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what what do the kids think of what dad does not really interested because the kids were here last night and you know faith goes to bed at 7:30 or so so I don't play till 9:00 so she's willing truly out to it but Sony was up still about 8:30 8:45 and I thought this is good I said are you so you you you're pretty awake she says yeah I said you want to come to new place or no how is having kids changed - laughs oh God every way two girls would call me Dad maybe I'd that before that your favorite word it's a good one baby it's good - my wife calls me a it's beautiful people always ask what do you love most being a dad and it might worry everything I don't really have a list I mean from piggybacking them down the stairs to having them be in the bunks and the bus - just just watching them blossom and become these two extraordinary beautiful creatures it's it's beautiful are they similar no yes and no as Nick and I are similar and different you know the same thing of course do you think there might be more babies no no babies must have some bizarre tabloid headline that comes somewhere sits no baby that's a tabloid hits my heart it'd be a nice surprise if there was if he did shock to us