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so many so much top pick up power in this one room how can it contain it so first of all how you enjoying your trip in Europe especially the UK I am loving it went to Germany killed it like gangbusters and came here have done some shopping and meeting some lovely London women and gonna you know hit the town this weekend so yes I am I've got a London boot camp it's been two years since I've been back and you know it's just there's something about the English accent you know you could have look like absolute gobshite and just the English accent I'm like I love you I love you I know I know it's quite quite charming it's charming yeah especially after those films like Notting Hill and all that and the Americans have really got into the ex and ever since you know Hugh Grant what do you think of women entering the community and giving guys advice you know I think it is very important let me give you just a little little quick story I went to this one layer meeting okay and it was like a big layer city and they were having this this discussion it was like this argument like whether or not that you should even have girls attend the meeting I'm like I'm just saying why not I mean this is you're in this to get girls don't you don't you want to be around women do you really mean that like the tree house where it's only boys only I mean you want to be around girls and like professionally speaking I do have like some of my home rows in my programs because it's so much easier on a practical level for my students to roleplay and practice on like a beautiful woman as opposed to me I mean they have to imagine me as a beautiful girl I'm sorry it's just not quite that practical and you as a female that the top female pickup trainer you can kind of get that sensibility into the program into the students and give a lot of insight you know like I even as a pickup instructor I'm not going to pretend to know all of the bakeries and the intuition of the female mind I I think you know is I'd be lucky to understand 40% of the female psychology it's just I know that if I do something it'll it'll work consistently as to why you know I'm an engineer so I don't always have a very logical scientific way of thinking things so I know if I do something they'll get this response but that's you the female mind about it and now this is where someone like you comes in that give that unique perspective to things or to say about that first of all I think it's really refreshing that you're one of the guys who have been in the community for buses 2004 yes my chain veterans yeah um so usually it's the guys in the community who've been here for a long time that are very hostile to the idea of women you know I think they can actually be quite hate yeah you know I think that's their loss whereas a new guys coming into community they're very welcoming to the idea they're very hot for the idea of women being trainers so that's the first thing I think the second thing is I do see in the man's point of view why they don't always want women to be there giving advice because sometimes and even in my own experience from some Wingo's not your windows because I've had to work with the advice can be very nice very vague but very unaffected yeah it's like a fortune cookie you know it's a platitude more confident small more and just be yourself and I think guys are sick of this they're like okay I've been hearing that from women for years now just lay on the table and give it to me there's only a few girls that are like me that were really saying I don't care if they hate me for it others you know one thing about your description is that really resonates with me is when you called it that was it the bitch about heart my students describe me they hate me my students do very well you know what I think they'll write me a letter saying thank you so much you've changed my life but you know I think that's fine because my program itself I've described it as you know tough love without the love though it's just tough you know I know that's you know students students want that that honestly because it shows that we respect them enough to give them the truth and we want them to get better because what else are they you know coming to us for and it's it's for the truth because no one else has told them and that's where you come in and I come in it's it's you know it's got to be tough yes you can't simply like you know bash down a guy no but it's like one of those things where you tell a person where you know he has kind of you know yeah yellow teeth which is fine that's that's that's every best natural aging process but in America I don't know UK but you can buy like the $30 Crest Whitestrips and you know get like nice shiny teeth you know so it's very are very obsessive teeth very busy yes you do but it's so endearing anyway so we're gonna talk a little bit more about our teaching skills later as we've got them something fantastic lined up I want to talk a little bit more about you okay my favorite subject okay Asian Playboy why okay I know you're Asian everyone can see that but why have you stressed upon the Asian pot so much um when I first the identity first came about it was purely by accident was just for for shits and giggles I was just putting up my adventures my misadventures and over time people started coming to me and it was the Asian brothers all my Asian audience they really gravitated towards a-- because they'd never seen a role model there aren't that many like asian role models like a masculine identity what most asian guys would say is like Bruce Lee right right but but you know what he's been dead for 30 years as blossom I think he's awesome but he's been dead for 30 years okay that's how hard as Asians we are role models honestly I mean he's got star power obviously and renown but you wouldn't call him like a sexual you know role model you wouldn't looked at yeah he was really seriously hot you don't have to say that okay so can you go on a little bit more and explain them what is the issue then in the Asian community in terms of pickup well you know this close yeah it's it's you know it's not one like one specific issue it's it's a multiple of issues from the internal factors of intrinsic factors towards the external what culture and the media has to play internally it's a cultural thing that we do it to ourselves as you're saying you're incredibly insightful written interview you hadn't been hit on by any Asian guys into and from your entire time in Tokyo is to Japanese guys and I've heard this from many many other girls is they don't think Asian guys like white girls even though Asian guys want to be open to the idea of dating and being successful all types of beautiful women it's we we don't really push ourselves and you know brothers don't really push ourselves to like approach whether it's like white women or black women let Latinos and so that's part of what we do to ourselves we kind of become a little cliquish and cloistered here just like we are pushing our students out of their comfort zone talking to women who are pushing our students out of comfort zones are talking to everybody regardless of race so that's all about the exciting news yes I'm coming to LA in three days actually and I'm gonna be doing I'm actually gonna be working across Jefferies the legends Godfather yeah he's he's he's great and that's gonna be fantastic and as usual I'm gonna just learn a whole load of new stuff from from Ross Jeffries that's gonna be cool I'm gonna be doing a talk the la la' yes the Casanova crew I'll be Sunday Sunday the following Sunday yes but we're gonna be teaming up and we're going to be doing our own events yes it's going to be exciting the PUA all-star workshop starring the female pick up you know top female pick up trainer and you know mwah so there's the top window in England who loves angel she only looks at Asian Vice it's a serious I can't get her to even look at any other different race apart from well that'll be that'll be refreshing Japanese that's our two favorites