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Welcome to an all-new episode of "What The Fit." This is a show where I basically go and I get my friends to do things they wouldn't normally do. They're all based around a physical fitness workout. So I wanna do things that can motivate and inspire those to get fit. Now that I'm done with that let's talk about my guest today. I got my guy Jason Sudeikis. We're going to Medieval Times and we're gonna get trained. We're gonna get trained to be knights. ( music playing ) ( grunts ) To learn how to be a knight would be an amazing, physical fitness activity. Oh, God. Oh, Jason. Hey. Hey-- ( laughs ) ( laughing ) You look like the Tin Man. I'm all right. We're all right. Oh. It's so ( bleep ) loud! - ( laughing ) It's so loud. - It's loud. Oh, but it's also hot, Kevin. Yeah, it's not just loud. It's also really-- really G-D hot. You know what? How about we take it off? - Yeah. - Why-- We'll take it off. - Take it off then we'll put it back on. - We'll put it on the roof. - There you go. There you go. - Yeah, yeah. ( music playing ) - Look at this. - What is that? I brought-- I brought a blowtorch. - Why do you have a blowtorch? - Pliers. For what, Jason? What are you doing? So we can get Medieval on their ass. - No. They're not-- - We're gonna get Medieval on their ass, - like "Pulp Fiction." - Is that a ball gag? - What are you doing? - I don't know. Is it, Kevin? I didn't know what it was until you named it. Just glanced at it real quick and just goes, "Is that a ball gag?" I don't think that's the type of Medieval that we're gonna get. - Jason: All right. - Kevin: Here's what I did. All right, we're going to train to be knights. - Mm-hmm. - I thought that we should at least learn a vocabulary - that was knight friendly. You know what I mean? - True. We can-- We can compete at least on a vocabulary level. - Look at what I have. - What do you got here? Tell me what you think it is. Woman: Welcome to learning the Queen's English. - Perfect. - Lesson one. Repeat after me. - ( British accent ) After me. - How do you do? ( mimicking woman's voice ) How do you do? ( shouting ) How do you do? Would you like some tea? ( British accent ) Would you like some tea? ( British accent ) Would you like some tea? Do knights drink tea? - Probably not. - That's quite a lot of butter, little brother. ( British accent ) That's quiet a lot, little-- That's quite a lot, little-- - But-- Butter, little brother. - Yeah. I am a princess. ( high-pitched voice ) I'm a little princess. ( British accent ) Then eat a little bit of butter and drink some tea. - Jason: ( high-pitched voice ) Oh! - ( both laugh ) ( music playing ) Kevin: All right. We are here. ( grunts ) - Sparks! You see the sparks! - Sparks. - ( grunts ) - Kevin: Oh, they're going through it. See? - But you see how intense they are? - Yes. - Yeah-- - This is not-- This is not a game. ( grunts ) Kevin: Did they-- Oh, God. - Hi, guys. Welcome, welcome. - Hey, how you doing? - Jason. - Come on down. ( British accent ) I-- I wanna know if anybody wants some tea. Yeah, we're working on the voices. ( British accent ) Does anybody want any tea? Spot of tea. - Or Nutty Butter? - Jason: No. - No. - No, but we will go over some jousting. - Kevin and Jason: Okay. Okay. - Some fights. And, uh, we're gonna get you guys tournament ready. And if the queen deems you worthy to compete-- Oh, ( bleep )! - We have to meet the queen? - Jason: Yeah. ( British accent ) Do we get to meet the queen? If you perform well enough, yeah. - So, we're gonna suit up. - Okay. - We're gonna suit up? - You gotta wear the uniform. - Oh! - You guys set? Okay. Absolutely. Let's go. So we're gonna suit up. If-- If the glove don't fit... - Right? - must acquit. Who am I? Guess who? Cuba! Cuba! - Who am I? Ring any bells? Ring any bells? - Ain't my glove. Whatever happened to O.J.? ( laughs ) Kevin: Oh, this is like some "Game of Thrones." Oh! Where is the queen? Where is she? So, we're gonna go into how to-- how to kill and how to die. I'm one of the best diers ever, so. - You'll see. He's right. - Man: All right. So what we're gonna do is, you just wanna give him a good hit. There. - Yeah. - So, you hear that slap? So, he's dying now, right? - Now, what I really wanna do is I wanna take him... - That guy died? ...and I'm just gonna throw him out. That's called taking out the trash. - So you think you can do better than that? - Well, he-- He's not gonna get an Oscar anytime soon, I tell you that. You just wanna keep your hands out of the way. There you go. All right. - ( groans ) - Nice, nice. And now we take out the trash and-- ( screams ) ( groans ) ( groans ) Yeah. ( groans ) ( groans and cries ) You did a little better than that. ( groans ) ( groans ) We're gonna have to charge extra when you do the show. No. No. - All right. - ( groans ) He's okay. He's okay. - Jason: Everybody. - ( groans ) - Jason. - Jason: It's all right. - Me? Me, Jason? - Jason, call my-- - Me? Yeah. - Call my aunt. Tell her I didn't pay all of the cable bill. Okay, okay. Anything. - And go feed my dogs. - You got it. - ( crying ) - Absolutely. Both of them. Both of them? You're gonna make it. It's okay. Oh! - You son of-- - I forgot to tell you. I forgot to tell you one last thing. One last thing, yes, of course. Please, anything, anything, anything. I watch a lot of porn in the summertime. - Who doesn't? - Whoa. Uh-- Uh-- All right, that's like a three minute death. You just-- You just gotta die and then that's it. - Man: That's all. - This is a miscommunication. - Okay, yeah. You just gotta let the guys know. - That's all that is. Yeah, you just gotta tell me the time of death. - Give him a time window. - Yeah, you gotta give me a time. You didn't say how much time I had to die. - Yeah, that's very true. - I didn't think it had to be very specific, - but all right. - Yeah, I'm sorry. - All right, so. - You wanna die, Jason? Let Jason die. - I mean, you don't-- - Your turn? - And guide this arm. All right. - ( groans ) ( groans ) ( groaning ) - ( groaning continues ) - Kevin: This is good. Kevin: This is good. This is so good. - ( groaning continues ) - This is so good. This is so good. - So good. - I gotta go the other way, I'm gonna puke. - So good. - ( groaning continues ) Oh, this is so good. - ( groaning continues ) - ( bleep ) ( mimics farting ) No, gas, of course. You're a dead body. Yeah, farts. Yeah, farts, if you die. Everybody knows that. This is great. ( farting continues ) - This is definitely a workout. - Jason: Yeah. I will-- I will a hundred percent admit that. We're gonna move on to some jousting. Kevin: This reminds me of the train station where I grew up. Yo, yo, yo, we ain't gonna pay today. And you run. ( grunts ) Jump the train station. That's like some little thug stuff I just told y'all. Jason, you don't know nothing about hopping the trains. No, no. You know what I would do if I wanna get in a house? House, you know, when no one's there. - Through the doggy door. I'd go through the-- - There you go. ( groans ) Through the doggy door. Just like that. - Different neighborhood, different childhood. - Much different. - Much different. - Different childhood. - ( laughs ) - Completely different childhood. - Yeah, of course. - All right, with this lance - I'm gonna charge with this horse, - Jason: Great. Yeah. I'm gonna hit him in the shield. - Man 2: Look down. - Look down? ( Kevin screams ) Yeah, I'm confused. - I saw what he did, - Yeah. but I'm saying, what do you-- What do you want me and Jason to do? What do we do? Oh, you're-- You're gonna take the hit. All right, well, Jason, you're up. Oh. ( laughs ) You're gonna be great, Jason. - Means a lot. - This is gonna make great television. That's all you gotta think, man. So