Juliana Valentina 120 english subtitles

No. - Vale, can I come in? - No! I was waiting for you. I don't feel well. Oh, Valentina! How are you supposed to feel well with that kind of attitude? I made you an appointment with a doctor who's friend of mine. - Are you serious? - Yes. - He's a psychologist. - You do get that I'm not sick right? - Believe me, this is for your own good. - Oh! Please. You know what's the problem? The thing is That you think you know what everyone else needs. But you don't. No, you don't even notice them, you don't care. Besides, You live like three generations ago, Which is very frustrating and make me feel really bad. I'm a little embarrassed that your'e my sister, to be honest. One day, you'll be grateful, Vale. I'm going to send you a text with the address and the time of the appointment. I do this Because I love you.