Kezia noble



[Music] well you know what I think a program is gonna be very explicit because we're gonna have a lot of different things to get to these students not just you know the Asian and minority perspective but just you know solid fundamentals of game and then you're gonna have your unique expertise and experience in where are you going to teach them well I'm gonna be doing something that I don't think is covered nearly enough now as you know we're going to be taking the students to the high-end clubs of top top club Hollywood and they're gonna have the most beautiful women probably in the world after Brazil anyway they're gonna have the hottest women that you can imagine are gonna be there and they're gonna be competing with celebrities yes but that's not a problem that is not a problem the only problem is that sometimes these women can be a little bit difficult and that's where I come in I don't think it's taught nearly enough from boot camps and workshops how to deal with the difficult woman was always like how to deal with the average woman but there are you know monsters out there it's not because they're useful but they are in a high-end Club and they have got a lot of very attractive wealthy men semi celebrities even yeah and this is a Hollywood where everybody's a quote-unquote producer or director anyway so I'm gonna be teaching how to deal with those difficult whether it's a difficult woman it's not just bitches and and alpha girls or girls of a stirry problem it's also very close girls very shy girls can be the most dimmers that give you nothing no material to work with so I'm going to be teaching how to get even the most unresponsive woman to respond positively I'm also going to be teaching how to take over a whole group of women the main focus nice nice it's gonna be it's really like I don't like using this word but groundbreaking techniques there it is he changed the game for these guys one thing I really want to throw in there just a touching upon the first question that you asked is it beneficial to have like a female pickup trainer in this community and I said yes absolutely a lot of guys they'll ask they go to my blog and they'll ask you know how did I get this girl this you know like if you look at my website and there's like I've got these girls and I picked them up for real like these are like I've used them in photo shoots but it's cause I picked up in real life and you guys were asked me like how do I do it I can give the breakdown of all the techniques and tactics and the thing is I've been at this for six years and it takes a lot of work to achieve that consistently okay the consumer's consistent way I've achieved getting that superhot model the HP hot babe nine or ten is through the use of social proof it really is it gives you so much of an advantage and you don't have to be you know an absolute you know incredible pickup artist you could be a decent enough guy and you have someone that is not only as beautiful eyes cousin our sister but also intelligent and socially experienced enough to help you get that HB 9 or 10 it's so invaluable the element of social proof as well as you know having her disarm those kind of as you were saying bitch shields and of course you always get the best results for your students when it comes to night game especially don't you you put up you know the reputation that's another reason why we've we've teamed up I've been asked by a couple of guys to team up with them but you know their night game has not had such a good reputation as the results that you get so I think it's gonna be I think I know it's gonna be fantastic to be in a Hollywood but it's gonna be incredible I'm like excited already okay so if you want more information you can go to for [Music]