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fighters are some rough guys right there's some rough guys it's not it's not a totally normal walk of society but they all adhere fiercely to their own set of rules whatever that may be and I can tell you I'll personalize it but for me if anyone ever said anything about me anybody wanted to fight I didn't care if you were ranked or unranked if you are a big-name guy if you were small what organization what the rule says we're what the weight class were if you said my name you were gonna have that fight that's a Brit that's a macho and brave and it doesn't get much better than that does it well Maz Vidale has a little bit different set of rules okay he's playing by prison rules if you come after me I will go then go to the promoter you will get your way you will get that fight we will set up a cage somewhere and we will go handle this Maz Vidale you're gonna handle right then I could have warned old Leon who I happened now to be a very big fan of right Leon's doing a really great thing but I could have let him know if you want to come at Maz Vidale that way do it at a press conference he'll play by those rules let the promoter be in the middle say your piece he'll say his piece we'll see where it all goes if you come up to him in the back it doesn't matter if you if it's a light confrontation light something you said if it's aggressive he's going to have a different reaction I'm not giving him past I'm not saying that behavior was okay I'm just saying that is a very consistent behavior for George Maas well if you go after him and you want to fight and it's in the back be careful what you're asking for could you just might get it