought was really interesting because we were trying to go back to this sort of 1930 to 1940 style of acting so is that very very clipped voice and it's sort of the pinnacle of the stiff upper lip which I really enjoyed and and of course the clothes and the style of that Pierre quite remarkable and you look fabulous in the many gowns that they've said