Kötü Anılar Ortamı Gerdi Legacy 156 Bölüm English Spanish subs




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Welcome Mr Yaman. Your table is ready. Ms Ela is not here yet but you may sit. Please. Are you cold? It's okay, I just got a little chilly. Wear it for a while. We're stuck in traffic! Will be there in 15 minutes. Ela... will be a little late. She will? It's been so long we haven't gone out with you. The last time... was at our honeymoon. Remember I told you my biggest crash was after you entered my life? As I'm crashing... it's like it's easier to breathe. With every bit of me. I'm not that hard stone anymore. I'm not that person who's unable to be happy. It's all because of you. You turned me into that little pebble I was when I was a kid. Maybe one of these little pebbles is my strength... the other my mind. Who knows... maybe the one you're holding... is my heart. That's why I needed to tell you this now. We... I mean I... I... I'm sorry Mr Yaman, you have a guest, who says it's an emergency. Yes. You left and never came back. And when you did... actually, I think you never came back. I'm warm. Thank you.