Justin Bieber called out Tom Cruise I like it


Chael Sonnen


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of all the fight news that happened this week and you had Tony Ferguson I would assume moving into a number one contendership you had the bullet valentina with the greatest highlight real knockout in women's mixed martial arts history Joe Rogan went a step further said you know don't classify it just saying mixed martial arts history okay it's one of them it's one of I just want to give her the gold medal so I am gonna classify sit in that division she's at the top you had Henry cejudo become champ champ you have the great Chael Sonnen you know number one contender's bad against the dragon lyoto machida but should we at all ignore the elephant in the room which is Justin Bieber called out Tom Chris now I like it myself I'm into it and there used to be a show called celebrity boxing he had no problem with it yes the punches were sloppy yes they were terrible I get the whole thing but the stories aren't ready told I happen to know the characters I have to follow them on television there's something for me to see here I was entertained by it nobody got hurt they made the rounds one minute they put him in big gloves a big headgear everybody left happy dispute dispute resolution and I know the storyline I'm in I'm in I like to fight I don't think the Beiber knew Tom Cruise was 56 years old I simply don't think that he knew that secondly I expect that Tom Cruise will respond in some fashion in some arrogant trumped-up fashion he's taken some time he's put some space between so maybe he's not going to now if the rumors are true of the stories we hear about Tom Cruise he what he doesn't even know the rumors say Tom Cruise does not have access to news he does not have access to the Internet everything that he sees everything that he hears that everybody he talks to is extremely controlled he may not if that is true he may not even know he's been challenged it be fun why they don't believe those guys would ever get in there and fight that could've possibly see that happened he maybe they're gonna have to find it out in a war of words through the media and us fans are just gonna have to sign who got the best who that might be what it is I don't care how silly it is I'm just saying I like there's something there I don't know where it came from and there is no part of me there's no part of my spidey senses that believed that it came from Justin Bieber wanted to fight Tom Cruise they're likely about to do a movie together or Justin Bieber is likely about to drop an album there was some other monetizable marketing scheme behind this ploy that is full well my prediction but if Tom for some reason isn't in on it and just got blindsided he may respond and we only be able to have a little bit of fun