Juliana Valentina 127 english subtitles

Can you explain to me what you were thinking about, showing up at Juliana's house to insult her? - Valentina. - At her own house? Really, I don't understand. Vale, please, don't yell. We're working, all right? Are you embarrassed about this? Are you-- Are you embarrassed? Because I am embarrassed that you showed up at her house to insult her. - You... are crazy! You are really-- - Vale. Valentina, you can't talk to me like this, I'm working. Can you leave us alone? I'm going to explain, because evidently this is all very confusing. - What happens is that my sister is bothered-- - Valentina, stop. Shut up. - She is bothered by the fact that I like women. - Shut your mouth! Stop, Valentina! It's enough! Mr. Ortis, could you leave us alone? Vale, what is wrong with you? It's not even that I like women, man. I like one woman. A woman who is incredible, And who makes me a better person. - And I can't understand why you're trying so hard to keep her away from me. - Valentina, no. I'm not trying hard. Listen to me. You can't come in here and yell at me, in the place I work. You're confused. You don't know what you're saying, you don't know what you're feeling. I am not confused, Eva! - Of course you are! - No! No, I'm not confused! You are the one who's confused. You think you come to me and tell me how I feel! Vale, I have had enough of this topic. Enough. - You are not my father, so leave me alone. - No, I am not your father-- You listen to me! But this relationship you had with that girl is over! Yeah, Well... It really is over. You know, now, she doesn't want to see me and I can't Blame her, because nobody likes it when someone comes to their house to call them a thief.