you're like this in a prone position. When I say, "Present," you're gonna go like that. - Like that? - Yes, sir. - You got it, Jason. - I'm gonna say that - when he's about halfway. - Jason: Okay. - You ready, sir? - Ready. - All right. - Make sure you present it. Man 2: Present. Look down. - Man 2: Nice! - ( screams ) - ( screams ) - In yo face! - Jason, you-- - Man 2: Can you see okay? - Yeah. - Congratulations. - You did it. You got juice-ted. - That was good. I-- I-- All right, Kevin, you're up. Well, I don't-- I don't know if I get to do it. - No, no, no, you're up. - ( groans ) All right. Here we go. Helmet first. - Can you see? - Yeah, I can see. Uh, it really hurts, Kevin. - What? - Nothing. Jason-- ( laughs ) - Horse is ready. - Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - What the ( bleep ) is that? - That was a wind up. Okay, can I just be honest? - Sure. - A little piece of poop came out. Yeah. - You ready? - Okay. All right. - He's ready. - All right. - He's a warhorse. - All right. Man 2: All right, Jesse, here we go. Present! Did it happen? Is it over? Did I do it? ( screams ) Oh! ( groans ) Jason: ( laughs ) Look at that. Oh, no. Oh, boy. ( farts ) ( music playing ) Kevin: Oh, my God! - Let me smell your breath. - How-- Smell my breath. ( sniffs ) Will do, will do. ( British accent ) - Hello. - Hello. - Well done, my Lords. - My Lady. - We've-- We've trained as knights. - I'm right here. - Yeah. - I understand, and surprisingly, you've exceeded my expectations. Yes, yes, yes. - But-- Yes. - Go on. And, as queen, I would very much like to, uh... Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Spit it out. - You're gonna what? - ...knight you. ( both scream ) We're about to get knighted. Hey! You'll have to teach me the dance later. - Please kneel before me. - Kevin: Okay. - Kevin: All right. - Yes. Right. By the Holy Order of Saint Martin-- ( screams ) - Jason: Kevin! Kevin! - ( bleep )! Damn! - I barely touched you. - I'm just joking. - Kevin: I was joking. - Jason: We gotcha. - I knew he was kidding I knew he was kidding. - Sorry. - All right, shall we start again? - Kevin: I'm sorry. Yes, yes. - All right, ready? - Jason: Please be careful. He's the money. By the Holy Order of Saint Martin, I raise you to knights of the realm. Go ahead and rise. I feel different. - Getting good stuff. - Thank-- Thank you, my Lady. My Lady. So, part of being knights of the realm... - Yes. - are to compete in tonight's tournament in front of the entire kingdom, in which one of you might be our true champion. Kevin: Done. - This is big. Thank you. - Yeah. Oh. - My Lady. - My Lord. I'm gonna go-- I'm gonna go enjoy a nice-- Please. Please. - Hey, take it easy. - Good luck tonight. ( music playing ) ( cheers and applause ) Good and gracious nobles, welcome. Tonight, two new knights of the realm will fight to the death. ( cheers and applause ) I give to you your black and white knight, Sir Jason Sudeikis! ( cheers and applause ) Audience: ( chanting ) Jason! For his opponent, I give to you your champion, Sir Kevin Hart! - ( cheers and applause ) - Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! You! Audience: ( chanting ) Kevin! Announcer: Are you prepared for final combat? My Lords, when you are ready, play on. ( screams ) - ( grunts ) - ( screams ) ( grunting ) ( grunts ) ( groans ) You okay? ( groaning ) ( music playing ) Audience: ( chanting ) Jason! Yes! I gotta thank Jason Sudeikis for another amazing episode. Thank you to everybody at Medieval Times. What a workout. As you can see I'm sweating like hell. I got nothing but respect for these knights. I love you all. ( grunts ) Thank guys so much. For more jousting action, what I want you guys to do is go check out my YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud, and subscribe. Why? Because I said so. If you don't do it, I'll go Medieval on your ass.