Jonathan Ross Interviews Keira Knightley part 2

is that part of the appeal from making movies being allowed to take on that role of someone else yeah I mean that's it that's that's kind of what it's about it's about sort of changing and that's what I love and I loved like I mean the costumes for this from a completely Gerdes standpoint you just go how often you get a dress like that yeah yeah I'm trying the vibe now like me I know you've struggled with your weight over the years and people are always accusing me of being anorexic they always accuse me of things which I'm not I'm just naturally slender but that must live you nuts because it's all the time in the papers people picking on you for your weight it is really difficult and I don't think men get as much I mean I think it's in don't get it at all no I mean and it was Simon we've got one of those abusive you know father-son relationship like my dad bearded how much can we give away about the film because it's there are many revelations and twists and turns that you can't when you talk about that spoiling experience yeah it's true I don't know it's I mean it's a love story yes thank you it's a love story and it's about two people that are torn apart by a lie does that give anything away but it's kind of not a malicious liar such as it is like oh well we shouldn't go into that isn't it I don't know is it I don't know so when you watch this when you get caught up in this from once again and I get the finishes of performance you're proud of and deservedly so are you as critical of this as you are some of the other I am is critical but and I'm only in about a third of it so I can enjoy the rest of it which is helpful how do you enjoy the scenes you're not yeah do you think people all actors but feel that way or do you think some just have more of a that kind of attitude or do you think you lose it other time when you get used Johnny Depp doesn't watch a lot of his films so I guess he has it but I don't know do they have do they have it do you like watching yourself on screen I can't start watching this let's have a look at a clip from atonement and once again it's uh you know it's difficult to set up because I want to give too much away but it is a to a Manx on this a kind of there's an awful thing that happens early on which changes the course of everyone's life involved this is a tournament most valuable thing we own not anymore it isn't Capel [Applause] I asked Simon these questions earlier so this is not me being in any way lectures or sexist but are you comfortable being naked you are being quite natural no not at all no because you have to be semi nudie in the field and yes I had a big picture of me standing up there thank you very much God knows me look no it's quite embarrassing there were a lot of people there that day and them and do you think I mean is it the day when you you know you didn't it seems suddenly there seem to be more electricians on the set we did have a lot of paparazzi trying to get into the bushes that day so there are a lot of security men in the bushes and you'd suddenly see these men with cameras being dragged down I feel like that you're going around the world you're talking about that you're going to festivals with it's obviously something you're very proud of is it a deliberate choice in your part that you do a movie like that kind of a more serious movie maybe with that intent in between doing films that the parts of the can be a movie and is your next movie going to be lighter hearty do you balance it that way I try to balance it that way and yeah I mean once I've done sort of two years on the Pirates films I sort of really needed to do something that was very different and they were great but it must be a different sort of acting yeah I mean it is it's completely different you know the Pirates woman's you're kind of like an action figure which is lovely but it's really nice to do something that's sort of emotionally way more involving when you make one like atonement lies when you're going into is it hard to work I know that might sound stupid but is it physically hard working because you're emotionally giving something during the daytime or it's very rewarding because actually if you do I'm gonna sound like such a wanker if you do feel very drained emotionally then you know you kind of get done a good job yeah but no I've seen people on that stage and I'm not a big theater goer but when I see a tremendous force or something that must be exhausting because it's kind of they're going through all this angst for your pleasure most actors want to do though in a really perverse horrendous way that's terrible is it it shows them a terrible light well it's true though the emotional show-offs yes but having the father's an actor as well was that why you want to do what you do or is that just a coincidence yeah I should imagine it probably is why I want to do I do so how old are you now cured you shouldn't ask a lady how old will you only keep saying 22 and so you were born in the 80s I was born in the 80s that makes me feel hmm so how long have you been professionally working is that since I was 15 well good well you really have churned him out of you because you've made a lot of movies in that period well yeah I sort of started when I was seven but I only did little things in the summer holidays and then fifth 16 I left school and I have Cham come out yes but I don't mean that and the negative I just mean you really worked really hard I mean you know you you've been I would have thought pretty relentless yeah I mean I think it's if it's offered to you you might as well take it what if you want to do it if you want to do it yeah we have a clip of you when you were very young in a in a I'm not sure there's a movie or made-for-tv thing now it was I think it was called a royal celebration that was my I'm seven in this seven years this was my first ever job when I was said well yeah thanks Kiera no you know no one's gonna judge you for when you as ever but it's he's Keira Knightley in and what's he putting in a royal celebration okay and it's a good Oh Oh what is this just take a look at this some of the good and lasting things that so often and just watch it what am I meant to be seen Vick is coming [Applause] look look he's dead there [ __ ] his dad [Music] [Applause] no you so much but you were doing but you knew then that you wanted this to be your career or was that your parents ask you to do that no I was I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was six and and this amazing guy called David Cooper who was the headmaster at my school said to my mom that you need to find a way of making her work so give her what she wants and and I wanted an agent so she got me an agent and I was only allowed to talk about so how old were you when you said you wanted an agent Oh growing up with a dad who's an actor because I wouldn't even known about agents when I was just phoning the house and I wanted I have one who takes 15% I don't know what he does now you're wearing a beautiful I believe you're wearing Chanel's I am because you are involved with Chanel is it's the whole the the perfume Chanel your but we're not the clothing or here's a beautiful picture of you looking beautiful again we'll kind of send me off there yeah and that's a bowler hat which you don't see bowler hats so much anymore they retouch photographs they make people look curvy and different have they we touch down anyway I don't know I should think so they normally retouch all of them do you have anything over that or you you know okay because we have one here which I love seeing on screen is because of your so many actresses these days have breasts that they vault you not I mean they don't look like normal people anymore a lot of young actresses and I'm not going to necessarily get involved in this discussion right you know what I mean and I admire the fact that you have not put in yes thanks the nicest thing that's been said to you today for not having breast pudding okay you know I'm saying there's a lot of pressure for performance to look a certain way and be a certain way and you have resisted that admirably please respect that your upbringing as much as anything absolutely or maybe just a fear of having people stuff things in my tics yes I can see why that would bother one yes thank you so much congratulations on the tournament I think you and James together you light up the screen it's a great pairing I look forward to seeing you in the next movie even though it sounds just as heart wrenching I'd like you to make something a bit lighter in the new field assignment or maybe Adam let's put them let's have a threesome in cinema terms lovely ladies gentleman Keira Knightley [Applause]