Justin Bieber MAKES FUN Of The Weeknd On Instagram After Grammys Performance

Looks like Justin Bieber is not done taking jabs at the weekend during an Instagram live video He poked fun at the singer by joking that "StarBoy" is his favorite song at the moment Today's episode is news feed is brought to you by lucky charms. Need a boost of luck? Lucky for you, they're full of lucky charms Someone passed the water because Justin Bieber is being hella salty coincidentally after Selena Gomez was spotted boot up with the Weekend Justin Bieber has been taken his fair share of jabs. While he didn't attend the Grammy's because he doesn't believe in properly representing artists Many speculated that partly why he didn't attend, was because Selena Gomez was rumored to make an appearance with the Weekend. Instead Justin did an Instagram live video on Sunday. And when someone asked what his favorite song is at the moment. He joked that its "Starboy" by the Weekend Favorite song at the moment? "Starboy" by the Weekend. After continuing to laugh for a solid 15 seconds more his friend can be heard in the background Cosine the salty joke saying that was funny. Of course it isn't the first time Justin has insulted the Weekend since he started dating Selena last month as he was leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood Justin was asked by Paparazzi if he listens to the Weekend's music, to which he replied, Hell no, I can't listen to a Weekend song, that's wack. I may be going out on a limb here, but it sounds like someone a little jealous. On the contrary Selena On the contrary Selena And the Weekend seemed to have a good time on Sunday. Although Selena did not attend the Grammy's, she and the Weekend did go to Rihanna's after party at One open nightclub in West Hollywood. Source say, they arrived separately But left in the same car A source witness them in action and told us weekly quote, "the Weekend and Selena were seen getting cozy at a VIP table Partying dancing and singing along to Megos with French Montana and James Harden. Good for them and as petty as the jobs are I feel for Justin because it's never easy to see someone you still like move on with someone else But dude let her live What do you guys think about Justin taking jabs at the Weekend? Sound off in the comments section below and as always, Thanks for watching cover news I'm your host Drew Dorsey And I'll see you next time. Click the left to check out the grammy edition of dirty laundry [or] click over to the right for a recap of the weekend Grammy performance? Thanks again to 'Lucky Charms' for sponsoring this episode Everybody could use a boost of luck from time to time when in doubt. Why risk it, they're pretty lucky.