K¹² OLS Highschool Demo

hi we're thinking about enrolling my daughter Marie into the online school and I'll be able to spend time with the but one thing I am concerned about is I'm not a teacher do I have to organize her school day and our lesson plans that's a great question and your role is going to be primarily supportive for Marie with our program Murray's going to interact with our state certified teachers that we provide and her fellow students in an online portal called the online learning system or OLS where she'll have access to her course material syllabus and virtual labs so when you login to the OLS you'll notice all the course is on the left hand side here and we're going to click on biology you'll notice there's an excess course button right there click that and that's going to actually take us to the class itself what Murray's going to love is our class connect sessions that's a great opportunity there in Iraq with other teachers as well as her fellow students and she'll be able to type back to her teachers ask questions speak to them through a microphone she can show samples of her work and get feedback from the teacher and visually see it and they even record the live session so if for whatever reason she needs to go back and revisit them she'll be able to do that so your role is a learning coach is to be primarily supportive you know keep track of her progress and make sure that she's logging her attendance and if she has any questions throughout the day that you'll be there for her that's great now how do I get in touch with these teachers getting in contact with Marie's teachers is very easy what we do is we provide an internal email called KML and it allows you to contact her teachers on a regular basis whether it's by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns and I'll show you where we access that in the OLS when you go to the top of the page you can click on KML so what they do is they provide the phone numbers for those teachers that she's assigned to as well as their emails so you can actually reach out to them if you have any questions concerns and they'll be happy to help with any issues that you might be having and at the top where it says inbox that's where you can see any announcements so if you need to send an email you can send it right there okay that sounds pretty easy now for what happens now when I want to check for her grades and her subjects how does that work we provide a tool called the gradebook and that's where you'll be able to access Marie's progress in her tests or quizzes as a parent we're going to provide you your own username and password so that you'll be able to check on marie on a regular basis on exactly how she's doing with her grades under my courses will click on biology and you'll notice one of the icons right toward the top it'll say gradebook so we'll click on that and in gradebook you'll be able to see exactly how Marie's doing on a regular basis so you don't necessarily have to wait for a report card you can see her tests her assessments right there so that's a great way for you as a learning coach to see exactly where she is on a regular basis nimes now what about her assignments like how does she submit her assignments on a daily basis Marie would be able to submit her assignments by our digital drop box and that's a great tool that a lot of online platforms are using under my courses let's say Marie is working on biology will click on biology and on the top corner of the web page you'll see a tab this is Dropbox will click on that and what we would do is there's a feature that says submit assignment we would click on that right here on the top and basically if you have something that you're submitting by word you can submit it right here in the dropbox the digital drop box actually is a feature that is used by many online learning systems and also by many colleges and it's an easy way for marie to submit her assignment so that the teachers can grade it and provide her feedback ok excellent now I do have one other question I'm not really technically savvy so what happens if I get stuck on something and I want to get some extra help how does that work absolutely and that's why we provide you plenty of online tutorials on our website that you can access if you ever need help and also we have a customer support team that's available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week so you can contact them when you login to your portal click on a course under my courses and you'll notice one of the icons the top right-hand corner all the way to the right is called technical support and we'll click on that and you'll notice that they give you a bunch of different resources that you'll be able to access and we also have a technical support team that can walk you through any issues that you might be having thank you you've been so helpful I really do appreciate that you know I really think that this could work for Maria myself you know I really feel good about this thank you for all your help well we really appreciate your time and thank you so much for giving us a call today and we look forward to working with you this year thank you and thank you again for your time have a good rest of your day you